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A Few Good Things That You Can Do – No Matter Who You Are And Where You Stand!

Do Good! Feel Good!

         Everyone wants to be a ‘Good Doer.’ People want make some kind of contribution towards the society, and create a better world for all. But their good intentions aren’t necessarily turned into actions, and then their desire to do good remains a part of their thoughts.

But doing your bit of help won’t require much effort. You can start from wherever you are. You don’t have to be Warren Buffett and give millions in charity or start an orphanage. Start from wherever you are. 

Here are a few ways using which you can start:

•  Donate – If you have money and resources, more than some of our unfortunate brothers and sisters, Donate!. Because there are a lot of helpless people out there who couldn’t even afford food and some basic amenities like home. So next time you see a beggar or some poor person who needs you, let your goodness burn a tiny hole in your pocket. You may also donate old books and clothes too.

•  Be Eco-Friendly – Even this little deed can do a great favor to our mother earth. Make Eco-Friendly products your priority over the regular ones. Maybe you’ll have to make some compromises, but think about the world before yourself. Avoid using plastic bags wherever possible, use public transport and use every creative idea that comes up in your mind.

•  Buy Local Products – Probably there are many entrepreneurs  in your surroundings or city who are trying to establish a place in business. Help them grow, instead of being on the side of the ‘Brands.’ Not always, but wherever possible. Buy handicrafts made by local artisans for decoration, instead of artificial products made in machines. This will also help the artists to continue their ancestral work proudly. 

•  Give A Lift – I do this whenever I ride a bike. You too may add this to your list of good habits. If you drive a car or own a two wheeler, that’s enough then. Whenever you find someone who couldn’t afford a taxi and has to walk on a long tiring way, give a lift.
•  Donate blood – Even if you’ve got nothing, you’ve got some blood. If you are having a good health, then you are blessed. But not everyone is that much lucky. Donate blood at least once in your lifetime. The feeling of saving lives is priceless.

•  Share – Share anything that you like to share. Share your experiences of life with people around you, share video games, share books, share your WiFi,  and then share the smiles.

•  Don’t Do Bad – Don’t be harsh on someone without a reason or pull them down. Control your temper. Mind your tongue. Don’t gossip about innocent people around you. Don’t have ill feelings about anyone. Grow up, stay calm.
You’re good if you don’t do bad. 

If you do these things, you’ll have a sense of pride and self-respect about yourself and your self-esteem will rise. And then you’ll get to hear the world’s sweetest word from people, 
“Thank You!.”

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Have I missed something there? I’d like to hear about your wonderful ideas in comments.

May God bless all! 🙂

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