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Hi, I’m Vishal.

On this blog, I write about life.

Vishal Ostwal

I write for those who fear to reveal their dreams, and yet intend to succeed and bring a change to this world.

Perhaps, I do it because I used to be such. Fearful, odd, and insecure.

It took me long enough to step out of the trap of inaction until I started working on my passion. I’ve felt all the pain of being helpless each day, and also the joy of working on dreams without giving a darn.

Now, I write for those who wish to play their part in this world, and I inspire them to act with my words. I know what it means to feel vulnerable and broken, and the pain of not being understood.

About me

I’m from Udaipur, which is also called the Venice of east, and live in Aurangabad, India.

I started this blog about four years ago with my pocket money when I realized that I couldn’t not write. I wanted to express more.

I had words to share with the world. I wanted to bring a change, even if that meant just a few smiles on unknown faces. So I started writing for those who go through hard times and wish to strive for a betterment.

What you’re reading is just an outcome of that untainted intention. I’ve already spent years and gave all that I could have given with my passion. I never tried making profits.

I play my part.

I believe that passion brings a responsibility with it. When you have something to share, the world deserves to know it. If you have a dream, work on making it a reality – that’s what I hope for you.

I strive to do that with my words. My role is to be a part of your journey and help you in all ways I can. That’s the reason which inspires me to write.


I write about…

Personal development and self-help.

I write about

That’s what the world says. But to be genuine, I write whatever makes life less painful, easier and adds more happiness to it. I don’t see a need to categorize emotions or dreams.

If I find a purpose within a topic, I write about it. I write all that my heart asks me to write.

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