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Be Like – ‘You’

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry their passions a quotation.
– Oscar Wilde

Be true to yourself and question your soul that, “Are you being real?”
If yes, then you’re among those people who are usually less acceptable for the society, and change it.
If no, then you’re among those many people who form the society, and change themselves for the society.

Well, oh! How tough it is to be in Rome, and yet to not do as the Romans do, and do what you wish to do instead. 
Tweet: Well, oh! How tough it is to be in Rome, and yet to not do as the Romans do, and do what you wish to do instead.

“Being real is difficult, but it is also something which makes our lives worth living.”

And if losing our originality is the price that we pay for our living, then where does the joy exist, even if we get to live for two hundred years?

These are the ‘few’ major reasons why people don’t be themselves:

• Insecurities – When you start being yourself, your existence may prick some people straight in the eye. They just cannot accept a reformed human too early, and then the time starts when you become most vulnerable fellow. Then the game goes on like,
“You decide not to change, and they won’t give up without changing you”. Rest of it depends on who wins it. So, you’ll have to know that being you involves some tiny risks, which may make you unacceptable to others.

• Fear of rejection – This kind of fear doesn’t let you grow at all, because it prevents you from rising for yourself. When you’re enough willing to stay you, you are very much close to failure, rejection, and risking. You try hard to justify your identity to the world, feeling like like the centre of attraction. But its all up you. The world isn’t that much selfish or bad at all. However, you may not face rejection, but yet you’ll have to risk yourself to seem like a fool and show up your weirdness.

• Weaknesses – The strength to tackle the circumstances isn’t a natural thing. Things makes you stronger as you struggle. Getting slapped, standing up with tears, believing in thyself when no one else does, being a no one till you become that ‘someone’, and being stubborn enough to try once more. It has got it all. Either stand up for yourself, or blame you weakness and be a slave.

• Critics – So, what surprises me is that, “how much you trust the people who don’t believe in you, over yourself”. Probably there are many ‘legpullers’ and ‘lifesuckers’ around you, who have nothing much to do with you at all. But sometimes their words are enough to ruin it all. What they say doesn’t matter much, what matters is that are you still going to carry on and ignore them. They say you’ll fail – who does guarantee success? We’ve got to go on anyway with the burden of fears and doubts on our shoulders. Finding satisfaction in our work and expecting nothing, remains our only option sometimes.

“To be yourself in a world that is
constantly trying to make you something
else is the greatest accomplishment.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are the kind of people who suffer about not being themselves:

• They are icons of success in the eyes of the world, but a failure within their heart, for the definition of success isn’t the same for the world and them.
• They curse their work, even if they worship it that hard. They get confused between their own priorities and compromise their happiness for the sake of material things.
• They feel like a puppet, controlled by others. Who cannot adjust the sails in their own favor.
• The feel manipulated by the thoughts and words of others. But as the time passes, they realize the worth of themselves, but can do nothing except regretting.
• They fail to accept themselves. Their conscience keeps reminding them about their calling in the midst of everything that they have. No matter where they reach and what they achieve, they will still feel like, “Something is missing”.
And if you are ready to give up on your own being, then,

Remember that:

Stop pretending start being quoteIf you just pretend to be, and yet not be, then clearly there’s no life at all. And if you cannot take a stand for yourself, then what should you expect from others. Once you succeed in becoming and staying the real yourself, nothing will touch you anymore, for you’ll be aware of you and your actions.
You will become the person who you want to be like. That person is “You”.

Conclusion: You are the best as yourself. Create your own identity, and don’t be fake. Stop pretending, start being. That’s how you are supposed to be.

CAUTION: [I’m writing it for those who understand, and pretend to not understand]
You are free to be yourself only till its limited to you. Once you start uselessly bothering and irritating people around you then, you must also know the obvious outcome.

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May God bless all!  🙂

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