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How to Know the Best People in Life

Best People in Life

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

When I think of the crowd around me, I realize that my life is full of people. My friends, relatives, acquaintances, and many others have filled it up with their presence.

But sometimes I question myself, “Who does really matter?”

Its not that I’m saying that some people are worthless. They all are beautiful in their own ways, and their being is what brightens up our existence. Yes, they matter.

However, some people seem to add more value to your life. They not only brighten up your life, but also add sparkle to it. They are the ones who make your life worth living, and are meant to stay with you.

We need to admit that we are humans. We all are innocent children in some way, who crave to be loved, expect to be respected, desire to be valued, and wish to live happily.

And guess when all these things happen to be true? When we are with those people.

What we humans need

  • A few sincere hearts who would listen to us because they really care.

  • Someone who would judge us less and understand us more.

  • A few eyes, which would light up at a single glance of us.

  • Some folks which would be always ready to be there in every chapter of our story.

  • A few people who would trust and believe us more than the rumors of other.

  • A few faces which would remind us that, no matter what – life is still beautiful.

  • Some shoulders we can cry on without hesitation.

When we find such people, life seems to be nothing less than a blessing, because we come to know that we’ve got a big reason to stay happy.

Such people might be anyone among the people who you are with – your friends, cousins, or anyone among your people who is capable of making you smile.

I am not the kind of person who likes to hang around with his folks in groups, or who has a dozen of buddies. Instead I prefer to be with a few honest people who would always stay true to me.

But there’s one thing I’m sure about – it doesn’t matter whether you stay amidst a lot of people or just a few, but if they really mean something to you, you won’t ever let them go.

Your life without them

Have you ever been to a social gathering without your best people?

Well, if you have really done it then you surely might have experienced the kind of insecurity which you get without them. You unknowingly start to hide what you feel, and express less. Even if there are numerous people to be with, you might prefer to stay alone.

Even if you’re among the kind of extroverted people who instantly jump into a conversation of people and join them, yet you understand the value of your own friends. Nothing seems to be fun without them, does it?

And do you know what does this signify?

It shows that you are something less without them, and far better when with them.

You know that you can behave the way you like, or even act like a clown, and yet you will be loved by them. This is something really great about them.

They don’t want to change you unlike the whole world. Instead they accept you the way you are. They welcome your imperfections, allow you to be what you are, and to do what makes you happy. This is something priceless.

Their value in your life

What if the sun doesn’t shine anymore?

Okay, let’s avoid being philosophical here. You understand that how much valuable these people are and what they mean to you. Your most valuable asset, your life, is being spent with them. And if they can make your life great, their space in your story is unquestionable.

These people put more into your life, than what they might take away from you. They are meant to stay with you…forever.

But how would you know who are the best people in your life?

If your feelings answer from within, and make you feel good about someone, then it’s the first thing which initiates your search for the best people in your life.

Yet, these are some particular characteristics of these wonderful people.
  • They are always there for you. No matter what might be the circumstances, they will be present to catch you when you are about to fall.
  • They inspire you to be a better human with their own deeds and end up changing you. You cannot escape the miracles of their goodness.
  • They accept you the way you are and don’t make you feel worthless. They show you the better side of yourself and make you believe that you deserve everything in this world.
  • They are genuine and true to you, and would hardly give you a chance to doubt them. Being dishonest isn’t on their list.
  • They criticize you only to improve you. They don’t claim that you are flawless and know the proper way of getting you on the right track.
  • They try to be with you and would not miss a chance to do so. A few tiny quarrels or misunderstandings cannot drive them away.
  • They know you more than others. It makes it easier for them to help you and rescue you from your problems.
  • They teach you what they know, and share their wisdom and knowledge with you.
  • They always want you to rise and would make every possible effort to contribute to your successes.
  • They always want you to be happy and try to make it possible with the little things which they do for you.

After learning so much, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to recognize those people. And the reason why they are meant to be forever with you is that you cannot afford losing them ever.

One little thing which I want you to do

Know what? Nothing lasts forever.

Even if playing and giggling with your dear ones might seem ordinary to you, it is far more valuable than what you think. Try to know how much their smile means to you, and then make every attempt to keep it. But till then here’s a simple thing which I want you to do.

“Tell your people that how much they mean to you”

No excuses for this one. Do it even if it might seem a bit indifferent to you. I will bring a meaningful difference in your life, and will take away a kind of burden off your heart. It’s worth it.


Some people have the ability to change your life. Try to know who they are and make your best attempts to keep them. They are the ones who are meant to be with you. Forever.

How do you know the best people in your life? Share something with me maybe. Leave a comment.

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