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Born With A Right To Inspire!

How great it feels to inspire someone!

The way we use our ability to advise and help others, or how we share our own experiences and views regarding something, is a pure form of inspiration! 

And not matter how much simple your words are, they’re magical. 

We often ignore the power of our words, or we just don’t use it. 

While we are trying to rise, why not make others rise with us? After all, as fellow humans, we have our own stories to tell which can prove to be guidelines for someone else or won’t let someone give up. 

We live in a world where people tend to learn not only from their own mistakes, but also from that of others. If mistakes can themselves teach people so much, why can’t we do the same with our words? There are live life lessons hidden inside us, which are waiting to be set free.

Each day we meet various people who:

• Need a bit of help, 

• Want some appreciation to be able to go on, 

• Are going through uncertain times and hardships, 

• Don’t have someone to guide them or are helpless, 

• Want someone to believe in them and trust in them, 

• Or just need a little bit of motivation.

And do you know what?

These all people can go on, with us or without us. They all are wise enough to do the right things for themselves. They all have faith in their dreams. They all don’t always need advice.


Our company can make their journeys better. Even if they are wiser or us, in both cases we all learn. They can be right, yet they need to be sure, and that is where our role is expected. 

They have faith in their dreams, but our belief in them makes their roots grow firm in their hearts. They don’t always need advice, but yet they are always willing to hear from us and grow better.

Recall these events:

How did you feel when someone complimented you about your looks, handwriting, computer skills, or you?  

– Perhaps you would’ve felt great and then you would’ve noticed the same thing again felt a sincere joy inside your heart.

How did you feel when some person, who is at a higher level in your field, gave you some tips and told you about his/her journey? 

– Great! We can relate ourselves to them, and can measure the ups and downs that one faces while struggling. 

How did you feel when you thought that you aren’t capable of doing something, and then your people showed trust in you? 

– That trust sometimes means more than what we want. It makes us realize that there are some people who are there to pick us up in case we fall. 

And how did you feel when you thought that you are the most unlucky, unsuccessful, helpless, useless and damned person in this world, and then someone came to help you, and made you believe in yourself?

That is something priceless! 


 If we observe some fundamental truths, we find out that we all are almost the same, and have a kind heart which is willing to open up.

But here is where we lack:

First of all, we aren’t kind enough to appreciate, share and help always. That’s okay.

Maybe some of us do these good things often. But the wrong part is where we don’t use the power of our ‘magical words’ and underestimate the helpfulness of our presence. 

Instead, sometimes we end up insulting, criticizing and letting down others. There is no valid and clear reason for being the negative one, when you can be the positive one. 

Who are you to inspire others?

You’ve read the post title, haven’t you?

Yes! we all are born with a ‘right to inspire’.

If you think that people only listen to the masters of their fields, or the gurus who are always thought of having a better piece of advice, or only to the undefeated winners, then you’re thinking it the wrong way my friend. 

Because, if it was so, then we wouldn’t have trusted even the people who we share our being with. 

You don’t need to be the ‘best human’ or the ‘knows everything’ kind of person either. All you have to do is just ‘be like you’, and start sharing your knowledge and experiences to inspire others from where you are and where you’ve been. 

Who knows your own ways, obstacles and successes better than you? 

Remember that, what you share, counts. It is worthy. It is invaluable.

I will inspire, till I respire - Quote by Vishal Ostwal


Express your thoughts, share, appreciate, help and inspire. 

These things are the ones which make the journey of pursuing your dreams wonderful. 

Don’t ever think that the world doesn’t want to hear you because,

“You are born with a right to inspire.” 

How do you use your right to inspire? 
I’d like to know your experiences in comments.

May God bless all!  🙂

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