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How to Become Better in Life (Without Reading Books)

Become Better in Life Without Reading Books

“Every time I read more, I feel I’ve become wiser. But that’s an illusion – reading doesn’t always make me better.”


17 Clear Ways to Make Life Lesser Painful Than It Is  

Make Life Less Painful

“Each day void of pains would be a blessing. I’d call that a perfect life.”


17 Simple Ways to Find Peace of Mind in Life

find peace of mind in life

“Sometimes, I don’t seek a piece of life-changing advice. All that I ask for is peace of soul and mind. An inner-world that’s void of noise.”


18 Important Questions to Ask Yourself About Life

Questions to Ask Yourself About Life

“When I felt lost in life, I asked myself the questions I kept avoiding.”


49 Remarkable Ways to Make Your Life Better

49 Remarkable Ways to Make Your Life Better Than It Is

“Even when my heart is filled with contentment, I can sense a space for betterment in life. I’m trying to use that space.”


What Makes You Restless in Life

Restless in Life

There are times I feel uneasy. My heart says there’s probably something wrong – I don’t know what. Something doesn’t feel alright.

That’s how life passes.

Everything is on track. I’m busy with my chores. Yet, something feels amiss. And blank.

I get anxious. I think, and think and think. “What’s wrong?” I ask myself. I don’t get the answers. Not always.