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How to Become Better in Life (Without Reading Books)

Become Better in Life Without Reading Books

“Every time I read more, I feel I’ve become wiser. But that’s an illusion – reading doesn’t always make me better.”


17 Clear Ways to Make Life Lesser Painful Than It Is  

Make Life Less Painful

“Each day void of pains would be a blessing. I’d call that a perfect life.”


17 Simple Ways to Find Peace of Mind in Life

find peace of mind in life

“Sometimes, I don’t seek a piece of life-changing advice. All that I ask for is peace of soul and mind. An inner-world that’s void of noise.”


18 Important Questions to Ask Yourself About Life

Questions to Ask Yourself About Life

“When I felt lost in life, I asked myself the questions I kept avoiding.”


49 Remarkable Ways to Make Your Life Better Than It Is

49 Remarkable Ways to Make Your Life Better Than It Is

“Even when my heart is filled with contentment, I can sense a space for betterment in life. I’m trying to use that space.”


What Makes You Restless in Life

Restless in Life

There are times I feel uneasy. My heart says there’s probably something wrong – I don’t know what. Something doesn’t feel alright.

That’s how life passes.

Everything is on track. I’m busy with my chores. Yet, something feels amiss. And blank.

I get anxious. I think, and think and think. “What’s wrong?” I ask myself. I don’t get the answers. Not always.