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11 Realistic Ways to Follow Your Passion (and Succeed)

11 Realistic Ways to Follow Your Passion

“We all have dreams and passions – those which can be easily believed, and those which we don’t reveal to avoid making a joke of ourselves.”

Some dreams might seem enormous – hard to achieve and beyond your reach. Somewhat close to impossible, or unbelievably difficult. You crave them and know for sure that it’s what you want to do. Still, you don’t take a step further.

Following your passion seems risky. Mostly because you think you aren’t capable and worthy of achieving it, yet.


6 Lies You Tell That Don’t Let You Follow Your Dreams

6 Lies You Tell Yourself Which Don't Let You Follow Your Dreams

Firstly, people don’t want to be seen as fools.

I mean no wants to be the social oddball who is seen as a dreamer. People think of themselves as dreamers, but they don’t want to be called one.

Being a dreamer makes you vulnerable all at once. Everyone comes to know what you’re up to – your plans, your tiny aspirations, and your intentions – There’s nowhere to hide. (more…)

The Only Significant Purpose of Motivation in Life

Purpose of Motivation in Life

You know that feeling, right? When you feel like you can do what you’re planning, and become blind to all your doubts and probabilities of failures.

You begin to feel like you’re infallible. Nothing can drag you down. And even if something can, you won’t let it get you.


5 Fears Which Don’t Let You Act on Your Dreams

Fears Which Don't Let You Act on Your Dreams
“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato

It has been a few years since I’ve started working on my dream of becoming a writer. But now when I look back at the point where I had started, I wonder how I had even managed to start.

I don’t live in the midst of successful people having cheerful faces, who have achieved what they had once dreamed of, or who would inspire me to do the same. Instead, I doubt whether such people really exist apart from the ones whom I have seen on the television screen or read about in some books. I don’t see more than a handful of them.

To me, sometimes it seems like dreaming is a sin.

Why? Because the world makes me think so, people make me feel the same, and my insecurities are enough to end it all.

But I manage to go on, somehow, because my heart doesn’t understand such practical things. What I’ve learned is that we can survive failures with more ease than the guilt of not working on our dreams.

What our heart wants

  • It wants us to trust our faith more than our critics.
  • It wants us to take a leap even if it knows that we may fall.
  • It wants me us to give a shot, regardless of how good or bad we are.
  • It wants us to overcome our limitations by trying our best.
  • It doesn’t want us to quit before trying.
  • It doesn’t want us to accept being losers without pursuing our dreams.

Above all, it wants us to do the work which makes us happy, not for someone else but for ourselves.

In my journey till now, I’ve realized that what matters the most are our efforts. Though the outcome is crucial too, our work gives us the biggest contentment.

It doesn’t matter whether you succeed or fail, no one will be able to deny one fact – you tried your best.

In that case, even failures look equal to successes, because whatever be the results, they are because of our sincere work.

However, even when you start working on your dreams, you know that you might not be able to succeed. Neither is there any assurance that people would bother to help you.

But one thing cannot be denied – whatever you do will still make you happy, and that’s what matters the most. You will find a plenty of people who are experiencing the joys of chasing their dreams.

However, you will also come across the tribe of people who think that their dreams or ideas won’t ever work. These people are the ones who have already found some practical reasons and excuses for not working on their dreams.

In other words, they’ve decided to not ever start, and have also decided to fail by default.

You will often see such people talking about where and what they want to be, and also why they aren’t being what they want to be. Some among these are the ones who are really great at what they want to do and even deserve the opportunity to make their dreams into a reality.

But they won’t be able to make it until they start. What’s the point in being able when you don’t use your ability?

You might be among them too, if you haven’t started yet.

There’s one major thing which prevents people from starting for years, sometimes for a  lifetime – it’s fear. Here’s a list of 5 most common fears which every dreamer has to deal with.

1. Fear of starting

If you’re thinking about giving your best, making your dreams a reality but feeling almost paralyzed at the same time, then you’re not alone.

Even if we feel that we’re different from the rest, we aren’t. All other dreamers face the same kind of anxiety which is enough to drive anyone crazy. The ones who overcome it start in spite of the obstacles they need to tackle. And the ones who allow it to overpower themselves are left behind.

Starting is also the scariest part because it demands our trust while we are ourselves unsure of what we’re doing. However, like every other successful and content human, we need to start somewhere. Everything follows it later, whether it’s growth, success, ideas or something else.

2. Fear of being imperfect

The moment I gathered my courage, held a pen, and tried to write something, a voice inside me yelled that what I do won’t be that good.

“There are already thousands like me sitting out there who are doing the same thing, and there’s no more space for a novice like me,” I could hear my inner-critic say. I could’ve stopped at that moment and gave up forever, but I tried to ignore my imperfections and wrote my first short story, The Wishful Stone.

If I would’ve given up at that moment then it would’ve also lost my faith. Today, if I could be thankful about the one thing which I did in that particular moment was not holding myself back and doing what I could.

We all start as imperfect fellows. Slowly these imperfect beings try, learn, and put in their best to get closer to perfection, and that’s what makes them great.

Although we think we aren’t perfect, we get a chance to get closer to perfection. Each day. Making attempts to become perfect instead of quitting and scaring yourself to hell by thinking that you are not ready yet.

3. Fear of failure

Not doing something because you think you might fail doesn’t make sense. Not even gods can assure you success if you aren’t willing to take charge for yourself. Both your failures and successes make you better by teaching you, so shouldn’t you even expect failures?

You can only control your efforts, which in some way also means controlling the results. How good it would be if you could always win. Though, that’s not possible.
The remedy?
Always be prepared to embrace both failures and successes. Take a step further, risk being a loser, and start anyway.

4. Fear of rejection

Fear of rejection is the enemy of expression.

Our minds are filled up with questions which need to be abandoned at some point, because if we don’t, they become our biggest obstacles.

“I’ll somehow manage to write a book, but what if nobody likes it?” was one of those questions which haunted me each day. This was only one among hundreds of other questions I had in my mind. I had developed an habit of hammering myself with my flaws during those days. In some way, starting was always harder. But what I’ve learned after that is once you overcome that mindset, right things start happening to you.

We don’t speak the words which we think, we don’t perform the tasks that feel like doing, and then regret about not being our actual selves.

Nothing can make you happy if you snatch from yourself your real identity for the sake of being liked by others. Try to be what you are, even if you doubt that you aren’t good enough. It’s better than doing nothing or being fake.

When you’re a dreamer, you also have to be a rebel and break some rules. This might even mean doing something against the conventions which the world has set for you, escaping your limitations and what you think is right even when your people you against you to prove yourself right.

You can all this only if you overcome your fear of rejection.

5. Fear of  the unseen

“What lies beyond this?” is the kind of question which will always be there. Your insecurity forces you to reflect on your actions and asks you to check whether you are going astray in spite of the fact that it doesn’t make any difference. We dreamers don’t really know what we’re doing sometimes.
The road that leads you towards your goals is always blurred, and it unfolds it’s mysteries as you keep progressing on it with your actions. Eventually, you discover the unknown and soon become familiar with that creepy feeling which tries stopping you, and also learn to deal with it.

Wait for the suspense to break. What lies beyond is marvelous. You won’t ever get to know about the unseen unless you try to discover it. Your destination is right out there, it has something for you, but you won’t ever know about it if you quit.

Fears of Dreamers - Life Infographic


No matter how much insecure or awkward you feel – start.

Even if you think you cannot do something – try.

If you think you should be doing it – do it.
If you need to know something else, your heart is always there to guide you.

Dreaming isn’t only about expressing your materialistic desires or discussing impractical ideas endlessly. It’s about starting small somewhere and doing what is hard enough to be imagined.

The dreams that make you restless won’t ever happen unless you start.

Do you have a dream? Would you mind sharing it in the comments? What is it that often stops you and what is it that inspires you to go on? Let me know in the comments.


Why You Should Stop Worrying What Others Think of You

Are you good enough at something? Maybe.

Do you like what you say you like? Are you sure?

Do you know it in your heart? Perhaps.

This is the real question. Do you know it in your heart?

Wait. Before you close your browser tab and run away from this post, let me directly come to the point.

How often does it happens that you meet some people who doubt you, point at you, and blame you without knowing much about you? Quite often.

It seems funny how people pass their own judgments without having any proper idea about us or our intentions, and then make us the fresh topic of their gossips and talks. We do nothing, except observing them while they make fun of us and convince us feel like a clown.

When it becomes intolerable to you, you jump into their conversations, and act like a lawyer trying to defend himself.

“Oh! no, no, its not like that”, “Wait, what I want to say is that..,” you say and try to save yourself as if you are your own superhero. So the people who were already ripping you, get an another reason to pull you down and have a great laugh.

Yes it feels bad.When people pass needless comments and spread rumors about you, blood gushes through your veins, you start chewing your teeth, and yet you stand silently and listen, when what you actually feel like doing is just clenching your fist and punching those people down to ground and shout,”What the heck do you know about me? Why can’t you just shut your mouth up and mind your own business?”

But its not always favorable to do that. That’s not the complete solution to the problem either. It takes nothing to arise new conflicts, have some new enemies, and get involved in new kind of mess.

Then what should you do instead?

Okay then, here’s a piece of wisdom. It may seem useful to some people, and a coward’s way of running away to others. But its totally worth your trying.

It goes like this – prove nothing.

Simple? As much simple as it seems.

You waste a lot of your precious time in proving things to others, even if unknowingly.

There are hundreds of people around you who’ll have several opinions about you. For some of them you may be the apple of their eye, and for some others you may be nothing more than a futile moron.

What people think of you, what they say about you, and what they say they know about you, shouldn’t affect you. Try to maintain your calm.

Will they lower your reputation in front of other people?

When some people insult you, those who know you well do not believe them, and those who don’t know you will soon realize the reality and learn more about you. One thing which about gossips is that worthless people pass them to the worthless people who hear them.

So stop worrying about what other think or tell about you. That doesn’t create you. You always remain what you are, and others don’t define you.

“I don’t have to show anything to anyone. There is nothing to prove.”

– Cristiano Ronaldo

Why prove what you already know in your heart?

“You are an idiot, yes you actually are one.”

What if I told you those words above? What would your reaction be then?

Either you’ll just conclude in your own heart that it is me who is an idiot to say such a thing, and walk away like a wise human. Or you may just start stamping your feet on the ground like a child and try to give reasons, clarify and justify yourself to prove to me that why you’re not an idiot.

But in both cases, the outcome will likely be the same. That you’re not an idiot. In one case, you took me lightly and forgave my nuisance, whereas in the other one you reacted.

Did your reaction change anything? My opinion? Nothing would change, because I’ve decided to think so.

Either keep proving yourself to others or be wise enough to take life easy. People think about something in a certain way because they’ve already decided to think that way. In your heart, you know all the truths about yourself. You don’t need to prove everything to everyone.

Do yourself a favor by not getting into situations where you need to prove everything about yourself and change others minds and opinions. You job is to live your life, not to waste it by explaining everything you do to others.

Not all your dreams need reasons, not all your decisions must make sense, neither should all the choices you make fit into the conventions of the world. Decide how you wish to live your life and live it.

Conclusion Prove nothing quote by vishal ostwal

Prove nothing.

Especially what you already know in your heart. People may not always believe you, but it isn’t necessary to make them believe all the truths about yourself.

You don’t always need to give an explanation for the life you live.

The Wishful Stone – A Short Story

A long time ago, I decided to come up with a tiny yet meaningful short story which could send a message to everyone. That’s how The Wishful Stone was born.

“Everyone is born with a purpose,” is the message I wish to convey through this story. I expect it to leave a smile on your face.

The Wishful Stone

“Oh! Being a stone, life seems so boring,” said the annoyed gravel to the other pebbles and rocks. They were all lying on a playground beside the village, while the evening sunlight fell on them and the bright red and saffron canvas of sky reflected its colors on them.

“So right you are my tiny friend! Look at those children who can laugh, run and play all day,” said the biggest rock among them profoundly. “And here are we, lying uselessly. Sometimes I wonder that why the hell on earth God created us,” it added. All other stones listened to it attentively since it was the most dominant one.

“Don’t say so. God is kind. He created everything for a reason. Maybe we too have a good reason for our existence,” said the medium sized oddest rock which barely spoke at times and was shy. Usually it was cursed and taunted by the fellow rocks for being odd, and nobody was ever concerned either to listen to what it said.

“Nobody asked for your philosophy you retard. And talk about things only as much as of your size,” said the biggest rock.

All the big rocks laughed as they found the joke funny. However the pebbles and gravels felt offended but didn’t protest.

“Okay” said the poor odd rock insecurely, swallowing the words which it wanted to speak.

Soon the sun hid behind the mountains followed by darkness. In the village the lights were turned on. The stars started twinkling, the moonlight covered the sky and brightened the ground. All the stones slept silently under the open sky, tired of doing nothing.

But the oddest one among them gazed at the sky, wondering about God and his creations. Suddenly it saw a shooting star. Unable to control the excitement, it shouted, “Look! There’s a shooting star. Wish for something, wish!” All stones got disturbed and saw up carelessly.

“You must be a fool to talk such nonsense. Now go to sleep and let us sleep,” said a rock half asleep as he yawned, and all the stones went back to sleep. The oddest stone fainted. But not minding what the other stone told, it made a wish to the star. “May I be used up for a good purpose and be blessed by my almighty to justify my existence,” it whispered slowly and closed its eyes.

Next day at early dawn, when the sun was about to rise, birds were chirping and the morning breeze flowed. The ground, on which the stones slept, started shaking slightly. The place filled with harsh sounds.

“What is it? Is it an Earthquake or some disaster,” Screamed a big rock filled with terror and waking up as fast as it could. They all saw a gigantic machine marching towards them.

“Here! Bring the bulldozer and tractor here,” they heard a man wearing a yellow helmet say.

“They have brought two giants named bulldozer and tractor here. God knows what these humans want from us now,” cried the largest rock with fear.

“Those are machines they brought to take us, and not giants. They are taking us somewhere,” Giggled the oddest stone happily.

“I know, I know. I was just jesting,” clarified the big rock, so as not to be regarded as a coward and an idiot. “By the way, they won’t take a useless fellow like you with us anyway,” it mocked at the oddest stone.

Soon the huge machines began their work. The enormous fist of bulldozer grabbed away mass of stones at once and filled them in the trailer of the tractor and then repeated again. Stones waited eagerly for their turn to be picked up. It was after hundreds of years that they were being taken to a new place. The oddest stone too waited for its turn. Slowly, the machines took stones, one after the other. They first picked up the massive ones, and then a bit smaller ones and the gravels at last. It took much time to load the biggest rock on trailer.

“Sir, this rock won’t be of any use to us. What to do with it?” asked the man with notepad in his hand to an old man standing at a distance.

The old man came near and observed the stone. “Leave it to me,” he said, smiling and placing his hands on the stone.

All the stones were taken away, leaving the oddest stone behind alone. The oddest stone wondered like a child about the reason why it wasn’t taken away along with the other stones. The untainted stone had no heart but was heartbroken. It wanted to cry but couldn’t, as it was just a stone. “Is this what you give to those who believe in you God?” it wept bitterly.

Few days later, all stones were gathered on a site. They were sorted on the basis of their size. The little ones were used up to make concrete and the ample ones were left in the safe hands of sculptors who carved exceptional designs on them. Larger rocks were turned to gorgeous pillars. The biggest rock got special attention and it was turned into a marvelous platform. Now all the stones together formed a magnificent monument. It was adored by the people who passed by it and everyone sang its praises. Its grandeur surprised everyone who entered.

“That retard was right, that we all are made for a reason,” said aloud the biggest stone which was now a beautiful platform. All other stones agreed with him and didn’t object.

“But where would he be now?” questioned a puzzled little gravel stuck to the concrete on a wall which was not tiled.

“He must be still lying there alone, wishing to the shooting stars,” joked one of the stone pillars and started laughing hardly at its own joke.

Next morning, the whole monument was royally decorated. Garlands of roses, marigold and mango leaves were hung everywhere and all the corners were decorated with lanterns. A graceful rangoli was drawn at the entrance and the delighting fragrance of incense added brilliance to its aura.

“Why is this place so crowded today?” asked the biggest stone to a pillar, as it observed the bare footed people all around.

“They call this place a ‘temple’ and today is its inauguration,” it answered, staring irritated at the child who was trying to climb on it.

Stones observed the people around who had gathered for some reason. An old person entered the temple with something which was wrapped in a red velvet cloth and tied with threads. He kept it on the platform with assistance of some people.

“Brothers and sisters, it’s my pleasure to present to you the idol of lord Krishna without which this place couldn’t be called a temple,” he announced joyously.

“Hey! Hey! He’s the same old man who had come to bring us here with the other person,” shouted the pebble trapped in the roof peeking out an uncovered corner. “Shut up! You are disturbing us,” said another pebble to silence it.

The old man untied the threads, removed the red cloth and revealed the idol he had made. The pleasant idol caught a glance of everyone. Whole temple echoed with the sounds of claps. Everyone desired to get a look of it.

The idol had a rich and minutely engraved golden crown on its head which signified its beauty. It was studded with sparkling red, blue and green crystals which reflected the sunrays like a prism. It had jewellery on it made up of both gold and silver, which seemed to be a sign of finest craftsmanship. In its postured hands was a delicate flute made of sandalwood which had a pair of white pearls tied to its one end. And above all was the glittery peacock feather tucked inside the crown which clearly reflected the religious faithfulness that dwelled inside everyone’s heart. The idol stood grandly over the stone platform in the middle of the temple hall.

“Hey! Hey! That is our…our,” the pebble became speechless. The other stones too identified their friend and became startled.

The oddest stone filled with honor and pride. It realized that it wasn’t odd but special, and recalled how it was turned to an idol out of a useless stone by the old man who admired its beauty, and how he carved it with his delicate hands and antique tools.

Now all the stones realized it’s worth and humans bowed their heads in front of it. It became thankful to God for the highest position given to it while gazing in surprise at the people chanting mantras amid the sound of tinkling bells.

“Thank you God, now my existence is justified,” prayed the stone with the most sincere emotion as it realized the significance of it’s existence which once meant nothing to anyone. But now, it represented God himself on earth. With its belief it became God.


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