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On Simplifying Life

I analyze life, weigh it, and sort of dissect it – that’s when I resemble a manic. I often complicate simple stuff. But then, sometimes I don’t.


Wish to Rise? Find Some Heroes

 “When you find people whom you genuinely admire, they bring out what’s already within you. They give your raw self a direction, which eventually leads you towards becoming the person you wish to be.”


Why You Should Stop Asking for Advice in Life

Stop Asking for Advice

“I respect the idea of accepting and exchanging advice. Still, I refuse to rely much on it. I’ve got some reasons for that.”


Things to Do As the New Year Begins

New Year todo

As I’m heading to towards the end of this year, the feeling I’m getting is similar to what I feel at the end of each year. “Darn, this one passed way too fast.”