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6 Lies You Tell Yourself That Don’t Let You Start

6 Lies That Don’t Let You Start

Firstly, people don’t want to be seen as fools.

I mean no wants to be the social oddball who is seen as a dreamer. People think of themselves as dreamers, but they don’t want to be called one.

Being a dreamer makes you vulnerable all at once. Everyone comes to know what you’re up to – your plans, your tiny aspirations, and your intentions – there’s no way out. (more…)

The Only Significant Purpose of Motivation in Life

Purpose of Motivation in Life

You know that feeling, right? When you feel like you can do what you’re planning, and become blind to all your doubts and probabilities of failures.

You begin to feel like you’re infallible. Nothing can drag you down. And even if something can, you won’t let it get you.


The Simplest Way to Find Your Passion in Life

The Simplest Way to Find Your Passion in Life

There seem to be tons of talks about finding passion the internet; I agree with them. Not all, but some of them. If you can find something you love doing in life then you can be happier. It makes sense to me.


When You Make Something But it Already Exists

Usually we try to keep our creations as original as possible, and need to come up with new ideas so that we can have something gorgeous that can surprise, please and serve others.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an entrepreneur finding a new strategy for your business, an artist experimenting with your art, a scientist trying to invent something new or just another person figuring out new ways to do things in a better way.

It always happens.

There’s a natural urge within us which forces us to innovate something new each time. Its a kind of desire that urges us to do something off the track and leave a mark of our unique identity by creating masterpieces.

We put in our blood and sweat to produce another wonderful thing which could replace what could break the conventional ways. Or at least, set a new standard apart from the things which aren’t different.

This is the reason why DaVinci painted Mona Lisa, Zuckerberg started Facebook, and also why Ford invented cars for the masses. They craved to create something better and innovate.

We’re similar. The ones who want to come up with new ideas which can change the existing rituals.

How often does it happen that we really create such a thing? Not so often.

To me, sometimes it seems like that all the good things that can be thought of already exist, and there’s hardly anything left for us to be discovered. Though, I said “it seems,” instead of “it is.”

Which means that there will always be a plenty of space for new things which will take birth. And as usual, change will charm the world. Now  let me talk about the heart of this matter.

Can you recall the last time you made something? You must have obviously created something, regardless of what your field is.

It could’ve been your science project, a presentation or art. I don’t even know about the fascinating thing which you have made. But I can bet on one truth that you had tried to make it the best.

Hadn’t you?

And how do I know that?
Because everyone including you and me has the same thoughts while making something.

After all, no one thinks about creating anything mediocre. As we go on creating, we realize that what we do isn’t very special. There are thousands of people like us who create millions of things like that of ours. Soon we feel that what we make or do isn’t much deserving. This one thought is enough to drag you down.

You think you’re unworthy? You’re not.

You think what you do isn’t that great? It is.

You think that there are thousands of other people who can do your work better than you? They can’t. Even if they can, there’s no reason it should stop you from doing what you want to.

Do you know why is what you do so special? Because you do it. When you do something, your work reflects you.

When you do what you want to do:

•  It shows that you are ascending towards your dreams.
•  It shows that you’re not only willing, but doing too.
•  It shows that you’re learning.
•  It shows that you haven’t stopped yet.

Above all, it shows that even if right now you aren’t doing anything earth shattering, you will, very soon.

It often happened to me and to those around me that whenever we discussed our ideas about something new, we realized that we weren’t even able to imagine. Such is the reality.

Even in the midst of our silliest conversations, we laughed about how we couldn’t think of a unique thing that awaits to be invented or imagined by us.

Gravity? Newton has already discovered it.
Time machine? Dude, even Doraemon has it.
Wireless smartphone input application? Well tried boy, but there’s already an app in the market for that.

Umm…well, is there anything left for us too? Or are we too late?

Nope, Its never too late.

The world is ever progressing. So, it is hard to believe that there’s any limitation, because there isn’t any.

Each year, theaters show hundreds of movies with the same age old genres like sci-fi, romance, tragedy, etc. and yet they attract crowds of people because each time they come with some new ways to astound the audiences.

Also, when people were getting bored of ordinary age old music, Rap and Rock took birth.

Apart from these, there are several other examples you may find around yourself which represent the never-ending cycle of innovation.

So how should you feel when you make something similar to what already exists?

If you too are among the millions who make something or come up enthusiastically with a new idea, but then realize that what they did isn’t unique from the ones that already exist, then you aren’t meant to feel bad.

You may feel the guilt of being a copycat, or inferior for not being up to your expectations.

Such thoughts can decrease your motivation at once and severely affect your work. You may even start to see quitting as a better option than trying harder. But don’t fall prey to such futility. Keep on trying until your efforts pay off (they do) and you become capable of producing your own unusual creations.

That’s the actual way in which innovation takes its root – by being persistent, working on presently available ideas, searching for somewhat off the track, and by not giving up until you become what you should be.

The same kind of things happen to everyone. It often happens that I make quote after thinking for a long time, and then search on Google to check if it already exists so that no one could question the authenticity of my writing.

But to my surprise, some quotes out there are quite similar to mine. So I drop them and try to create some new ones again. It goes on in the same way until I create something different.

Don’t hesitate to move further on the path of your dreams, even when you cannot value your work anymore. You’ll soon earn what you deserve as hard work never stays without bringing results.

Manage to carry on with your good work in spite of feeling that what you do isn’t anything different or is incapable of bringing results.
Everyone starts from zilch. The ones who give up are kept from achieving their goals, and the ones who somehow manage to learn and grow get the opportunity of doing big things.

What Staying in the Background Can Teach You About Work

Stay in the Background
You might have heard the word anonymous. The one which also means nameless, unknown, and faceless. This word isn’t much weird, but if you think more deeply about it, it is.
I’ve been curious about it. Almost always. To me, it represents a mystery. An untold story.

In my school, when I read the words such as Anon and Anonymous written below some short stories and poems in my textbooks, I often wondered about who those faceless people were.

At that time, before I knew the actual meaning of the word, I used to think that Anon was some really cool writer. When I read something with the word anon below it, I always thought “Wow! Anon is a cool writer.”

But as I grew up, I came to know that Anon was simply a name given to those “faceless people” not having an identity.

What it means to be a nobody

How painful it is to be nobody. To work as hard as you can and discover that nobody knows what you did. To create something  and let others take the credit for it. To hide yourself in the shadows when you’re the one on whom the spotlight should shine.

Yes, it can be painful.

Yet, there are people who put their blood and sweat in their creations. Who do something remarkable with their hard work and then hide behind the mask of anonymity. These people are sometimes those who are left or just  prefer to stay in the background.

Why do they prefer to stay in the background? Walk into their shoes and you’ll know.

Staying in the background isn’t always bad

  • One of the first thoughts which struck my mind when I saw the photos of freedom fighters in my history books  was, “Are these people all?  What about the rest?” After all, there were many other dedicated people who had sacrificed their lives for the country as well. Though nobody knows about them. Has their contribution become useless just because their faces don’t appear in my history books or because no one knows about them? Never.
  • On several occasions I’ve come to know about people who flaunt socially about how much they earn and make attempts to highlight themselves. They brag about the donations and try to build the base of their reputation on it. I also know some generous people who silently keep up their good work and donate without uttering a word about it to anyone. Is the contribution of the latter ones useless?
  • Then there are others, the ones like you and me who do little things to make the world a better place. Not everything we do is known. Though we keep on doing nice work. Do we cease to do good just because no one notices? We don’t.

Maybe you don’t always need to get noticed

Success isn’t about staying at the center of attraction, getting credit, or being praised for your work. Sometimes, what you do for serving people is far greater than the biggest achievements. There are thousands in the queue who are dying to get noticed, you don’t always need to be among them.

I wrote my first guest post which was about 1700 words, mailed it to the fellow blogger, and asked him to keep my name anonymous. Just because I wanted to walk my talk before I writing this post.

That post still shows ‘By – Guest contributor’ instead of my name. Maybe that post would’ve have sent me some new readers, or it could’ve spread.

But there was something which I realized by doing it – with a name or without it, we can always serve. Even now when I look at that simple post, I realize that even if I’m anonymous there, my work isn’t.

It’s not wrong to make attempts to get some attention. Better if that helps you achieve your dreams. But your desire for attention shouldn’t become an obstacle to your success. Keep your dreams and work above everything, because outcomes are a cheap way of measuring dreams.

What staying in the background can teach you about work

Ever saw a drama? There are the actors on the grand stage, dressed in beautiful costumes, saying all the witty dialogues and gaining everyone’s affection. In the end of the show they take away all the credit and praises.

What about the make-up man, the costume designer, the decorator and the cleaner? They celebrate in silence behind the curtains.

Their success isn’t defined by the applause which they never get, but rather by their contribution to their work. Same thing happens in movies. No one reads the credits.

Staying in the background makes you humble. It gives you an opportunity to peek from behind the backstage and see how others treat your work. In your heart, you know it was you who created something but didn’t get the credit.

However, when no one knows about you, outcomes don’t matter much to you, and you become more loyal to your work. You give away your craving for attention and praise. After that, you fall in love with your work and rediscover the reason why you had started in the first place.

Also, when you aren’t at the center of attention, you don’t take criticism as personal disgrace. Instead, you treat it as a feedback for your work and use it to improve yourself.

When you don’t get enough attention, you take yourself less seriously, become open to improvement, and treat your own work as you treat the work of others. Honestly, and without being partial towards yourself.


You don’t always need to be in the spotlight. Your work matters more than your aspiration of accomplishing something. Even when your efforts don’t get the necessary attention, they go on serving others.

For now, if you have a dream and your are working on it, then give up your craving for attention, praise and outcomes. Fall in love with what you do. Make attempts to get better at it. You’ll ultimately win all that you deserve.

One Thing Which a Passionate Person Won’t Ever Do

Are you passionate about something? If you say that you are, then I don’t doubt it.

Your passion may be anything from establishing the biggest online retail store in future, or becoming the next Michael Jackson. It can be anything. After all, who knows about your passion better than yourself? Obviously no one else other than you.

But what if you realize one day that you had chosen the wrong path, or were living a life led by illusions?


It isn’t hard to get trapped in false beliefs when there are so many voices around you which confuse you each day.

My reason behind writing this post

In my life till now, I have come across only a handful of people who have some specific or clear goals. The ones who aspire to bring a change and are hell bent on accomplishing what they aim for.

There are a few dreamers who take their dreams seriously.

What I find common in many people is that they pursue  some random idea and start working on it just because it seems attractive to them, regardless of whether they know it well, or whether they genuinely like it or not.

I don’t need to explain much about what happens to such people later. They soon get tired, lose enthusiasm, and realize the truth about their false belief when its too late.
There are no questions regarding the price which one has to pay for pursuing one’s passion. It takes a lot of hard work. Sometimes a lifetime.
So if you call something your dream or passion, make sure that it’s really your passion. Taking up any kind of work just because everyone else is doing it or because you are attracted to it temporarily, calling it your passion is a bad idea.
“True Passion isn’t driven by your desires, but pushed by the voice within”
You may be utterly disappointed if you shout out to the whole world about your fake passion, when you know in your heart that what you’re doing is nothing more than fooling yourself.
There’s one big truth which you ought to know about true passion – It cannot be faked.

True passion cannot be faked. Even if you somehow succeed and attain the highest place in what you have chosen, you won’t be much satisfied with the results. You’ll soon come to know that not only you had taken the wrong road but also have reached the wrong destination. The place where your being doesn’t give you joy.

However, since if you succeed at wrong things, you won’t miss your passion in the midst of your achievements. Yet, isn’t it better to be a bit keener from the beginning and reach the right place? It’s always worth it.

How a passion can be different from a dream

  • Every dreamer takes up a dream and lives it.
  • Slowly he faces difficulties and things turn out to be harder.
  • Yet the dreamer goes on and slowly changes some things and adapts himself to the changes.
  • Things either work out in his favor, or they don’t.
  • Either the dreamer succeeds, or he fails.
The above points show a simple outline of a dreamer’s life. But in case of a passionate person it’s slightly different. A dream and passion can be same at times, but not necessarily.

“A dream is something you wish to achieve, but a passion is what keeps you going.”

A person may give up on his dreams, but what about his passions? Will he give up on them too? He will never. If the person gives up, it simply means that the person wasn’t ever sincere about his passion. Or even if he was once a passionate, he didn’t have the courage to defend his passion against the odds and gave up.

The one thing which a passionate person won’t do

The one thing which a really passionate person won’t ever do is – Quitting

Quitting is what a passionate person would hesitate to do. He won’t quit even when all odds are against him. Not because it makes him a failure or for some other reason, but because to him, it means giving up the work which gave his life a purpose. What might be the cost of quitting for him? It means losing the reason behind his happiness. Forever.
So, his financial gains, successes, dreams and all aren’t greater than his passion.
Do you wonder why nightingales sing or why do honey bees collect honey? To me, this seems the same kind of thing. Passion is something which a person does for himself.
A passionate person does selflessly what he loves, and hence, always gives his best. To him, work matters more than the outcomes. Since a passionate person always gives his best, the outcomes are most likely to be fine.

You and your passion

If you are currently doing something and calling it your passion, then be sure that you aren’t faking it. That it’s really your passion.

If you don’t do any kind of work what you can call your passion, its okay.

But you don’t feed your fake passion. Everything requires dedication and sincere efforts, even if they are at a wrong place. So better spend and invest your hard work in the right work.


A passionate person won’t ever quit. A passionate person won’t give up because, to him the work matters more than the outcomes. His passion itself is what makes him happy.

If you have a passion, follow it. Not for some gains or pleasing others, but for yourself.
Do you have a passion? What do you think matters the most while working on your passions? Leave a comment.