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Don’t Have Enough Time? Take Things One Day at a Time

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Have you been struggling since a long time to do something but aren’t yet able to make it happen?

Your plans might be failing, and you may be dissatisfied with your efforts. It happens to everyone.

Each day you wake up with a number of tasks which you have in your mind, but you don’t necessarily complete them. You skip and keep delaying those tasks until they start bothering you.

There comes a time when you realize that all that you were trying to avoid now stands right in front of you and needs to be dealt with.

Then why are those tasks delayed?

Perhaps, because you’re busy. Or maybe you already have a lot to do at hand and you cannot afford to compromise that.

But is it right to justify things which you aren’t able to do? You’re supposed to do them anyway.

Here’s a practical reason why you might be failing to accomplish the goals you’re aiming for, or falling short of finishing your tasks

Everything that you do can be divided into three categories.

  • The tasks having highest priority are completed first. Either due to pressure, necessity or urgency.
  • The smaller tasks which may take long, but yet need to be completed, even if taken easy.
  • The tasks often treated as insignificant, and don’t disappear in your to-do lists.

You are likely to complete the activities which are a part your job or chores because you don’t have other choice.

As you get busier and the workload goes on increasing, you begin to reconsider you choices. You cut-off the tasks which don’t matter, assign less time to what seems unnecessary and focus more on what affects you life directly.

But when you’re a given a choice to not do something, the first things to be thrown off your schedule are the ones which don’t serve your temporary needs.

So you don’t think much about doing the tasks which fall in the third type, which you treat as insignificant. This kind of work includes personal goals, side activities and hobbies. It may include your vacation plan, dream of starting a blog, reading favorite books or learning something new.

But then, you say that you have no time for them and stop all your efforts at once.

You don’t learn French as often as you used to.

You give up the idea of learning a guitar.

Reading new books isn’t on your list.

But claiming that you have no time and giving up these activities can cause you the greatest loss. The activities which seem to be insignificant temporarily are responsible for your personal growth, although you might not realize it.

If you prevent yourself from doing the things which slowly build your character and are responsible for your steady growth, you halt your progress unknowingly.

So don’t say that you have no time to do what can improve your life and take you to a higher level.

You have time for everything. Its just that you need to readjust your priorities, cut off some things and make a balance.

Why the tasks that matter to you take the most time

Because you think that there will come a perfect time in bulk, with favorable circumstances, when you would be able to finally start and finish as well. It never happens.

What happens is that you decide to do a thing. You make up your mind.

A week later you realize that you haven’t even moved an inch.

Then your days keep passing in the same way. Weeks and months pass too.

Yet when you look back to track your progress – Nothing.

The reason why you couldn’t get much done is that you try to do everything at once, lose your patience, and let your situation overwhelm you. In that way, you think much and do less.

While you’re busy dealing with the duties which you’re obliged to do, you completely deny to do the activities which you feel like doing.

So what you do in such a situation?

Here’s a solution

Divide your tasks in small chunks and finish them one day at a time. You don’t need to do all of them at once.

If you’re ready to take tiny steps for a change, that would be enough. Enough to set you in a routine and give you the chance to do what you love even while you’re busy.

For instance, you can start learning the guitar after you finish learning French. Or you can do both of them – on alternate weeks.

You can start by doing tiny activities each day.

  • Show some sincere dedication to the work you do by staying loyal to it.
  • Make efforts as per you potential. Even if small ones.
  • Set tiny milestones for yourself and try to accomplish them.
  • Take some time out occasionally to make a plan.
  • Do the things which help you improve at your work.

All these things. Bit by bit. Each day.

If you succeed at that, then you’ll probably witness the change and effects. You’ll be doing what you want to do – even if at a small level. The smallest step which you take will take you further on your journey.

Be patient. Do all that you can. What matters is in going on somehow without letting anything come in your way.

When you find yourself helpless and think that you can do nothing, take everything one day at a time. It’s better than doing nothing.

  • Wish lose some weight? Try sweating for a few minutes each day.
  • Want to learn something? Practice daily.
  • Want to create something?¬†Create some part of it. Whenever you can.

If you want to do something but you’re failing at it, try to do as much as you can. Let nothing stop you.


If there’s something you wish to do but don’t have much time for, then do it one day at a time. It is better than doing nothing. After all, how do you expect your goals to happen when you don’t make them happen? Find a way to keep going.

All it takes are some sincere efforts, each day.

Why You Should Stop Worrying What Others Think of You

Are you good enough at something? Maybe.

Do you like what you say you like? Are you sure?

Do you know it in your heart? Perhaps.

This is the real question. Do you know it in your heart?

Wait. Before you close your browser tab and run away from this post, let me directly come to the point.

How often does it happens that you meet some people who doubt you, point at you, and blame you without knowing much about you? Quite often.

It seems funny how people pass their own judgments without having any proper idea about us or our intentions, and then make us the fresh topic of their gossips and talks. We do nothing, except observing them while they make fun of us and convince us feel like a clown.

When it becomes intolerable to you, you jump into their conversations, and act like a lawyer trying to defend himself.

“Oh! no, no, its not like that”, “Wait, what I want to say is that..,” you say and try to save yourself as if you are your own superhero. So the people who were already ripping you, get an another reason to pull you down and have a great laugh.

Yes it feels bad.When people pass needless comments and spread rumors about you, blood gushes through your veins, you start chewing your teeth, and yet you stand silently and listen, when what you actually feel like doing is just clenching your fist and punching those people down to ground and shout,”What the heck do you know about me? Why can’t you just shut your mouth up and mind your own business?”

But its not always favorable to do that. That’s not the complete solution to the problem either. It takes nothing to arise new conflicts, have some new enemies, and get involved in new kind of mess.

Then what should you do instead?

Okay then, here’s a piece of wisdom. It may seem useful to some people, and a coward’s way of running away to others. But its totally worth your trying.

It goes like this – prove nothing.

Simple? As much simple as it seems.

You waste a lot of your precious time in proving things to others, even if unknowingly.

There are hundreds of people around you who’ll have several opinions about you. For some of them you may be the apple of their eye, and for some others you may be nothing more than a futile moron.

What people think of you, what they say about you, and what they say they know about you, shouldn’t affect you. Try to maintain your calm.

Will they lower your reputation in front of other people?

When some people insult you, those who know you well do not believe them, and those who don’t know you will soon realize the reality and learn more about you. One thing which about gossips is that worthless people pass them to the worthless people who hear them.

So stop worrying about what other think or tell about you. That doesn’t create you. You always remain what you are, and others don’t define you.

“I don’t have to show anything to anyone. There is nothing to prove.”

– Cristiano Ronaldo

Why prove what you already know in your heart?

“You are an idiot, yes you actually are one.”

What if I told you those words above? What would your reaction be then?

Either you’ll just conclude in your own heart that it is me who is an idiot to say such a thing, and walk away like a wise human. Or you may just start stamping your feet on the ground like a child and try to give reasons, clarify and justify yourself to prove to me that why you’re not an idiot.

But in both cases, the outcome will likely be the same. That you’re not an idiot. In one case, you took me lightly and forgave my nuisance, whereas in the other one you reacted.

Did your reaction change anything? My opinion? Nothing would change, because I’ve decided to think so.

Either keep proving yourself to others or be wise enough to take life easy. People think about something in a certain way because they’ve already decided to think that way. In your heart, you know all the truths about yourself. You don’t need to prove everything to everyone.

Do yourself a favor by not getting into situations where you need to prove everything about yourself and change others minds and opinions. You job is to live your life, not to waste it by explaining everything you do to others.

Not all your dreams need reasons, not all your decisions must make sense, neither should all the choices you make fit into the conventions of the world. Decide how you wish to live your life and live it.

Conclusion Prove nothing quote by vishal ostwal

Prove nothing.

Especially what you already know in your heart. People may not always believe you, but it isn’t necessary to make them believe all the truths about yourself.

You don’t always need to give an explanation for the life you live.

How to Crush Your Excuses

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else

– Benjamin Franklin

While I wrote the quote above, it made me think for a while.

The post for about excuses was already on my writing list, but somewhere it made me reflect on myself. It aroused a guilt within me of being a lazy delayer.

The reason was obvious – I often make excuses. Maybe less than I used to, but I do. I’m a human.