One Powerful Way to Overcome Your Insecurities

Do something little. Really little. It’s not shameful.

When I look back at life, I realize that I’ve spent a lot of it trying to fight my insecurities to get a life I deserve.

In fact, I’ve spent a huge chunk of life feeling vulnerable, while trying to defeat the blurred thoughts in my mind which keep me restless, making me realize that I’m not good at a lot of things.

I dreaded the stage

Every time I stepped on the stage, I felt like I was just a word away from making a fool of myself and giving everyone a good laugh.

Now that years have passed, my legs don’t shake when I’m giving a speech. I don’t fear to look people in the eye.

The reason why I don’t choke on stage is that I’ve already done what it takes to kill the insecurities. I’ve dealt with my part of being bad, and improved.

But all this has a reason behind it – I had silently spent years trying to overcome that insecurity.

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An Infallible Way to Stay Happy Forever


An Infallible Way to Stay Happy Forever

If you’re like other humans, which is quite obvious, you chase money, you do whatever you can to leverage your social reputation, and try to impress people.

You work harder to gain a greater sense of accomplishment and don’t miss an opportunity to do what can make you feel better about yourself – whether it’s buying fancy objects, eating your favorite delicacy or enjoying for a while.

Even if you think of yourself as different, you do what others do. We’re all similar.

In the end, you realize that nothing make you as happy as much as you had expected. Your expectations always turn out to be an illusion – and illusions break.

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