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How Wanting Certain Things Makes Life Hard

How Wanting More Things Makes Life Hard

“Some habits made my life tough. I’m trying to get rid of them. Wanting more is one of them.”


Can You Succeed Without Making Sacrifices?

Success and Sacrifices

I have already lost a lot each time I tried to gain something. I’m prepared to lose more.

I lost my sleep over this thought.

This seemed unfair to me.

“You can’t succeed without losing something,” I was told. I didn’t want to agree.

“Why do I have to lose something to gain what I have to?” I’d hate losing what I have for what I want to have. Any sane human would.


Are You Wasting Your Life for a Useless Dream? Maybe Not

Are You Wasting Your Life for a Useless Dream? Maybe Not

There wasn’t a day when I didn’t doubt myself. I looked in the mirror and saw a fool. I had no idea what I was doing.

I might not have expressed this often, but I feared being laughed at. Being pointed out as the clumsy beginner. And then, regretting because of my failures.


The Only Sensible Way to Avoid Regrets in Life

It’s dreadful to imagine that you might look back at life someday, only to realize that you’ve wasted it.

In fact, what could be more painful than knowing that you could’ve lived better, and earned all the happiness and experiences you wish for?


The Only Explanation to Why Your Dreams Might Come True

Why Your Dreams Might Come True

You’re not nuts.

Even if think you are, you aren’t.

If you’re a dreamer, someone hoping for a nicer future, or just another person in the crowd wishing to make his life better – then you’re not nuts to think so.

The truth is, you’re darn mighty. You’ve already what it takes to achieve, and if you’re enough determined to follow your dreams – your dreams will come true.

What you hide deep within your heart, the hopes you don’t show to the world and the desire you seek to accomplish but don’t reveal due to your fears can all become a reality.

But for that to happen, you’ll have to do one thing.

Just one thing. 

If you do this, everything will be alright

People have dreams.

Almost all people silently keep wishing in their hearts.

But at the same time, they’re also fearful and dubious. They have no clue where they should start. To them, it’s hard to do what they cannot even imagine. What’s harder for them is trying. 

How can they do what seems beyond their limitations?

Here’s a truth – they can, but they don’t.

Everyone else can, including you and me. No one ever comes to stop us. We’re free. It’s up to us to decide what we want to be.

If you dig a bit deeper, you’ll know that all we need to do to accomplish our dreams takes nothing more than choosing one and working for it. That’s all there is to it. No secrets. You get what you want when you put in the efforts. You don’t when you sit still and keep whining.

So what’s the one thing you can do to make everything alright?


Keep trying.

Your dreams need your efforts. They’re already waiting to occur. All you have to do is keep doing all that you can until you can have the odds on your side. All this might not happen immediately. But eventually, things only get better.

You can always trust your efforts.

How often do people try?

How often?

The ones you have around yourself who keeps blabbering about how useless it is to even try or have ideas that are beyond your reach. Did they ever do anything themselves? They don’t have the right to say that dreams don’t come true unless they’ve tried.

Do you say you have a dream?

Did you try achieving it?

Allow me to be a little harsh, but your dreams won’t come true if you don’t put in the efforts. There may be a lot of valid reasons to justify why you haven’t begun yet, but they don’t matter. What matters the most is whether you’re trying or not.

You don’t have money, time or company of other successful people. So? What are you trying to state? Do you want others to sympathize with you? They do.

But that won’t help you grow. In the end, it’s just about how far you can manage to push yourself in spite of your difficulties.

But people don’t want to accept it.

They think of themselves as losers even before trying and don’t do what it takes.

“It’s tough and doesn’t make sense anyway,” they tell themselves and quit forever without giving a second thought.

Who is it that kills your dreams? No one but you, if you don’t try.

From here on, everything will get better for you

Only if you try.

You don’t have to do something huge. Start small. Take little steps. That’s the place where everyone starts. And it’s always good, since you don’t have much to lose.

When you try, you don’t stay a novice forever. You keep getting better over time, and ultimately become a skilled master at whatever you do.

Perhaps, you might end up becoming the next big deal. And even if you don’t, there’s no need to feel shame, because you get closer to your dreams and become capable of doing what you love for the rest of your life.

When you’ll look back, you’ll realize how far you’ve come. That’s the sweetness of making efforts. It’s always fair to you. 

When you embark on your journey to making your dreams a reality, you need to a lot of unpleasant tasks. Sometimes you’ll need to take risks and lose a lot. Other times, you might need to do what makes you feel shameful about yourself.

You’ll have to make sacrifices and be a social oddball. But that’s part of the road which leads you to your dreams. Everyone needs to go through this. You cannot avoid it.

So try, as everything gets better when you try.

Allow yourself to be imperfect

Most people don’t start. Ever.

Isn’t it cowardice? Doesn’t it seem like being unjust to yourself?

You’ll stay at the stage where you’re supposed to begin if you wait perfect circumstances and don’t dare to start small.

You can’t be too careful. Make your own mistakes. Let yourself look odd to others if that’s necessary. Open up yourself to criticism. Be vulnerable. The things you overthink matter only as long as don’t put in your efforts.

 Once you start, you get the courage to go on. After which it’s hard to stop you. You abandon all your fears and go on in spite of your doubts and difficulties.

Don’t worry about getting everything right in your first attempt. No one gets it right in the first attempt. Some do – but even they need to work hard. No one is an exception to this rule.

You’ll succeed – here’s the reason

You cannot tell whether you’ll succeed unless you attempt.

However, chances are, if you put in enough efforts, you will thrive. No doubt. Hard work is never wasted. Every bit of effort does something good to you.

For now, begin.

Be easy on yourself. Dare to be bad at what you do. But don’t hold yourself back. The sooner your start, the greater your chances of succeeding are.

Aim for a set of milestones

Dreams never happen all at once.

They take time to occur. Try to achieve small chunks of milestones first. Then set some new ones and follow them. Keep going this way. Don’t stop. It works.

Ask any successful person who inspires you. It’s always the small things you do which add-up in the long run.

And don’t quit

Success is in not stopping.

Focus on making gradual growth. 

If you can do this, you won’t need to quit. People quit when their only reason is gaining outcomes and nothing else.

They may feel elated for a few days, but they cannot go far. Soon, they get disappointed when they don’t see any success on their way, they get tired and finally – quit.

If your dream is stuffing loads of money in your bank account, buying luxury cars or getting ahead of everyone else, then you’re likely to quit.

It isn’t wrong to have aspirations, but you shouldn’t let them control you. Instead, if you’re a passionate person, you can go on forever in spite of failures and become infallible at what you do.

Because when you work for passion, you don’t fear to lose. Your joy lies not in the outcomes but your efforts. When your efforts make you happy, it’s easy for you to work harder. And when you work hard, you’re likely going to succeed.

So here’s the conclusion

You chances of turning your dreams into a reality depend on much effort you put in. If you go on doing valuable work, your chances of succeeding will only increase.

There might be other aspects to you success as well, such as opportunities, lack of resources and other things. Yet, effort comes first.  

Here’s a question

Do you have a dream? And more than that, are you trying? I would love to hear from you. Drop a comment below.

Why I Don’t Tell People Their Dreams Won’t Come True

Why I Don't Tell People Their Dreams Won't Come True

I know what it feels like being a dreamer.

Sometimes, it’s just miserable.

Not because I fail or due to some other reason. Failures are obvious when you’re a dreamer. You do a lot of things and most of them don’t work. Indeed, it takes sweat and tears.

Yet, these hard things aren’t what hold back dreamers. There’s something else that induces fear in them and prevents them from embarking on their journey to their dreams.

To be honest, all dreamers are weak, insecure and doubtful. They think of themselves as fools.

I do. Everyone else who thinks big does. We don’t see ourselves as normal. If you dream, welcome to the pack of people who are lost.

We don’t know where we’re going as weren’t given any maps or signboards to follow. So we create our own roads – and then we walk on them.

What makes dreamers quit before they even start

The world.

It’s not used to seeing dreamers succeed yet.

When you dream, you don’t make sense to others. You try to do something that’s beyond your abilities and current potential. You look pathetic.

Others see you as a pitiful person affected by the successes of some other people. A hopeful fellow struck by some inspirational words written in books.

Especially in the beginning, when you have no successes to tell, you resemble a clown. You’re a good joke to the whole world.

They pretend like they understand you even if they don’t. They ignore you. A lot of them won’t help you although they can. As time passes, your surroundings get you. They do their work and induce a clump of negativity in you.

After which, you see yourself as others see you – impractical and helpless. The way dreamers are treated makes them quit.

All dreamers are vulnerable

People who inspire you have been where you want to be. They’ve experienced the struggles you haven’t yet seen. And they know that needs to be paid for having a dream.

What do you think people mean when they mention persistence, struggles, risks and dedication again and again? They say truth.

Dreams are unpredictable.

Sometimes you may succeed and feel elated. Other times you may fall flat on your face feel like a loser. And it goes on like this in circles. Each day. And it’s hard to keep going while all this happens to you.

Each day you need to convince yourself that your efforts are worth your dreams even if you aren’t able to see a slight spark of faith. You’re given a hundreds of reasons to quit which welcome you to quit.

The people whom you trust the most may end up telling you that you’re just duping yourself. It hurts. The words of others are so powerful that they may make you quit. I need to tell this to you – be prepared for the worst.

Save your dream from the world. Do whatever you need to do for that. But don’t let the world overpower you. It’s a trap.

And here’s the only reason why I don’t tell dreamers that their dreams won’t come true

Because dreams come true.

That’s the only reason I have.

Know that feeling which you get when others ask you for advice or share their dreams with you? They seem poor to you.

You don’t want to break their heart, and neither have you wanted to disappoint them by saying the truth.

You may try to convince them with kind words or explain your concerns in a kind manner, while all you feel like saying is, “Get real. There’s not even a slight chance that you’ll succeed.”

I’ve been there.

I’ve been one such dreamer, and I’ve also met some others. I know how it feels when people come to you with gleaming eyes and expect you to assure them about their success.

But not all dreamers are the same

Some keep talking. Others ask for advice and remain in the clouds. They never try.

However, there are some real dreamers. The ones who are sincere about what they say and prepared to give all that it takes.

All they need is a slight push from you so they can believe in their dreams – because they’re vulnerable.

They don’t stop, work hard and go on in spite of their struggles. So when people ask me whether their dreams might come true – I don’t state the odds. I let them know that if they’re willing to do something then they should do it. No matter what.

Sometimes I ask questions like “are you passionate about what you’re doing?” I ask them their plans to make them think for themselves. But I never tell them that their dreams won’t come true. It’s a sin. I would feel shameful about myself if I murder their hopes.

A truth I know about dreamers is that almost all of them start from zero as novices who know nothing.

But eventually, as they work hard and pursue tiny milestones. Their achievements add-up to their overall success. And while doing so, they set themselves on a journey which ultimately leads them towards glory.

They face their own share of struggles and fail often like any other dreamer. But in the end, everything that they do pays off. Those dreamers succeed.

You’re left to wonder in awe how they did it. Gradually, they end up doing what you once thought was impossible.

They all get better. No one remains imperfect forever. So instead of telling people their dreams might not come true, show them that you trust them.


Dreams don’t always make sense in the beginning. Yet, keep playing your part.

Although, you cannot control circumstances or bring the desired outcomes, you can keep trying until you get closer to your goals.

All dreams start this way.

So if you’re still hesitant and haven’t started, then here’s a reminder – you can succeed if you’re ready to put in the effort.

Finally, while you’re busy following your dreams, help others who are like you. They need you.

What inspires you to chase your dreams?

What are the problems which you often face?

I would like hearing from you in the comments. Maybe, tell me about what is it that you love doing.