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Life Lessons from People Who Committed Suicide

A few days ago I was playing Castle of Glass. I’ve been listening to Linkin Park since I was in high-school. It hurts to know that Chester hanged himself.


5 Straightforward Differences Between Dreams and Illusions

Difference Between Dreams and Illusions

“You may be a passionate dreamer. Or you could be merely lying to yourself. But how do you figure out who you really are? I’ve seen both sides.”


15 Simple Ways to Connect With Nature Again

How to Connect With Nature

As we’re getting involved in leading a sedentary lifestyle, we’re also losing our touch with the earth. It’s only after we step out of our usual routines that we recognize what we had been missing.


A List of Things I’m Doing to Be Happier

“So here’s what I’ve realized – if I wish to be happy, I need to put in some effort. I’ve been sort of experimenting recently.”


8 Major Reasons Why You Doubt Your Dreams

Why You Doubt Your Dreams

“I’ve met enough unsure, diffident people. They fear to take their first step and remain doubtful. Yet, the question remains – why?”


I Met a Man with Sparkle in His Eyes

Man With Sparkle in His Eyes

I recently happened to visit Udupi. It was similar to any other south-Indian place having a lot of serenity, pleasant air, and uncountable coconut trees.