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A Letter to My Body

A letter to my body

Last year, I tried filling a self-love journal. One of the things it included was a ‘letter to my body,’ which sort of reminds me of how I’ve been taking my health for granted.


How to Find Calmness in Life


Calmness – it’s a beautiful word. It makes me picture myself sitting at the edge of a serene cliff beside a sea, as the cool breeze sways my hair.”


Be Happy for Yourself, Not Others

Be Happy for Yourself

Here’s a quick, sensible tip: Be happy for yourself, instead of trying hard to show others how happy you are.


Why My Generation is Lonelier than Ever

“I heard my friends talking – a girl from my college had hanged herself. “Nobody likes me,” she wrote in her suicide letter, I read in the news the next day. That kept me uneasy for a day or two.”


Life Lessons from People Who Committed Suicide

A few days ago I was playing Castle of Glass. I’ve been listening to Linkin Park since I was in high-school. It hurts to know that Chester hanged himself.


15 Simple Ways to Connect With Nature Again

How to Connect With Nature

As we’re getting involved in leading a sedentary lifestyle, we’re also losing our touch with the earth. It’s only after we step out of our usual routines that we recognize what we had been missing.