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Either Way, Choices Bring Along Regrets

Either Way, Choices Bring Along Regrets

Life gives you pills. You choose one. But that doesn’t matter, because each one kills you in some way.

Some time ago I wrote a post about how to avoid having regrets in life.

The answer was quite simple – either embrace your pains and keep lamenting, or get over them.

The only way to be okay with your regrets is to accept that you’ve had them, let out a breath, and go for something better.

It’s hard.

It’s the only solution I know.

But there’s something obvious about having regrets

Whatever be the choices you make, you regrets always follow you.

You convulse in bed, overthink and remain restless – heck, you regrets snatch the peace out of you!

You doubt your decisions and think you’ve could’ve done better – but that’s a lie.

I’ve seen it happen.

Either way, regardless of the choices you make, you’re bound to have regrets.

Here’s the catch

People have this fancy thought in their mind – that there’s always a right way. The perfect one that leads to a blissful life where nothing can go amiss.


I’ve seen enough people.

Some of them got what they wanted, some failed, and some live a life they didn’t expect to live.

Some regret even after getting what they want. Some feel grateful for what was totally unexpected to them.

They vary a lot.

The only people I’ve found to be happy are the ones who have accepted what happened.

They’re wise. They know this truth – there’s no perfect place to be at.

You, too, should know this

Make a decision.

Pick something.

It’ll always bring along some sort of dissatisfaction. Sometimes, regrets.

  • Choose a career you parents pointed at, or chase a passion you’ve fantasized.
  • Marry your girlfriend or get tied with a complete stranger.
  • Work hard and earn big cash or choose an ordinary job with minimal wage.
  • Drudge and start a business, or go for a stable job and spend hours in cubicle.

Doesn’t matter.

All the choices you ever make have pros and cons. They come tied with some regrets. Accept those. Accept your choices and the decisions you make.

So maybe…

We’re all losers. There’s always something we can lose.

We make bad decisions, tumble along the walks of life, and get up.

But then, we’re courageous enough to get up and move on.

I wouldn’t regret the decisions I make. I accept whatever comes along with open arms. Some things can go wrong. It my job to set them right. I know that no choice is perfect, so I accept the ones I make, regardless of everything.


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