Don’t Evaluate Yourself On The Scale Of – ‘Comparison’

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


 You don’t have to compare yourself with anyone. You are perfect the way you are, with all your imperfections. Trying to be better than what you were yesterday. Expecting to soon become the kind of person, who you once wanted to be. 

Then what’s the point in placing yourself on one side of the weigh-balance and someone else on the other? Also, what kind of vice is it to compare others against one another.
My general observation is that, most of the people who compare themselves to others are either overconfident or are less confident.

A few reasons why you shouldn’t fall prey to the thing called ‘comparison’ are:

•  You will develop a kind of inferiority complex, which will always remind you that you are less than others,
•  You will feel a kind of guilt if you find out that you aren’t up to your own expectations,
•  You won’t be able to express yourself freely anymore due to the fear of being compared,
•  You will try to conceal your performance, and then doubt your own ability,
•  You may start feeling complacent for being better than others,

          Not only these but, comparison may harm you in many other ways. Sometimes even unnoticeably.

There’s not point in feeling unconfident for being less than someone in something. Or in feeling superior than a novice. Because in both cases, the outcome is generally negative. And then your work and feelings are affected in some way.

You are always surrounded by people who are in some or the other way lesser or better than you. But the problem starts when you start comparing.


“Dare to accept yourself, just the way you are, and then start working on who you want to be”
You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone.

May God bless all!  🙂


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