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Don’t Underestimate Your – ‘Perception’

“There is no truth. There is only perception”
– Gustave Flaubert

         Your perception works like magic, and can do miracles. It is everything that we perceive with our senses and feel. We see, touch, observe and then let our surroundings affect us. And yet it is surprising at the same time that, how we don’t even pay attention to how things affect us.
Did you notice the effect of slightest perception:
We instantly feel inspired when we read a quote. Against it, even a touch of criticism can make us feel depressed,
We wonder about nature’s creations without even knowing that why and how can it make us feel so good. Just a glance of gigantic waterfalls, butterflies and stars can make us feel good,
We laugh at jokes, feel the music, and frown at negative things that are told to us,
         These are just the most common things that we observe daily. But our perception is far a broader concept than just providing ‘input’ to our mind. It almost controls us, changes our mindset and it contributes to our own formation. 

I don’t know whether you notice such things or don’t. But I have personally observed the game of our perception. It has the potential to change our life by just staying in the background like an insignificant character.

• I have seen the people change because of the company they keep,
• I have seen children eat spinach because of ‘Popeye’,
• I have seen people acting like their favorite fictional character or actor,
• I have seen people who keep beautiful wallpapers on their computer/mobile screen, just because it makes them feel good,
There are many other things that we observe daily, common and odd ones. These are actually the outcomes of the perception of those people and even us. 
 A helpful idea.
What I want to highlight by the means of above examples is that,
  “Don’t just let your perception loose,”
 Slowly and steadily, you’ll soon become whatever you’ll perceive. Your thoughts, the books you read, the company you keep, the ideas you focus on, the feelings you develop, and the way you choose to see, observe and feel things is slowly designing your future, behavior and life. As our perceptions is so much powerful. It is better to be careful about whatever we perceive and be the gatekeeper of our mind. If you’ll control your perception, you’ll automatically develop the ability to control your thoughts, mind and master yourself, because ,
“perception is the root, where your thoughts start. First they form your mind and soon they’ll create you,”
Rest of it depends on the fact that how wisely you use it, and you are wise enough to know it.
Conclusion:  We are created by whatever we perceive. If we pay a little heed towards our perception, then our life will become more simple and beautiful. Unknowingly we create our own world by whatever we perceive. This world is just a reflection of our perception.
May God bless all!   🙂

Perception quote - Vishal Ostwal

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