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Every Quote Has Its Own Terms & Conditions!

The way people react towards various quotes and start debating about their meaning, makes me feel that every quote must be ended with an asterisk sign (*)  

People are smart enough to understand the meaning hidden inside these few simple effective lines called quotes, and yet they’re dumb enough to make useless attempts to prove the quotes wrong and give several logical reasons to prove their reasoning skills.

Old – “Nothing is impossible”
New – “Nothing is impossible*”

How’s the new format above?

A person made that quote. People read that quote and got divided into two categories.
– Those who did silly things and tried to prove the quote wrong.
And the other ones
– Who understood its meaning and inculcated it in their lives.
And when I think of the dead people who made quotes…and died!
They’re safe from the morons who would have tried to prove them wrong and from the meaningless debates.
Maybe the advantage of their being dead is that no one can even try to prove them wrong to them.

“Fools will find a reason to prove things wrong and geniuses will understand”

Quotes are tiny pieces of wisdom. Compact and quickly understandable. I love them (..and almost everyone does).
So, don’t be among those people who try to prove the quotes wrong.
Instead be in the other group of people who absorb the meaning and wisdom enclosed in them.


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Learn from quotes. Try to understand that why they were made and what their meaning is, instead of merely posing resistance to understand.
May God bless all!  🙂

Every quote has its own terms and conditions - Vishal Ostwal


Thanks Manisha! It feels great to have sincere readers like you who really enjoy my posts.

I m just a bit too impressed with ur writing..the subject of ur writing and the whole thing about is very thought provoking and easy to understand..keep it up:)

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