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Fear – something that holds us back


Fear is something which is murdering the freedom of people around us.

First of all, there is no one in this world who doesn’t fear anything. But some people are too much drowned in fear. Each day they dread death and think a thousand times before even doing simple things. Let’s try to understand this thing called fear.

Here I would like to mention a line from Shrimad Bhagwad Gita which I found most effective to explain fear,

“Fear is just an imagination of sorrows which one may face in future”

-Lord Krishna


Wow! So you see, how fear is defined in a single line so simply by God himself.

Positive side of fear

Fear isn’t necessarily useless. It reminds us to look within and re-check our decisions so that we don’t land ourselves into trouble.


• Fear keeps us secure from harm,

• It warns us of our limitations in some cases,

• It gives us a second opportunity to confirm our decisions,

but that  too doesn’t mean that you should always trust your fear.

Why do we fear?

Fear of people is valid in most cases. Even I’ve observed this in the lives of people around me.

But you must know that

• Fear arises when you do not do what you are meant to do,

• Fear arises when you have no knowledge about what you want to do,

• Fear arises when you live in an illusion,

• Fear arises when you don’t trust your feelings,

• Fear arises when you don’t want to be let down,

• Fear arises when you are not ready to fail,

• Fear arises when ‘you think’ that you aren’t strong or talented enough,

• Fear arises when you let yourself fear the ‘fear’.  

‘Find the hidden reason behind your fear and kill it’

There’s one golden solution to fear, and that solution is to be ready to accept every possible outcome of your deeds. No matter whatever it may be because, you’ll have to believe that, 
‘Whatever is meant to be,will be!’.

In my own words,

Fear arises due to lack in some or the other aspect of life whether it be resources, proper guidance, uncertainty, experience, etc.


“Fear dwells under the lack of knowledge and action.”


Fear quote - Vishal Ostwal

Consider these following examples:

(I love giving examples, since it makes it easier to understand things)

• A child fears dark.  Now observe that this this sentence has a deep thought hidden inside it. The truth is that a child probably doesn’t fear dark. He has indifferent kind of thoughts in his mind, like“What if a ghost is hidden inside there?”Or“Is there something that’s gonna eat me up?”
Have a look at few other examples,

• a businessman fears to take risks. Yes he does fear risks. But the truth hidden behind this fact is that he does not want to invest in a business where there’s no guaranteed profit.

• An adult fears death. But the truth hiding behind the name of fear is that – He fears that everything what he achieved,earned,won or wants, will be left behind.He already knew that the game had to end someday, yet he acts like an unaware fellow.

• A student fears to make a proper career or educational choice. This too is justified because he can’t leap into something without a proper knowledge of it. The result is fear because he doesn’t get a proper idea about what to do or because there’s nobody to tell him, what will benefit him. By the time he escapes his illusion, he’s already trapped in it.

• The most common fear is of facing public or the ‘stage fear’ which we all have witnessed.But in reality, it is the fear of ‘rejection’. It is the fear of being regarded as a fool. It is the fear of being not accepted. So you clearly see that this fear prevents people from expressing themselves, or it doesn’t permit them to be their best.

Fear quote - Vishal Ostwal


Don’t let the ghost of fear drive your way.

Damn your fear before it damns you.

Get ready for everything and fear nothing.

fear will seem to be just a word if you don’t let it ride on you. Find the reason behind it and solve your problems (it’s not at all difficult)

And tell yourself,

“There’s nothing I fear. Whatever will be, will be. I don’t let the thoughts of, ‘what will happen if…’ interfere in my thoughts of ‘what I want to’. I choose freedom of now and decide to move on, to do the best I can.”


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