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You can define me in three words when it comes to work.

  • Content Strategist
  • Writer
  • Marketer

That’s what I do.

I can help you to…

After working for more than 3+ years on the internet, I’ve learned that marketing isn’t just about spreading ideas or getting into the mailboxes of people.

It’s about being honest to your followers and serving them with your talents. It’s about walking into their shoes and discovering what they need the most so that you can create something to lessen their problems and struggles.

I create content strategies which do exactly this.

I can help you create content suitable for your ideal customer base and brainstorm the right ideas so that your hard work doesn’t go in vain.

Also, I can assist you to generate content that people care about – something that would not only act like a magnet to search engines but also win hearts.

I can help you get your work the value it deserves by suggesting tactics to promote it the right way. While you deal with all the work and hustle, I’ll guide you throughout the whole process and stand by your side.

Sounds right? Hope so.

Want me to write for you?

Sure. Writing is what I love the most.

I’ve got featured on blogs such as The Hufington Post, Quicksprout, Blog Tyrant, PickTheBrain, and some other credible places. I often write about content marketing, writing and blogging on LinkedIn, because I prefer keeping this blog is specific to personal development and self-help.

Here’s a quick list of articles and free resources to improve your marketing and writing efforts.

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Want me to help you with online marketing?

Not a big deal. Whether you’re a new author trying to establish an online presence, a small business owner facing problems with SEO, or just another blogger – I’m here to help.

I’ll design a custom tactic to increase your online presence and boost the social media engagement for your website.

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