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Life Is Enough

Have you heard anyone say, “Life is too short”?

Maybe you have seen someone saying it, and then started thinking over it. Then you did realize that, really, life is too short.Yes, sometimes it feels like the same. The vastness of this universe, and greatness of our world makes us wonder.

Life is not long enough to –

• Travel at all great places,
• Read all books,
• Watch all the masterpiece movies,
• Take all the adventures,
Eat every delicacy,
• Learn every art,
• Perceive all the knowledge,
Heal every soul,
• Understand every voice,

The list can go on. Also, even this life doesn’t seem enough to learn living. If given a chance, we won’t miss the privilege to live it again, repeat the childhood and avoid all the mistakes that we made in this one.But no matter how much imperfect and messed up, or content our lives may be, no matter what is the limit of our desires, no matter even if it seems short,

In the end, we’ll have to accept that, “life is enough.”

Yes, this one, which we are living right now. The one which will never repeat itself ever. The one which will perish with all its flaws and goodness. The one which is enough, because one can never have it enough.

Life is ever progressing, and so are the people, technology and desires.

• Each day, so many new gadgets are born,

• So many books are launched, and so many movies are released,
• Market is filled up with things unimagined (Which will continue)

Some things will keep moving, and never cease. But our life isn’t among them. It has got brakes, which too aren’t much in our control. Death’s what makes it enough! (I won’t say that’s)

Whatever you decide to do, the limit of life makes it interesting with the deadlines that it has got. It is also why some of our decisions are called risks, and why we fear to start something new. Who would like to waste life, even if it passes anyway?

         Ah! the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows, the successes and failures, the conflicts and peace, the good and evil, and then the confusions, thoughts, smiles, actions, regrets, feelings and all. So many things in a single thing called ‘Life’.

 So why isn’t it enough, simply the way it is? Actually, it is enough. It is our wants, lust, yearning for more, or the innocent human inside us who doesn’t want to understand, that makes our life seem short or less. Just accept it that ‘Life is enough’, because it will never be enough.


‘Life is enough’, because it will never be enough. The limits of life are what make it great. Yes it seems less, yet ‘Life is enough’ [click to tweet].
What do you think? Is it enough or less. I’d be glad to know your views in comments

May God bless all! 🙂

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