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You Can Live an Ordinary Life and Still Be Happy

Ordinary Life

“Browse the internet for too long, and you’ll want to jump off a building. You may feel like the most worthless thing on earth.”

I see articles popping-up in my news feed.

The self-help guys want me to dream big and be more.

They think my life “should be better.” So maybe, they think it sucks the way it is. I have an imperfect, ordinary life. Nothing significant or special. But I don’t see a problem with that.

I’m alright.

They say my work is mediocre, and there’s one who says “You Won’t Believe How an 18 Year Old Entrepreneur Purchased a Black Lamborghini.”

Should I care?

I’m not sure.

All this advice is flawed, and we all know it

There’s a problem with the motivational gurus and so-called life coaches.

They kick you hard, push you into a ditch, and then pretend to lend you a helping hand. “Hey, buy my $129 course and you’ll be fine.”

Tricks and lies. I’m not buying that. I choose to get myself together, cry, and move on. I prefer dancing to my own music.

I choose to be more human

I don’t want a ‘template’ of success and spend my life following it. I’d rather make my own mistakes, fall hard, cry out loud, get up, and own everything I do.

I don’t want instructions.

When I live up to my imagination and expectations, it’s exhilarating. It’s beautiful. It’s adventurous. It’s awakening. And I only feel alive when I’m living this way.

Any other way is not mine.

When I don’t do that, I feel like someone else is holding the pencil I want to write my life story with.

Here are some simple reminders to tell you that an ordinary life could be a good life

  • You aren’t lost if you lack a dream or passion. Eventually, you’ll be wiser and everything will fall in place.
  • You’re not a failure if you’ve seen lesser countries than your neighbor. That’s not a criterion for happiness.
  • You don’t need a car with scissor doors to have a self-esteem. Your belief in yourself in more than enough.
  • You aren’t supposed to feels like a loser because you failed. Your life consists of a mix of tiny wins and accomplishments.

You’re darn powerful.

You don’t need to google search your life problems, read this blog or any book, or buy a course to make your life your best life.

The thing is, you’re already fine. Doesn’t matter whether you’re having a great life. As long as you’re honest to yourself and working hard, you’re the best.

We’re all messed up

And we’re all capable of fixing our existence.

We all pretend to have ‘okay’ lives and cover our struggles. Perhaps, we don’t want to reveal our vulnerable side.

The next time you feel incomplete, unsuccessful, insecure, or vulnerable, then just remember that you’re normal, like everyone else on earth.

Go, be your best.

Dance to your own music, and listen to others, but don’t them tell you that your life is worthless. Remember, an ordinary life can be a good life.


Sahar says:

Love this artical, we have information at our finger tips, telling us that we should want more, strive for more, come up with an idea to create business etc other wise somehow we will regret when we are older. All this is fine if what you come up with is your own doing and idea but that’s the thing with all the information we take in, it’s hard to tell at times what comes from us and what comes from others. Self help gurus eradicate one problem but leave you with another. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to alot of their videos it’s sound advice but we must also at the same time be careful and remain true to ourself.

Hey Sahar, that’s spot on!

It’s really essential to preserve a sense of individualism when the influence of the external world deludes you. Otherwise, it sucks you in its vanity like quicksand. So you need to know when you’re willing to draw some lines.

All the best.

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