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10 Meaningful Things You Can Give (That Don’t Cost a Buck)

Things You Can Give for Free

“I thought I couldn’t give unless I had a ton of money in my bank account. This made me overlook the most meaningful things.”


15 Obvious Reasons Why You’re Unsatisfied With Life

Unsatisfied With Life

“What do you do when life loses its ability to charm you and you fail to understand what’s wrong?”


9 Important Things You Should Not Ignore in Life

What You Should Not Ignore in Life

“I can’t focus on every bit of life. It’s not a math equation (I’m not great at math, anyway). But I know what I shouldn’t ignore.”


How to Fix Your Life Forever

Fix Your Life

“The question remains, why do you think you can’t fix your life? Perhaps, you haven’t realized your strength.”


Why You Should Stop Planning Your Life (and Embrace Uncertainty)

Why You Should Stop Planning Life

“When I remain too careful, I feel my life starts losing its meaning. I’d rather watch, smile and let life have its way.”


Can You Be Happy Without Success?

Can you be happy without success

“I’ve been asking myself a question: Do I have the right to laugh if I fall short of my expectations?”