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Why You Should Decide Priorities in Life

Priorities in life

Priority – it’s a significant word.

It means that a certain work which is ought to be done prior to the rest because it’s important. Because it’s capable of bringing a change in your life.

Why do we need to have priorities?

We are humans, the mortal beings. We get one life in which we dream and try to do every possible thing we can do. We try to make the most out of this beautiful thing called life. However, another truth is that we cannot randomly do everything we want.

If we start engaging ourselves in every activity that comes on our way, we’re likely to get confused, and perhaps even disappointed.

Our state will become much like a monkey left free in a forest which has all kinds of fruits in this world. Now it isn’t much difficult to imagine the state of that monkey.

It will try to eat every possible fruit that attracts it, and will jump from one tree to another in haste, without realizing that its stomach too has some limitations of its own.

We too have our own limitations. We’re bound by the limits of time, resources, and our capabilities.

Life is too short to watch all the movies, read all the novels, visit all wonderful places, and to do all that we dream.

We cannot accomplish everything we desire at once. Even if we manage to do, the outcome is likely to be a failure. Because then we’ll have messed up up with our focus and dedication.

Multitasking is another trending buzzword nowadays. Its not that multitasking is bad, it can be helpful, however it should follow a specific order of doing things too.

Anyone can get distracted by the thousands of things that attract him, but the point is not in trying to do all those things but rather focusing on one thing at a time instead.

Real life application

You may be aware of the proverb ‘Jack of all and master of none.’

I had a big disagreement with this. Whenever I read this, my immediate reaction was like,”Why should I stay stuck to a single thing when I can do everything.”

Later, as I closely observed how I performed when I used different methods, I realized that I was wrong. Things don’t turn out the way we think. When we try to do multiple things at once, they get worse and complicated. We get webbed inside our own decisions. It is wise to keep ourselves engaged in a single activity at a given time.

Here are some examples:

Let’s say that you want to become some kind of artist. So now what? You’ll have to make a choice.

You might plan to become a painter? Or a musician, since you’re a big music lover. Or maybe a dancer. Oh wait…how about being a writer?

You are naturally attracted towards every possible option. But that doesn’t mean that you can do all these things at once.

I hope you understand.

When we try to decide our priorities, we behave much like a child, who when asked upon that what he wants to become after growing up gets baffled.

Every now and then the child comes up with a new answer. “I’ll be an Engineer,” he says one day. “Mom, I wish to be a doctor,” he says some days later. In the course of time he also comes up with some new ideas of being a soldier, pilot, or a mechanic. He’s always confused until he finally grows up and decides the single thing he’s good at.

We all are similar in that case. It’s always hard for us to act on something until we come up with a reliable decision.

How you can live a life based on priorities

Here’s a good news. You’re already living a life based on priorities.

  • When 2-3 of your favorite movies are on TV, you simple switch to the one which you like the most.
  • When you’re online, and so are many of your contacts.You simply decide to chat with the ones whom you care about.
  • Even if you’ve got many books on your bookshelf, you prefer reading the one that you feel must be good or is either suggested to you by someone.
  • When your to-do list is full of tasks, you decide to do the important ones first.

These are just simple examples which show that how we decide our priorities in life.

When doing a task, you’re always being selective, even when you do it subconsciously. What you need to do is just pay attention to your needs, separate the essential from optional, and then act accordingly.

Deciding priorities is a simple thing which might not seem of much value, yet brings a lasting change in life if you practice it.

ConclusionDistraction Priority quote by Vishal Ostwal

Know your priorities and act accordingly. Care for what matters the most, everything else can wait.

Set priorities in every aspect of your life rather than heading in unspecific directions and trying to do everything.

Why make life complicated when you can focus only on what really matters?

What You Must Know About Starting out as a Dreamer

Starting Out as a Dreamer


The world is crowded with dreamers, and if you claim to be one, then you’re simply making the place even more crowded.

The truth is – your being a dreamer doesn’t matter.

If you’re wondering why I said what I just said, then read on.

Dreaming has become mainstream. Everyone loves to talk about changing the world due to the attractiveness of the phrase. People have begun to think that they can only succeed if they’re dreamers and there’s no other way to do so.

You’re asked to aim for the sky, and you plan to do so. You’re asked to influence thousands of people with what you do, and you plan to do that too, even without having an idea of how you’re going to do it.

But who gives a damn to how?

After all, you’re a dreamer (or perhaps superman), and hence you can do everything. Over. That’s the only clarification you need. No doubts to be entertained further. Right?

In case you’ve also began to wonder whether I’m a dreamer, then let me tell you that I proudly accept being one. If you were to whisper in my ear in the midnight to ask me whether I’m a dreamer, then I’d jump out of my bed, throw my hands in the air, and shout at the top of my voice “Yes I’m a dreamer.”

I like being a dreamer.

When I say that I’m a dreamer, I feel a kind of mutual relation with Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, and Stephen Hawking, which makes the concept of dreaming even cooler.

Why wouldn’t anyone like to be a dreamer?

I don’t have a reason to not be one. As dreamers, we choose to not be ordinary, unlike others who might decide to settle.

Dreaming allows us to feel like we can own everything when we have nothing. It saves the optimist within us, and keeps us hoping even at our worst.

Your being a dreamer doesn’t matter

Dreaming is alluring but it has its own boundaries. Dreaming can keep you hopeful, it might make you imagine beyond the horizons, but there comes a time when you realize that dreaming isn’t enough and it takes something more than dreaming to ascend.

This is when you find out that your being a dreamer doesn’t matter until you start working on your dreams.

Your dreams push you, they refuse to let you sit still, your fantasies keep pinching you until you decide to turn them into a reality. That’s when your dreams transpire into the real world and become a reality themselves. When they’re acted upon.

The desire of doing something is severe. Once it enters your heart and mind, you’re ruled by it. It makes you restless.

Because of the joy of doing, you stop caring about failures, judgments of people or any other obstruction, and selflessly surrender yourself to one thing that matters to you the most – your dream.

 What matters more than dreaming

I believe in the strength of dreams and dreamers. Dreams make ordinary people perform wonders, whereas dreamers inspire others with their deeds by performing the role of trailblazers.

I wish that most people were dreamers in this world.

A world of dreamers will definitely better than the one which is filled with hearts that fear, minds that follow, and hands that are tied.

The old rites will veer only when people will be filled with courage that would inspire them to dream.

"We need more dreamers. Becuse the practical humans can only think what's obvious."

We need more dreamers. Because the practical humans can only think what’s obvious.

The world is full of people, from which a few dare to bend the rules and become dreamers. These people challenge what already exists. They’re the rebels who inspire others.

Out of those dreamers, quite rare ones will take their dreams seriously or think over their intentions. In reality, actions follow intentions.

Sadly, from those intentional dreamers, only few will take the step of working on their dreams. These dreamers will have the fulfillment of doing.

A scarce amount from the remaining dreamers who dare to start keep hustling even when others quit. They become the leaders, because they persist and last.

From those leaders, a few decide to never quit and keep holding on to their dreams till their last breathe. They become the ones who change the world.

You current state says a lot about you. Be among those who strive to change the world. That’s what your chances of success rely on. Surrender yourself to what you love doing and keep going.

Everyone has a dream, but only the real dreamers shall take the responsibility of turning them into a reality.

One thing which matters the most – starting

Most dreams won’t ever come true because they won’t ever be started, and yours might be among them. It’s a truth, no matter how offensive or disappointing.

Not every human has the guts to overcome self-doubt and start without giving a damn to what world might think of him. If success of dreamers was so easy, then everyone would’ve been one.

Most people love to call themselves dreamers and romanticize their successes. But as soon as the part of doing comes in, these fantasizers get thrown out. Facing the reality seems tough to them, because they find some unexpected truths about hard work, learning, and persisting.

At once their illusions break. They give up the idea of trying and never attempt starting due to some or the other reason. Perhaps they’re happy being the escapists, pretending to be dreamers, and completely give themselves into the habit of lying to themselves.

I emphasize on starting in most of my posts, hoping that one day a sincere dreamer might get touched by my words and decide to work on his dreams. This post is one of those attempts.

No matter how many times I shout out through my posts, some people won’t ever start. People feel quite awkward when they hear me talking excitedly about what it feels like to do what you love.

Most of the time it’s a bit odd. They react like I’m an alien who has just returned back from a wonderland and describing how it feels to be there.

I want them to feel the joy of starting and discover what they love, because what lies beyond starting a dream is beautiful.

Yes I sometimes behave like I’ve returned from a wonderland, but it’s because I’ve known each feeling and emotion that’s capable of making us do miracles.

Sometimes, I feel like a child who has found a treasure gold and keeps shouting with the hope of being listened.

“Hey look! It’s a whole pot of gold here,” I say, and people plainly ignore my words regardless of the truth that I speak. And to whom does it cause a loss?

In short, the world of dreaming is divided into two parts:

  1.  Where dreams take birth.
  2.  Where dreams happen.

Most people get stuck in the first part, and never make it to the latter.

Here’s a great truth I’ve learned – If you somehow manage to enter the second part, you’ll be already ahead of most of the people. Don’t believe me? Try doing it.

Some people won’t ever start

Certain people don’t start any sooner because they barely know what their dream or passion is. It’s alright and I won’t blame them for their confused state.

Confused Dreamers

But the people who are exactly sure about where they want to be but don’t even move an inch to get there, are surely creating a reason to regret for themselves.

In their world, there’s nothing more than dreaming.

Such dreamers know where they want to be, but don’t try to learn how. They want to achieve, but clearly refuse to put in the required effort. They wish to get where they want to be, but decide to stay where they are.

Don’t be among those who belittle their own dreams by never acting upon them. You’re supposed to start somewhere, anyhow, so that you can have the privilege of cutting-off the gap between your dreams and actuality.

You won’t be talking or thinking about your dream anymore. You’ll be actually working on it.

But there are some reasons why numerous dreams wither and die even before seeing the light of the day.

Here’s what prevents dreamers from starting

Dreamers fail when they don’t start, they fail when they start but don’t continue, and dreamers fail the moment they stop.

This stopping is rarely intentional. No one likes to stop.

People go into the pause-state against their will. The circumstances and some other reasons push them into the dark corners, where they stay motionless and hardly come out from there to act on their dreams. They simply get used to staying there.

But stopping is rarely due to external influences, and has more to do with the inner feelings.

A few causes that prevent people from starting are stated below

Fear flows in the blood of dreamers. It haunts everyone who starts, and it arouses anxiety. The courageous ones dare to carry on in spite of fear, while others keep waiting for their fear to disappear before starting.

If you wish to succeed, you cannot afford to stay still. You need to keep moving anyhow, even when you’re scared.

Doubts will keep whispering in your ears to remind you of your weaknesses. Doubts will always make you feel vulnerable and insecure. To cure doubts, find out the weaknesses within you and work on improving them, as the seeds of doubts are sown by the inabilities within.

If it doesn’t work this way, ignore your doubts and keep moving anyway. The desire for perfection is what most people chase and use as an excuse to not start.

They wait to achieve a certain level of mastery just to make a perfect start but often forget that actions don’t follow perfection, and that it’s the other way around.

Waiting for the right time is another severe illusion among dreamers. It’s merely an idea that suggests to keep waiting for right circumstances, perfection, proper emotional state, and god knows what else until you finally find yourself in a proper state of starting.

If you’re among those who keep waiting for the right time, then chances are that you’ll keep waiting.

Beginning early matters

Leonardo da Vinci apprenticed Verrocchio when he was 14. Warren Buffet purchased his first stock at the age of 11. Mozart began playing in public when he was just 6 years old. Michael Jackson led Jackson 5 when he was 5, unlike us who were chanting twinkle-twinkle at that age.

I’m not trying to overwhelm you by saying that you’re late, but reminding you that the time is slipping rapidly and you need to make a decision quickly. To decide whether you’re on the side of turning dreams into a reality or not.

You can wait until you feel the need of a walking stick or delay until your hairs turn grey, but that won’t be a fair idea. People use the words “it’s never too late” just to keep the late-bloomers hopeful so that they might at least do now what they should have done earlier.

I want to tell you something – it’s already late, and it’s getting late. Before life gives you regrets for not acting any sooner, better choose hustling.

When you start soon, you fail more, you make mistakes, and have your own experiences. You learn more and gather wisdom, you do more and advance towards perfection, and you gain early what requires people to spend their whole lives.

If you’ve already taken your first step, congratulations! If you haven’t, you know what you’re supposed to do. Start.


The whole life stands before as an opportunity itself. Do you see it?

How you divide the years that are yet to come and what you do in those years becomes a determining factor of happiness. Get rid of the default mind-set which only shows you the practical side and keeps murmuring to you the reasons of failures.

Even if you might fall flat on your face, trying is always worth it. Because if you won’t, you’ll become a loser who never had the courage of crossing the start line, and perished there itself.


Work on your dreams before you get reasons that prevent you from doing it in future. You present is like an opportunity standing before you wearing a mask. If you fail to recognize it before it goes away, you lose it forever.

Even the tiniest step you take counts. Slightest feeling of self-trust matters.

The seeds of dreams are to be drenched with sweat, sheltered from the storms of the world, and supplied with the rays of pure hope, or else they die.

Don’t just be a dreamer, but  also do what dreamers are supposed to do.

What is it that stops you? How do you wish to turn your dreams into a reality? I would love to hear back from you. Leave a comment below.

5 Ways to Forgive Yourself and Release the Past

What do you do when your expectations fall short, your faith is torn apart, and everything stands against you?

This is what happened to me a few years ago. It didn’t take place within an instant. Instead it happened to me gradually, each day, slowly. The circumstances had changed me obviously. But the hurtful outlook that I developed during those days wasn’t obvious.

I witnessed my weaknesses and failures molding me into someone who I wasn’t. But I realized this only after all those feelings had planted their seeds within me and turned me into a person for whom trusting himself became the harshest task. I felt like a feeble aspirant after those ups and downs.

After so many years, I have cured myself by maturing my control over emotions. But one thing which I can honestly admit is that the unforgiving attitude which I had developed was one of the greatest mistakes I made. It was an obstacle which prevented me from growing.

The criticisms of others, self-abasement for not being up to my expectations, the desire of becoming perfect, and the inability that prospered within me knocked me each day and lowered me in my own eyes.

My self-doubts turned into beliefs by forcing me to think that I was the only person who should be blamed for everything wrong in my life, and should be punished as well.

I filled my heart with guilt and blamed myself for everything that went wrong, even if it made my life a suffocation. I allowed my failures to slap me each day and cursed myself for them. I even started seeing my successes as undeserved accomplishments.

This attitude made me hate myself. I thought that perhaps punishing myself for not being good enough was the only manner I could improve.

But the sad part was that I did all these wrong things just to get a right result. Ironic, isn’t it?

The straight truth behind my wrong behavior was: I shunned myself when I needed myself the most.

I did the wrong things in the name of improving myself. But everything changed the moment I realized my fault.

I looked at the smiling faces of the imperfect people around me and wondered about what made them so happy. They weren’t the best. They didn’t fit into the standards of the world. Their life wasn’t even close to nice. Yet, they smiled proudly as if they owned the world.

This scenario instantly triggered my thoughts and showed me that I just needed to let go and move on. Because the only thing that made my life miserable was my self-critical behavior that was still making me live in my past and preventing me from taking a grip of my future.

I could’ve improved my situation earlier by forgiving myself instead of treating myself like a sinner. My mistake was made out of choice.

Don’t we sometimes push ourselves too hard without understanding the depth of matter? I had done the same.

We unintentionally get trapped in false beliefs while making attempts towards improvement. We start feeding the negativity standing against us, which prevents our old scars from healing by scratching them.

The only option to end all this is – forgiving ourselves.

Forgiveness is a slow process which might take some time before it shows its changes.

But there’s a proper manner of doing it which I’ve found. You can use these ways to wash-off your past mistakes, forgive yourself, and learn to live again.

1. Stop pretending

In my quest to becoming a better person, I got into the habit of pretending. I lied to myself and tried to protect my false beliefs. Perhaps it was because my flaws made me insecure and I couldn’t face the truth.

I tried to convince myself that I was perfect when I wasn’t. I tried to believe that I was a right when I knew I was incorrect.

But I stopped coating the actuality with lies when I recognized that I was just pretending to gain some sort of self-belief.

The false beliefs that stand on lies don’t last. Admit your mistakes, stop lying, and then ascend with a new hope. The lies have the power to reveal themselves again in near future and make you vulnerable. Being real is the only way to stop pretending.

2. Accept yourself

We work on refining ourselves as if we’re starting our life again, and totally ignore the fact that we were someone else in the past.

We don’t always like to accept what we were in the past as it reminds us of our inadequacies. But can we expect to grow by leaving behind ourselves?

Accept the loser within yourself before you decide to be a winner. Accept your past before you build your future.

Accept each and every bit of yourself and feel proud about being you. Leave no trace of guilt or self-doubt within and stop hiding the identity of past from yourself.

3. Don’t let your past define you

It becomes hard to repair life when everything goes wrong. Each action of ours seems anew when we decide to begin again. That’s when the self-doubt strikes us.

It chooses all the faults from our past and keeps them against us to remind us of our weaknesses. Our progress decays once we start struggling with the past.

Face your past and focus on creating a better future. Trust your potential, do all the worthy things that can benefit you, and have faith in your intentions.

The past might still have a grip over your present, but the only way to get rid of it is to work on improving present circumstances for creating the kind of future which won’t be a slave of the past.

4. Save your inner child

We grow up, gain wisdom, and start chasing higher things, yet the child within us never dies.

Our inner child inspires us to dream. He doesn’t care about the world or logic when he searches joy. The child stays within us as an inseparable part of us. As we grow up, the existence of this child fades in the midst of sorrows and hardships, and soon he is forgotten.

The child within us proves our innocence by guiding us towards righteous motives and goals. He isn’t involved in your lies, but is always ready to forgive you. Don’t leave behind this part of yours or doubt its presence. It’s always there.

Save the child that stays within you and trust him. He’ll be the first one to forgive you.

5. Pick up your broken pieces

What do you think happens when our dreams break, we fail, or refuse to accept ourselves? A lot.

Our trust is shaken, our expectations bend, and we’re left in state where fear accompanies our every action. This state makes us incapable of finishing our responsibilities and then slowly plagues our thoughts by dragging us into the habit of feeling guilty again.

Our confidence is shattered at once and wrecked to pieces. This causes an irreparable loss and makes forgiving ourselves even harder. But it can be prevented by forgiveness itself. The tiny actions of forgiveness inspire us to do it often.

We are ought to stand with ourselves and not against us. That’s how we may be able to forgive ourselves and start again with new hopes.

Forgive yourself

Know what? There are regrets hidden behind experiences.

This is my confession. You aren’t supposed to make the same mistakes over or wait for the right time to forgive yourself. Start doing it today.

A punitive approach can’t serve any positive change. Or at least, it didn’t in my case.

Forgiving myself, releasing the past, and moving on again is the only proper way I’ve learned to build the foundation of future. It’s works perfectly.

We cannot build a future without facing our past and forgiving ourselves.

What habits do you think are helpful in dealing with the past and making a new beginning? Leave a comment below.

This Is Why Sufferers Are Better at Inspiring Others

Sufferers are Better at Inspiring Others

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” – Khalil Gibran

There’s one thing common among all the heroes and victors – it’s that they all were once sufferers who led miserable lives and experienced bitter pains of life.

I’m not talking about all the successful people who have their bank accounts full of cash, showcases overflowing with trophies and medals, or the ones who have extraordinary life which is hardly imaginable to the ordinary people.

Instead, I’m talking about the people who inspire us to rise, who make us realize that we shouldn’t be ashamed to reveal our hardest struggles, and who teach us the manner of living life by actually doing it.

I’m talking about the heroes who had once slept with empty stomachs, tasted failures, witnessed their dreams breaking into pieces, and yet kept alive the unbreakable will of going on.

They had faith in their passions when there wasn’t a trace of success and when they were the most vulnerable.

Their struggles, instead of making them weak, gave them the strength to overcome them. This not only made them successful, but also turned them into someone whom others look upon as an inspiration.

They were darned to hell, but they survived

Sufferers have always inspired me more than the ordinary winners. To me, sufferers are much like superheroes.

They’re damned, they’re broken, they’re laughed at, and they’re abandoned by the world…only until they rise and show the world who they are and make it fall at their feet.

Isn’t it astonishing to see how these people had once started their journeys with nothing but later became the indomitable winners?

Your sufferings are your strength

Look at yourself. Recall the struggles that you had faced a few years ago. Is there anything bad what you could recall? For instance, the times when you thought that your life was the most miserable, or when everything happened totally against your expectations and almost tore you apart.

How does it feel about them now? Not that bad, right?

Life has it’s own ways of fixing itself and healing us.

What you once shunned, made you stronger and turned you into what you are today. The greatest sense of accomplishment gained from your struggles is knowing that you survived them. The reasons that were once enough to lower your head due to shame are now a sign of your strength.

When hard times become inevitable, there’s only one thing you should do – hold on.

Everyone goes through hard times. None of us is blessed with all that is necessary for a happy living. We’ve had our own times when we dealt with the struggles that no one knew about, shredded tears in isolation, and tried to heal our own heartbreaks.

Perhaps, I may not tell you my stories, you might conceal yours in your heart as well. However, we’re still aware of the pains which exist in our lives. Everyone has a story to hide.

We all know that bad times aren’t meant to last forever. Yet how tough it is to actually keep your hope alive when all the odds stand against you to shoot you down. What I can guess is that you might be having some reasons to sigh even now and some reasons to suffer too.

But there’s one thing I can assure you – your struggles will become a sign of your strength, and leave you stronger than who you were when you had encountered them.

Stay hopeful while you go through tough times, because hope is what will guide you towards the light at the end of the dark tunnel of hardships until you reach your awaited dreams. And hope is what will keep inspiring you to do your best even after that.

So if you’re stuck in a situation which appears inescapable then hold on. Don’t give up and keep believing in the strength of your desire to rise. Know that you deserve everything that’s worth achieving in this world.

Have faith that your good time is about to come and keep hustling to change your hell into heaven.

Why sufferers are inspiring

As humans, we need someone to guide us, lead us towards a better life, and show us that we capable of doing what we wish to do. Who would be better in doing it than the ones who are aware of our circumstances as much as we are, and have been through the same?

There are people in this world who might keep preaching all the philosophies they’re aware of with an intention to help you.

Some might blame you for your current situation saying that you are the one who is responsible for it and you shouldn’t act like a victim. Whatever be their way of rescuing you, it is less acceptable to trust that their help would work for you.

Even if these people are right, it’s hard to trust them because they’ve never been in your shoes, they’ve never known your struggles, and for some reason, you know that their ideas just won’t work for you.

That’s when the sufferers come into action. They show you their old footprints instead of walking away after handing over a map to you to follow in your dark times.

They’ve got their hands dirty by dealing with all the adversities, they’ve had the courage to taste the mud after falling and have rose again, they don’t just order you to act in a specific way but also tell you the stories from their lives and show that you too can rise for yourself just the way they did.

When you look upon the sufferers who have succeeded, you can see your reflection in them, because the difficulties of their past remind you of your present, and their present successes give you the necessary optimism for your future.

These people are the humblest because they’ve known that how much crucial a few helping hands can be when everything around you seems so hopeless.

They never want you to suffer the way they did, so they try to support you with all their might, and that’s what makes them so exceptional.

Take these success stories of two people for instance, and decide which one inspires you more. One of them had been a sufferer, and another one’s a rich dad’s boy.

Here’s the first one,

“Ever since my childhood, I had all the opportunities at my feet since my dad was one of the most renowned people in our town. Having access to everything that I needed made it even much easier for me to reach where I am today. I started my separate business while I was working on our old one, and managed to make them both successful. Even though I was unsure about success, it wasn’t a difficult task due to the capital that we already had and the great team which is highly dedicated towards what it does. Life has always been wonderful to me, and I’m grateful for everything that I’ve ever had.”

Great, isn’t it? Now here’s the second one.

“Life has been a bit hard, since I had to struggle hard for almost everything. But my struggles didn’t stop me from working on my dreams. I had to drop out of my college, as it wasn’t possible for me to pay the fees and feed my family at the same time. I might have been a doctor today, but I have no regrets and feel proud that I made the decision of starting a small business. My business slowly prospered with the blessings of god, and brought me where I am today. I’m glad that my son didn’t had to go through the same. Regardless of everything, I can proudly say that life is wonderful.”

Though both of the success-stories are fictional (like most of the nice things in this world are), and though it may seem like I’ve been partial towards the second one by making it slightly dramatic, there’s one thing you need to know – these success-stories are of a son and a father.

The first one shows the amazing life of the son of a billionaire, who hadn’t suffered much, and is successful. Whereas in the second one, are the words of wise man who had struggled his whole life to earn what he had, and to reach where he was.

Both people are successful, and life of both is inspiring too, but the second case makes us feel like the father deserved what he had, since he had paid a price for it.

That’s how sufferers inspire you. By revealing their scars, telling you the tragic stories from their past, and finally by showing you that how they escaped their misery, leaving behind everything that once tried to stop them.

Do this while you go through sufferings

Sometimes you claim to be the happiest person alive, wear a fake smile on your face, and pretend like everything’s alright when you are actually trying to mend some broken parts of your life.

I know how bad it feels when you’re ashamed to admit that you’re weak, and even worse it feels when you start being a helpless victim of life who has lot to cry about. People start looking upon your dependencies as excuses and they blame you for your situation instead of providing a solution. But you still need to carry on with life in the midst of this whole drama.

  • Have the willpower of losing yourself, and keep working.
  • Be resistant to criticism of the people who don’t realize your value just because you’ve not reached your destiny yet.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others and make attempts to be stay happy, no matter how much circumstances try to break you.
  • Live with a head held high, there’s no need to feel inferior to anyone. Your sufferings don’t have the right to steal from you the joy of living.
  • Take a stand for yourself and do things that improve your life. If you think that you’re suffering due to lack of resources, then here’s a solution.
  • Set some priorities in life, and live by them. Use them as guidelines to be followed by you to earn a life worth living.
  • Don’t ever forget that you’re born with a right to inspire. While you’re contributing towards creating a better tomorrow for yourself, don’t forget to help those who are suffering.

If you’re a sufferer then just know that one day your stories will be worth telling. When you’ll be standing at the peak of your life and inspiring others with your words and deeds, you’ll be thankful in your heart for everything that was responsible in the formation of your character. Keep your faith alive and make your hope immortal.

There will be people who’ll laugh at you, there will be times when your life will seem worthless. Often you’ll feel like giving up and pity yourself.

If you find it happening to you then know that it’s your turn to make it right. Don’t blame yourself for not being a perfect human. Forgive yourself, start somewhere, and try to make things alright. Here’s a reminder – you can make your life better and fix all that ever went wrong. If not, you can still appreciate life in spite of all its flaws.


Sufferers who escape their miseries with their unshakable determination, always inspire the masses.

If you’re dealing with some hardships in life, then have the courage to keep moving on. You’ll get everything that you’ve ever wanted in life, and you’ll even set an example for others. But before that, learn to be patient towards life and keep doing your bit until you make your successes happen.

There’s always something about starting from zero, struggling and surviving.

Do you agree that sufferers are better at inspiring than the ordinary people? What inspires you? Leave a comment.

7 Impeccable Ways You Can Use to Be Wiser Than You Are

7 Ways to Be Wiser Than You Are

“By three methods we learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second by imitation, which is easiest; and Third by experience, which is bitterest.” – Confucius

I wonder why isn’t life gifted to us with a brain full of knowledge and a heart full of wisdom. Each time I face a difficulty or get stuck, I wonder that why are we supposed to learn life the harder way.

Ever since my childhood, I’ve been trying to become a better human. I don’t fail to learn anything which I think might improve the quality of my life, even if at a small extent.

But yet, every time I realize that life doesn’t ever become perfect. Life is unpredictable, and you cannot ever guess its next move.

  • If you don’t do things the right way, all that you get are regrets.
  • If you don’t plan in advance, what you get are failures.
  • If you don’t act early, you’re left to suffer.
  • If you don’t learn the basics of life, you’re kept from learning anything further.

But who knew all this?

Then I was a child, unaware of all these secrets and surprises life had to reveal. When life is normal and suddenly something goes wrong, it feels like someone has stopped the music you were listening to, and punched you right on your face. Yes it’s heartbreaking when life leaves us to some unexpected turns.

I wish that there was someone for me from beginning of my life who would have taught me not only about the subjects of school, art, or etiquette, but also about this thing called life .

However, what I’ve realized is that, that wouldn’t have worked either. I’ve learned a simple truth – life is meant to be learned. You need to make your own mistakes, fail several times, and stand again. It’s the right way of how life works.

If you live a completely based on others’ terms, it’s their life, not yours. Simple.

Also, one thought always keeps poking my mind. It stays inside me and makes me insecure by reminding me about itself. It disappoints me and makes me think sometimes that life is indeed a tough thing.

That thought is – by the time I’ll have learned to live, the time of my death would arrive. Although, I don’t about it as much I used to think in the past.

But life is such. After all, we weren’t born with a plan or instruction manual for ourselves. We learn to live, find what makes us happy, live our passions, and do all this by discovering the rules by ourselves.

We all start this life as idiots who know nothing. Slowly we learn, grow, and somehow find our own ways of living. That’s what I call wisdom. The wisdom that changes us along with the changes that happen in our lives.

You shouldn’t completely rely on someone else for wisdom. Whether it is your coaches, favorite self-help books, relatives, friends or anyone else. They all can only teach you, but it is you who has to learn and live.

Don’t you ever wonder that, why some people are wise, whereas others are still feeling lost?

If you don’t choose to be wise, you’ll always have to depend on others. Where did Buddha or Socrates get wisdom from? To be true, you have to be wise by yourself. Others can help you by giving you clues, but it’s you who has to use that help to become independent.

There are no ‘Wisdom Pills’ which would make you wise instantly or ease your life. If you don’t take a stand for yourself, then all I can think of is that you’ll have your bookshelves full of books, and hard-disks full of podcasts, and yet you’ll find an uneasy nothingness within yourself.
Don’t get me wrong. Think of all the people who inspire you to have a better life. The ones who ask you to follow your dreams or who publish a series of books. Were they born wise? No.

One simple truth which I wish I could shout out to the whole world is that we learn wisdom only by discovering ourselves, which isn’t a tough job either.

Don’t you ever think that your wisdom should be perfect. It should just be enough to help you in leading a happy living. Who knows if you might become capable of teaching it too?

These are the 7 impeccable ways of gaining wisdom

1. Introspection

You may also call it self-awareness or reflection. The habit of introspecting at regular intervals can bring a clarity to your life. It will clear off all your doubts about your dreams, relationships, job, or anything else.

All you have to do is that, just sit in peace, and dare to question yourself about everything. I bet if your questions won’t be followed by answers.

Ask all your what’s and why’s, and discuss them with yourself. The answers you have been searching for outside, will be found within.

It might sound indifferent to you, but I used to lie on my bed, bury my head under my pillow, and then introspect. And guess what? It works. Always.

2. Listen to your feelings

Your feelings act like the road signs in your life. They show you the proper directions and make your life easier. All you have to do is just pay a little attention towards your feelings, and listen to what they say.

Your feelings aren’t inside you without a reason. They’ve got a purpose for being there. If you ever feel a voice speaking within you or your thoughts conflicting with each other, know that it’s your feelings which are trying to show you the right path.|

The best thing about feelings is that they don’t lie.

3. Do what works for you

There’s a lot of advice out there. Which one should you listen to?

The infinite voices around you might not help you, but they’re definitely capable of leaving you in a confused state. Before you decide to get another piece of advice, try to find know what works for you.

What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for the other. Try to find out what works for you in anything. This trick works universally in all aspects of life.

4. Observe

The whole world around you is a book of of wisdom. All the happy, depressed, wise, cruel, and other type of people stay here. This is the world which inspires artists to create art and philosophers to learn wisdom.

If you curiously observe everything around you, you’ll learn a lot. All the events occurring in your surroundings are live stories of something. Try to learn from them.

I learned chess by simply observing. I observe people to know more about them. I observe my own life to know what’s really going on in it.

Observation it another key to wisdom. You cannot deny its potential.

5. Learn from mistakes

Making mistakes isn’t really a big mistake, but not learning from them is.

Everyone around you makes mistakes but what separates the better people from the rest is that they learn from their mistakes.

Don’t only learn from your own mistakes but also learn from those of others, because life is too short to make all of them. If you find something wrong happening in your life, then chances are you might be doing something in a wrong way. Try to find the flaws in you and your work, and finish them to be a better yourself.

When people ask you to learn from mistakes, what they mean is that you don’t make the ones which you had made previously and improve what went wrong. These mistakes form the base of your experiences.

6. Embrace change

Get familiar with the changes that keep happening in your life. They’re never going to stop.
If you’ll run away from change, you’ll get closer to the negative side of everything and give yourself a big reason to be sad. Try to act a bit more courageously and adapt to the changes that are happening around you, this is the only proper way to survive happily.

We are made to change. Isn’t changing for betterment same as what we call progress? Accept the changes that make you better. There’s no point in resisting. Change your habits, change your work ethics, change your lifestyle – change yourself.

7. Never stop learning

It does not matter at what point you are in your life, there are always ways for making it even better.

You may be content with how your life is, but don’t prevent yourself from growing. Your life consists of several aspects in which you are intended to grow, and learning is the only way of doing it. With every tiny attempt that you make towards learning, you get closer to perfection.

Look back at your past and try to recall that how you used to be then? And look at what you are now. What was it that made you better? Obviously, it was your habit of learning.

How will you know whether you have become wiser than you were?

There are no standards for calculating wisdom, but you can tell whether you are wise by knowing yourself.

If you’re wise, you won’t feel lost. Your decisions might still be a little blurred, you may still doubt your dreams, but yet, you will be at peace. Because in your heart, you will know that everything will be alright since you’ll be wise enough to act for yourself and capable of making things better.

You will still read blogs and books, listen to podcasts, or attend conferences. But you will not do it because you’ll feel damned or depressed. Instead, you will do it out of your clear intentions of bettering yourself.

You will start believing in yourself, and become self-dependent.

What do you think makes us wise in life? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment.


How to Know the Best People in Life

Best People in Life

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

When I think of the crowd around me, I realize that my life is full of people. My friends, relatives, acquaintances, and many others have filled it up with their presence.

But sometimes I question myself, “Who does really matter?”

Its not that I’m saying that some people are worthless. They all are beautiful in their own ways, and their being is what brightens up our existence. Yes, they matter.

However, some people seem to add more value to your life. They not only brighten up your life, but also add sparkle to it. They are the ones who make your life worth living, and are meant to stay with you.

We need to admit that we are humans. We all are innocent children in some way, who crave to be loved, expect to be respected, desire to be valued, and wish to live happily.

And guess when all these things happen to be true? When we are with those people.

What we humans need

  • A few sincere hearts who would listen to us because they really care.

  • Someone who would judge us less and understand us more.

  • A few eyes, which would light up at a single glance of us.

  • Some folks which would be always ready to be there in every chapter of our story.

  • A few people who would trust and believe us more than the rumors of other.

  • A few faces which would remind us that, no matter what – life is still beautiful.

  • Some shoulders we can cry on without hesitation.

When we find such people, life seems to be nothing less than a blessing, because we come to know that we’ve got a big reason to stay happy.

Such people might be anyone among the people who you are with – your friends, cousins, or anyone among your people who is capable of making you smile.

I am not the kind of person who likes to hang around with his folks in groups, or who has a dozen of buddies. Instead I prefer to be with a few honest people who would always stay true to me.

But there’s one thing I’m sure about – it doesn’t matter whether you stay amidst a lot of people or just a few, but if they really mean something to you, you won’t ever let them go.

Your life without them

Have you ever been to a social gathering without your best people?

Well, if you have really done it then you surely might have experienced the kind of insecurity which you get without them. You unknowingly start to hide what you feel, and express less. Even if there are numerous people to be with, you might prefer to stay alone.

Even if you’re among the kind of extroverted people who instantly jump into a conversation of people and join them, yet you understand the value of your own friends. Nothing seems to be fun without them, does it?

And do you know what does this signify?

It shows that you are something less without them, and far better when with them.

You know that you can behave the way you like, or even act like a clown, and yet you will be loved by them. This is something really great about them.

They don’t want to change you unlike the whole world. Instead they accept you the way you are. They welcome your imperfections, allow you to be what you are, and to do what makes you happy. This is something priceless.

Their value in your life

What if the sun doesn’t shine anymore?

Okay, let’s avoid being philosophical here. You understand that how much valuable these people are and what they mean to you. Your most valuable asset, your life, is being spent with them. And if they can make your life great, their space in your story is unquestionable.

These people put more into your life, than what they might take away from you. They are meant to stay with you…forever.

But how would you know who are the best people in your life?

If your feelings answer from within, and make you feel good about someone, then it’s the first thing which initiates your search for the best people in your life.

Yet, these are some particular characteristics of these wonderful people.
  • They are always there for you. No matter what might be the circumstances, they will be present to catch you when you are about to fall.
  • They inspire you to be a better human with their own deeds and end up changing you. You cannot escape the miracles of their goodness.
  • They accept you the way you are and don’t make you feel worthless. They show you the better side of yourself and make you believe that you deserve everything in this world.
  • They are genuine and true to you, and would hardly give you a chance to doubt them. Being dishonest isn’t on their list.
  • They criticize you only to improve you. They don’t claim that you are flawless and know the proper way of getting you on the right track.
  • They try to be with you and would not miss a chance to do so. A few tiny quarrels or misunderstandings cannot drive them away.
  • They know you more than others. It makes it easier for them to help you and rescue you from your problems.
  • They teach you what they know, and share their wisdom and knowledge with you.
  • They always want you to rise and would make every possible effort to contribute to your successes.
  • They always want you to be happy and try to make it possible with the little things which they do for you.

After learning so much, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to recognize those people. And the reason why they are meant to be forever with you is that you cannot afford losing them ever.

One little thing which I want you to do

Know what? Nothing lasts forever.

Even if playing and giggling with your dear ones might seem ordinary to you, it is far more valuable than what you think. Try to know how much their smile means to you, and then make every attempt to keep it. But till then here’s a simple thing which I want you to do.

“Tell your people that how much they mean to you”

No excuses for this one. Do it even if it might seem a bit indifferent to you. I will bring a meaningful difference in your life, and will take away a kind of burden off your heart. It’s worth it.


Some people have the ability to change your life. Try to know who they are and make your best attempts to keep them. They are the ones who are meant to be with you. Forever.

How do you know the best people in your life? Share something with me maybe. Leave a comment.

5 Fears Which Don’t Let You Act on Your Dreams

Fears Which Don't Let You Act on Your Dreams
“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato

It has been a few years since I’ve started working on my dream of becoming a writer. But now when I look back at the point where I had started, I wonder how I had even managed to start.

I don’t live in the midst of successful people having cheerful faces, who have achieved what they had once dreamed of, or who would inspire me to do the same. Instead, I doubt whether such people really exist apart from the ones whom I have seen on the television screen or read about in some books. I don’t see more than a handful of them.

To me, sometimes it seems like dreaming is a sin.

Why? Because the world makes me think so, people make me feel the same, and my insecurities are enough to end it all.

But I manage to go on, somehow, because my heart doesn’t understand such practical things. What I’ve learned is that we can survive failures with more ease than the guilt of not working on our dreams.

What our heart wants

  • It wants us to trust our faith more than our critics.
  • It wants us to take a leap even if it knows that we may fall.
  • It wants me us to give a shot, regardless of how good or bad we are.
  • It wants us to overcome our limitations by trying our best.
  • It doesn’t want us to quit before trying.
  • It doesn’t want us to accept being losers without pursuing our dreams.

Above all, it wants us to do the work which makes us happy, not for someone else but for ourselves.

In my journey till now, I’ve realized that what matters the most are our efforts. Though the outcome is crucial too, our work gives us the biggest contentment.

It doesn’t matter whether you succeed or fail, no one will be able to deny one fact – you tried your best.

In that case, even failures look equal to successes, because whatever be the results, they are because of our sincere work.

However, even when you start working on your dreams, you know that you might not be able to succeed. Neither is there any assurance that people would bother to help you.

But one thing cannot be denied – whatever you do will still make you happy, and that’s what matters the most. You will find a plenty of people who are experiencing the joys of chasing their dreams.

However, you will also come across the tribe of people who think that their dreams or ideas won’t ever work. These people are the ones who have already found some practical reasons and excuses for not working on their dreams.

In other words, they’ve decided to not ever start, and have also decided to fail by default.

You will often see such people talking about where and what they want to be, and also why they aren’t being what they want to be. Some among these are the ones who are really great at what they want to do and even deserve the opportunity to make their dreams into a reality.

But they won’t be able to make it until they start. What’s the point in being able when you don’t use your ability?

You might be among them too, if you haven’t started yet.

There’s one major thing which prevents people from starting for years, sometimes for a  lifetime – it’s fear. Here’s a list of 5 most common fears which every dreamer has to deal with.

1. Fear of starting

If you’re thinking about giving your best, making your dreams a reality but feeling almost paralyzed at the same time, then you’re not alone.

Even if we feel that we’re different from the rest, we aren’t. All other dreamers face the same kind of anxiety which is enough to drive anyone crazy. The ones who overcome it start in spite of the obstacles they need to tackle. And the ones who allow it to overpower themselves are left behind.

Starting is also the scariest part because it demands our trust while we are ourselves unsure of what we’re doing. However, like every other successful and content human, we need to start somewhere. Everything follows it later, whether it’s growth, success, ideas or something else.

2. Fear of being imperfect

The moment I gathered my courage, held a pen, and tried to write something, a voice inside me yelled that what I do won’t be that good.

“There are already thousands like me sitting out there who are doing the same thing, and there’s no more space for a novice like me,” I could hear my inner-critic say. I could’ve stopped at that moment and gave up forever, but I tried to ignore my imperfections and wrote my first short story, The Wishful Stone.

If I would’ve given up at that moment then it would’ve also lost my faith. Today, if I could be thankful about the one thing which I did in that particular moment was not holding myself back and doing what I could.

We all start as imperfect fellows. Slowly these imperfect beings try, learn, and put in their best to get closer to perfection, and that’s what makes them great.

Although we think we aren’t perfect, we get a chance to get closer to perfection. Each day. Making attempts to become perfect instead of quitting and scaring yourself to hell by thinking that you are not ready yet.

3. Fear of failure

Not doing something because you think you might fail doesn’t make sense. Not even gods can assure you success if you aren’t willing to take charge for yourself. Both your failures and successes make you better by teaching you, so shouldn’t you even expect failures?

You can only control your efforts, which in some way also means controlling the results. How good it would be if you could always win. Though, that’s not possible.
The remedy?
Always be prepared to embrace both failures and successes. Take a step further, risk being a loser, and start anyway.

4. Fear of rejection

Fear of rejection is the enemy of expression.

Our minds are filled up with questions which need to be abandoned at some point, because if we don’t, they become our biggest obstacles.

“I’ll somehow manage to write a book, but what if nobody likes it?” was one of those questions which haunted me each day. This was only one among hundreds of other questions I had in my mind. I had developed an habit of hammering myself with my flaws during those days. In some way, starting was always harder. But what I’ve learned after that is once you overcome that mindset, right things start happening to you.

We don’t speak the words which we think, we don’t perform the tasks that feel like doing, and then regret about not being our actual selves.

Nothing can make you happy if you snatch from yourself your real identity for the sake of being liked by others. Try to be what you are, even if you doubt that you aren’t good enough. It’s better than doing nothing or being fake.

When you’re a dreamer, you also have to be a rebel and break some rules. This might even mean doing something against the conventions which the world has set for you, escaping your limitations and what you think is right even when your people you against you to prove yourself right.

You can all this only if you overcome your fear of rejection.

5. Fear of  the unseen

“What lies beyond this?” is the kind of question which will always be there. Your insecurity forces you to reflect on your actions and asks you to check whether you are going astray in spite of the fact that it doesn’t make any difference. We dreamers don’t really know what we’re doing sometimes.
The road that leads you towards your goals is always blurred, and it unfolds it’s mysteries as you keep progressing on it with your actions. Eventually, you discover the unknown and soon become familiar with that creepy feeling which tries stopping you, and also learn to deal with it.

Wait for the suspense to break. What lies beyond is marvelous. You won’t ever get to know about the unseen unless you try to discover it. Your destination is right out there, it has something for you, but you won’t ever know about it if you quit.

Fears of Dreamers - Life Infographic


No matter how much insecure or awkward you feel – start.

Even if you think you cannot do something – try.

If you think you should be doing it – do it.
If you need to know something else, your heart is always there to guide you.

Dreaming isn’t only about expressing your materialistic desires or discussing impractical ideas endlessly. It’s about starting small somewhere and doing what is hard enough to be imagined.

The dreams that make you restless won’t ever happen unless you start.

Do you have a dream? Would you mind sharing it in the comments? What is it that often stops you and what is it that inspires you to go on? Let me know in the comments.


How Thinking About Death Can Improve Your Life

 How Thinking About Death Can Improve Your Life
“I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive.” – Henry Miller

While you are looking at this screen and reading my words, I’d like to ask you a question.

Are you alive?

I am willing to know if you can answer me with a “yes.”

By using the word alive I’m not mentioning your physical existence but your whole life and every aspect of it. Wait and feel this breathe which you are taking in right now.

Recall some of the best experiences of your life when you felt like things were perfect and just couldn’t get better.

Does that make you smile? If not, recall something better. That was the time when you were alive. The time which was priceless.

Now focus on your current life. Is it the same or has something changed? I don’t whether you are as happier as you were then, but I guess that things might have changed a lot.

If you’re still as much happy as you used to be, then its a blessing. But if you aren’t, then there’s a reason behind it – life changes.

Life doesn’t always remain the same

Life changes unexpectedly. It’s unpredictable. You can’t even tell what might happen in the next moment.

In our lifetime, we face successes and failures, we feel joys and sorrows, sometimes we lose our loved ones or meet some new people, we go through financial barriers, and yet we manage to carry on somehow.

As they say – life goes on.

But I have a disagreement with that phrase. I don’t want life to just go on, instead I wish we could live every second of our lives. I also know that isn’t possible, but to some extent it can be done.

We’ve got this life to live, not just to exist and let it pass.

Sometimes I think we’re dead even if we claim to be alive. Our heart keeps beating just like the clock keeps ticking, without any difference. With every passing beat and tick, we lose life. We all pass our life pretty much like that.

Sometimes we aren’t really living

Everyone dies at some point in life. Not really though. But don’t our pains kill us by making our lives seem meaningless?

You die when you face the worst tragedies imaginable, when you have no control over what happens to you, or when when you’re forced to live in despair due to some painful incident. Yes you die when life seems to have no value of its own.

There comes a point when you feel like your being alive or dead doesn’t even make any difference. However, you still deserve to live with a head held high and can proudly wear a smile on your face.

After all, you don’t want to be wondering about how you had wasted the one life which you had got while lying on your deathbed. It might be your worst regret ever and you won’t even get a second chance to correct it.

You aren’t really living if

  • You are too busy judging people and don’t even make any minor attempts to understand them.
  • You don’t appreciate the small things in life and keep waiting for the heaven of your dreams.
  • You seek the wrong and unworthy things, and hardly recognize the worth of the ones which you’ve got.
  • You have got enough excuses for not doing things, and blames for the outcomes too.
  • You waste your time in proving yourself to others, even though it is useless.
  • You take criticism too seriously and ultimately lose your motivation for moving on further.
  • You don’t trust yourself and are easily shaken by the outer voices.
  • You quit before you dare to start and don’t take the leap of faith.
  • You don’t think that you’re born with a right to inspire, and keep yourself from bringing a change in others lives.
  • You keep waiting for your someday to arrive, and don’t even start.
  • You always underestimate your own identity, and keep waiting to be liked by others.
  • You hold yourself back due to lack of resources, and fail to take a stand for yourself or others.
  • You always keep comparing yourself to others, and then become stressed.
  • You don’t really define every term in your life, and look at things as they have already been defined by the world.
  • You don’t understand the value of  having values, and don’t have any principles of your own.
  • You don’t really have any priorities, and fail to hold on to what you value the most.

“What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?”
– George Eliot

Life is quite a big term itself. The above mentioned points signify just a tiny part of it.

But if you would ask me to summarize these in a short sentence, then it would be – do what makes you and others smile.

If both the cases contradict, use your wisdom to find a way out and do what is right. If you say that you’re alive, mean it. If that seems something difficult, try to do whatever you can to live happily.

Think about death

I’m not going to remind you that you are going to die. You already know that. Everyone dies.

Now tell me whether you want to be among those people who don’t realize the value of their life until death looks at them in the eye? Probably not.

We have a bad habit of taking our life for granted. We behave as if we are immortal.

You cannot really predict that which of your goodbyes will be the last, or what will be your last breakfast. At any moment death might strike you like a thunderstorm, and you still live as if you are unaware of this fact.

Think that it is now. The moment when you are going to die.You are unable to breathe, your heart is choking, you are losing control over your body, and want to escape this feeling somehow but you can’t.

You are thinking about everything that you will leave behind, your family, friends, money, hard work, respect, and much more.

You are thinking of your regrets, conflicts, relations, and some other things which you had made by yourself.

There are still some tasks which you feel are left undone. Still some words which are left unsaid. You want to tell some people words like “thank you” and “sorry.” You also want to clear some misunderstandings but you cannot do that.

Now while you are dying in this moment, you try to define your whole life within a few seconds which you have got, but can you? Maybe you’ll know the meaning and value of your life in that moment, but what’s the use of it now?

Yes you might die in peace, but wouldn’t it have been better if you had lived in peace?

You stay helpless like a loser, aware of the truth that everything’s gone now. You can’t move or say anything anymore. All you can do is to wait for the second of your departure.

You slowly experience some kind of blankness in your body, your eyelids get closer to each other and hiding what you can see, against your will, a drop of tear rushes out from the corner of you eye and then…silence. A full stop at the end of the whole journey of your life.


This was your life, which you get once, and which you lose once. The thing which was most valuable to you got snatched at once.

But guess what? You are lucky enough to be alive. You are able to read this, and still have a lot of time left to do your own thing and give your life a meaning. Come back to reality, doesn’t everything look anew after knowing what death might be like?

Now learn to live

Don’t be among those people who will try to find the meaning of their life at the last moment of their death. Instead make it meaningful from this moment. Turn your life where you want it to go, and put in it everything that makes it look beautiful to you.

Exploit every second and kill every moment. Give your life the value which it deserves by making everything the best for yourself.


The thought of death makes you realize the value of life. It makes you appreciate every breath which you have been bestowed with, and inspires you to make your life more meaningful.

Do you think that the thought of death can somewhat inspire a regard for life? What is it that inspires you to live your life to the fullest?

I’d be happy if you take some time to leave a comment.

Don’t Take Yourself and Life Too Seriously – Everyone Is an Idiot Here

Everyone is an idiot here
“I kept a diary right after I was born.
Day 1: Tired from the move.
Day 2: Everyone thinks I’m an idiot.”

– Steven Wright

Has it ever happened to you that something made you feel like you’re the only idiot in this whole world until you met someone who made you realize that you weren’t alone?

Then you might have high-fived each other and said in surprise “you too?”

How bad is that moment when you feel like an idiot, and how great is the one when you know that everyone else is too.

Let me clear it – idiocy is one of the fundamental qualities of all humans.

No matter how much sincere and disciplined you think the person next to you is, he is too an idiot. The same is with all other people.

You don’t need to feel like a retard when something goes wrong, neither you need to apologize for simple silly mistakes which you make, and nor do you need to wonder about whether everyone else thinks if you really are one.


1. What do you think is the reason why people laugh at memes?
There’s a mutual stupidity which we all have in common, and that makes us laugh at stupid things. How stupid!

2. Have you ever observed people smiling without a reason? Well, they have a reason though. They smile for some crazy reasons and memories. After all, no one would laugh at the ordinary memories.

3. One more fact is that we like craziness. There’s hardly anything which is enjoyed as much as craziness. The strictness of an army, the brilliance of a scientist, or the craziness of your foolish friend, what would be a better reason behind your laughter among these?

There isn’t anything which can be used to measure the idiocy of humans. However, there’s one quality of humans which makes some people seem disciplined and sincere while others stupids.

It’s all about how much one expresses – yes you read it right. Let me repeat again, stupidity is just a matter of how much one expresses.

Suppose that you were watching a Superman movie and wondering why the superhero wears his underwear on his pants, alright?

Now others too might be thinking the same thing.

But just in case you ask the question that why does he wear underwear on his pants, who would be regarded as an idiot? Obviously you. You may even become the temporary clown and a good subject to laugh at.

Even others were thinking about what was going on in your head, but just because you expressed it, you were taken as an idiot, you see?

But expressing cannot make you an idiot, and neither hiding it make you a genius.

If you are an idiot, just know it

Do you know who is an actual idiot? The one who thinks that he’s not.

If you are an idiot, just know it. Don’t say you aren’t. Everyone is.

I don’t have any specific reason to tell you to be an idiot. But what I’m explaining is that even if you behave like one you don’t become one.

A little bit of Idiocy adds spice to life. If being somewhat an idiot can make you happy, be one.

If you are an idiot and you know it, then you’re not an idiot.

“I’m not afraid to look like an idiot.” – Anthony Bourdain

Should you be an idiot too?

Now let’s get a bit real. Do you enjoy idiots that much?

I’ll assume that you’ve said “Not that much.” If you answered “yes!” then I’ll suppose that you must be an idiot too and just ignore you.

Okay fine, I too agree that being an idiot is cool at times, and that everyone enjoys it. We all  love being idiots, but not always.

The world is already suffering due to the fools that exist. They’re intolerable and growing each day. Wait … I guess that I’ve already created a lot of confusion.

To be an idiot or to not is the question

If you are being an idiot, be less of it, and prevent becoming a total irritating jerk. That’s all.

Use your stupidity as table salt, always in proper proportion. Because some of it will always be useful for your humor, happiness, and for the people around you.


If you feel like an idiot, just know that everyone else is too. Idiocy is both your friend and foe. But if you use it wisely, then even this silly thing can add smiles to your life.
Be an idiot, somewhat.

Why You Need to Take a Stand in Life

Take a Stand in Life

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”
– Alexander Hamilton

Take a stand – three words which are deeper in their meaning than what they seem.

At once they signal you to do something about what you’re going through right now. Taking a stand is about being more responsible.

Whenever you are asked to take a stand, it may mean this:

  • To tolerate uselessness and endure failures no more.
  • To rise for yourself and others.
  • To do something to rescue yourself from the hell you are living in.
  • To take control of things those are going on.
How bad it feels when we fail to take stand. It makes us feel like an utter loser and fills us with guilt. Also, not taking a stand for the things we care becomes a regret for tomorrow. So isn’t it better to be fair on our own side, right now?

Start with doing these things. You’ll feel better.

  • Have the courage to do the activities which you want to do.
  • Dare to do the things which you fear to do.
  • Start what you often think about but don’t due to your fears, doubts and excuses.
  • Raise you voice against what is unjust.
  • Don’t step back when you’re right.
  • Be dedicated, trust yourself more than your critics, and shut your critics with your work.

The price of standing of yourself and others

It isn’t cheap. Not everyone can dare to prove people wrong or stand firmly even after facing the opposition of crowds. 

It isn’t a common scene that people stay happy with your decisions and agree with you always. It is impossible to be universally right. You cannot please everyone.

It’s not that you are going to face resistance in whatever you do. But most the time – you will. Sometimes the circumstances will be like you v/s the world.

That will be the time when your faith will guide you to do the right thing. You won’t care about some frowning faces which will have a problem with your being right or wrong according to them.

Why you need to take a stand

When you take a stand, you do it for yourself. Even if you do it for others, you’re actually doing it for yourself, because your heart wants you to do it. It gives you the freedom to be like you and live by your own terms.

It is about breaking the chains which you think you’re bound by, and rising for yourself when you think that you’ve had enough. Taking a stand is among those few of those things which make your life worth living.

The reward

What does breathing feel like? That will be the exact kind of feeling which you’ll get when you’ll take a stand for doing something right.

The rituals made by this world, slavery created by people, feelings of being helpless, and then not having the self-trust which can make you do things, are the things which make your life a suffocation. Taking a stand is also about escaping this suffocation.

You won’t realize this feeling unless you take a stand.


Change things before you feel the self-pity for being helpless.

Take control, stop being weak. Be brave. The moment your instinct tells you that “something needs to be changed,” change it.
Be the first person who helps you – take a stand.