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Either Way, Choices Bring Along Regrets

Either Way, Choices Bring Along Regrets

Life gives you pills. You choose one. But that doesn’t matter, because each one kills you in some way.


Can You Succeed Without Making Sacrifices?

Success and Sacrifices

I have already lost a lot each time I tried to gain something. I’m prepared to lose more.

I lost my sleep over this thought.

This seemed unfair to me.

“You can’t succeed without losing something,” I was told. I didn’t want to agree.

“Why do I have to lose something to gain what I have to?” I’d hate losing what I have for what I want to have. Any sane human would.


Are You Wasting Your Life for a Useless Dream? Maybe Not

Are You Wasting Your Life for a Useless Dream? Maybe Not

There wasn’t a day when I didn’t doubt myself. I looked in the mirror and saw a fool. I had no idea what I was doing.

I might not have expressed this often, but I feared being laughed at. Being pointed out as the clumsy beginner. And then, regretting because of my failures.


How to Find and Pursue Your Passion in Life

Find and Pursue Your Passion in Life - Header Image

A few years ago, I felt lost.

I still feel the same way, often.

But it used to be worse then. I felt useless, as I thought I was headed towards a never ending journey. My life was passing, but not the way I wanted it to.

All this while I wished for a reason – a purpose. Something to which I could dedicate myself and feel happy.

Then it changed.


Want to Achieve Your Dreams? Make Your Own Mistakes

I should've sailed - a short story

I should’ve sailed

Once there was an adventurer who resided near the banks of an ocean. He explored the places near him – islands, mountains, rainforests and everything that was there in his vicinity. Quite content he was.

But there was one thing he didn’t do, unlike the other merchants and adventurers – he never sailed the other side of the sea.


How to Get Back the Life Your Cellphone Took Away From You

Get rid of your cellphone

I woke up staring at the shiny screen that popped out notifications, I buried my head within futile applications, and unknowingly cut myself from the real world – that didn’t feel like a life.

Honestly, I regret it.