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The Best Way to Start Something in Life

How to Start Something in Life

“I couldn’t do certain stuff, even when I desperately wanted to. I didn’t know how to start. So I did the smallest things I could do, which made the biggest difference.”


9 Useful Lists You Must Make for a Better Life

9 Useful Lists You Must Make

“When I was stuck in chaos, I scribbled and typed a few words. That made me feel alright and fixed a lot of problems.”


How to Do BIG Things in Life

How to Do Big Things

“There always comes a time when life gets normal. That’s when I wish to stretch beyond my limits.”


27 Ways to Be Mature in Life (Gradually)

Ways To Be Mature In Life

“I wondered what they really talked about when they talked about growing up. Now, I think I know a little bit about it and life.”


17 Clear Ways to Make Life Lesser Painful Than It Is  

Make Life Less Painful

“Each day void of pains would be a blessing. I’d call that a perfect life.”


17 Simple Ways to Find Peace of Mind in Life

find peace of mind in life

“Sometimes, I don’t seek a piece of life-changing advice. All that I ask for is peace of soul and mind. An inner-world that’s void of noise.”