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Possess No Resistance

         I just hope that the title isn’t confusing. What I wrote as title helps me to keep going under certain circumstances, and I’m not sure about whether you have any idea about its meaning. Yet I expect that you may have guessed something. I use this trick in my life, as it makes it easier to carry on with  something, and doesn’t let me become crazy about it, or stress out uselessly.

What do I actually mean by “possess no resistance”?

Sometimes, its a smart solution to accept things just the way they are, especially during the times when we have no option to change them. Either you do this (Possess no resistance) and accept things as they are, or you keep cursing, crying and blaming the things which don’t turn out to be in your favor. If you are against something or you don’t like something and you cannot change it, then there’s simply no point in resisting.

Take an example, 
(A simple example, and not a serious one)

Suppose that, I don’t like a beverage or food of a restaurant. What do I do then?

Should I keep complaining about the food being served at the restaurant,
Should I quarrel with the restaurant owner and ask him to make changes in his whole menu,
or should I simply go somewhere else as I’m free to make a choice.

I don’t know whether I’ve acted silly over there. But understand. Not everything will change for us. Sometimes, we are the ones who need to change.

Just like air and water.
What does happen when something comes in their way?
Simple! They change their way of flow, and move on their ways. They keep going, not minding what comes in their way. They “Possess no resistance”.

There’s no point in trying to dry the oceans, or punching the obstacles on your way and bleeding hard, when you can easily find the other way out.

Here are some circumstances under which you should “possess no resistance”:

• When you cannot change it – Situation, things, people, surroundings, etc. There are so many things which we wish to change, but cannot change. We have solutions for changing many of them. But whenever we find out something which it too much stubborn, it is better give up our own stubbornness and “possess no resistance”.

• When it doesn’t affect you – You shouldn’t be resistant (as far as possible) to the things which don’t affect you. Even if you are involved, as far as it doesn’t affect you, its okay to “possess no resistance”, and be ignorant (Forgiving)

• When you’re wise enough – When you’ll act wise, you’ll clearly understand the circumstances under which you’ll be able to decide, whether to possess resistance or not. Because your already know about whats right or wrong. It can help you to create a biased opinion and act.

Conclusion – Adapt to changes, and learn to bend with the flow. Let it be and “Possess no resistance”. It is wise at times to change, instead of trying to change.

May God bless! 🙂

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