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Remove Those Glasses Of ‘Judgment’

               It is said that we shouldn’t be judgmental, but sometimes we do it too often. Which is the kind of habit which should be avoided. 

Well! What were you actually doing when you said, “He’s a fool” or “You are dumb,” to someone ? 

Probably you were passing a judgment. I don’t necessarily say that it is wrong for you to judge people, as sometimes it seems inevitable due to people’s behavior and uselessness. And it even may be that you are the one who is wrong. But just take a note of it that your judgments may hurt you. 

In what way?

• You will feel guilty in case your judgment turns out to be false,

• Others will start judging you if you’ll make judgments about other people in front of them,

•  You’ll feel low when you’ll find out that no one really needs your judgment,

• Your judgments may make you feel betrayed if you give a permanent ‘Good Tag’ to someone,

• When you make a judgment, there are some expectations attached to it – which may break too!


“It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances”

– Oscar Wilde


            Don’t be a judge who decides that what is wrong or right for or with someone and what is not. Just realize that they are all among us who are trying to be better. Even if there are the biggest and rudest fools out there (If it is what you think they are). Your judgments won’t make them any better, but they will take the peace out of you. And the only option that will be available to you will be having ‘Patience.’

              And in case some reader might be feeling that all these things are ‘just theoretical,’ then know one thing that, You don’t like to be judged, do you? because you feel that you are good the way you are, like a work in progress. And you are the one who is sane enough to know that what is right for you or at least you are the only one who can make the choices that make you happy. Others too are just like that. Then judgments are likely something what they don’t expect, just like you.

How To Avoid The Habit Of Judging?

It is simple – “let it just be!”

You don’t need to give an opinion about everything. You don’t need to know that what kind of permanent meaning something has, because everything changes. There are some things which you won’t be able to change and neither your judgments will be able to do that, and in such situations all you can do is “let it be!”

When you make a judgment and then pass it on, there’s a word for that ‘Gossiping.’ Another negative thing. No one does care about your views regarding someone or something. Unless they ask for it, which doesn’t happen that often. I Hope you get that. It is much more concerned with you, and how you deal with people and things.

Making Judgment seems like appointing yourself as the ultimate adjudicator, a perfect human and then deciding the pro’s and con’s of everything, when actually you are not.

Here I mentioned ‘Glasses’ Of Judgment to explain the way how people do it. Their permanently set view of dealing with people and things doesn’t let them interpret their surroundings in some other way. Sometimes it feels like they only “Observe to judge.” Do I need to say that such kind of behavior is irritating? and we don’t want to seem irritating, even if we’re not.



Throw away your glasses of judgment. No matter how much costly their frame of ego and nonacceptance is, and then see the world anew. Just the way it is!

Let everything just be…

May God bless all! 🙂

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