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How to Become Resistant to Criticism

Resistant to criticism

How many times do you come across critics each day? Maybe a plenty of times. 

One undeniable fact is that we all have got critics regardless of what we do. Whether we’re artists, workers, entrepreneurs or even God (Yes, critics  don’t even spare God).

 We try to rise up to the expectations of our critics , we mold ourselves to fit into their demands, we give up our originality in order to be liked, and then what?

We feel manipulated.

Just because someone is better than us at something, doesn’t mean that he is ultimately perfect and deserves to advise us when we’re completely aware of what we’re doing.

Okay fine! I agree with you and the rest of the world that critics are the pros of their respective fields who have spent years doing hard work, and that they are divine at what they do. Henceforth they can advise us, right?

But this doesn’t give them the right to criticize. Just because they’re good enough, doesn’t mean that they should be left free to pass their unnecessary judgments.

Let me be clear that I’m not talking about the kind people who give a sincere advice and come forward to help people.

But the proportion of those kind people is far less than those leg-pullers who have chosen to criticize. Also, there are a numerous people who would randomly start judging you or your work when they actually have nothing to do with it.

That’s another pack of idiots which is a part of the ‘leg-puller’ tribe. Most of the criticism is useless. Ask any smart person and he’d agree.

This is why critics aren’t welcome 

Look. When you start, its the time when you believe least in yourself and are vulnerable to critics. Even the slightest negative response can touch you and break your hopes and beliefs to pieces. Critics are harmful to you and your work.

I’m asking you to be resistant to criticism because I want you to think less about criticism, and work more. Unlike me who has been sensitive to criticism.

Most of the ideas die before they’re turned into actions. The ones which survive somehow manage to grow with suppressed hopes, but only if they aren’t murdered by criticism.  

Your dreams are as delicate as soap bubbles. Save them from critics.

Be strong, and believe in yourself. Keep going and work on your dreams. Pay no heed to the voices that make you feel anything less, and stay ignorant to them.

Let critics spit their useless words, learn from them if you have the courage to do that, but don’t let them become an obstacle.

Doesn’t it take the same amount of energy to motivate or to criticize? Which one is better? So, don’t you know the critics well enough?

  • Critics are the people who think that they know others job better than others.
  • Some critics are the people who cannot mind their own work.
  • Rest of the critics are the ones who love to pull others down, and I don’t know why. 

 Can criticism be useful?  

If I’d slap you on your face, and then say that I did it for your well being, will it make sense to you? Your answer decides that what you’ll keep getting.  

If you ask me my opinion, I’m against criticism. Because, what can be solved with criticism can be solved with kind words and proper guidance. This is what I think and know. 

Criticism can be soft, harsh, and the injurious. Perhaps the world tries to define all kinds of terms in just one word – criticism. But to me, these all are different. 

I precisely understand difference when you slap a child to shut him up, and when you simply ask him to not do so. Differentiating encouraging advice from criticism doesn’t require the brain of Einstein.

The truth is that most of the people aren’t fools. They notice when you try to help them genuinely or pull them down. They’re great at distinguishing the morons who stand against them and people who are on their side.

That’s what makes them resistant to criticism.

This is how criticism damages you

It murders your hopes – criticism can kill your creativity and rip-off your willpower.

Criticism can make you feel timid at once. Its effects are always severe than you guess. This sucker has the potential to make you quit.

It takes away your beliefs. How tough it is to gather your whole strength and try to believe in yourself!

Criticism ruins your all attempts at once. You might have needed thousands of words to inspire yourself, but one word of criticism is enough to make that inspiration disappear.

It proves you a fool. What do critics do when they judge you? They tell you what you should be over what you are. They tell you why you’re ‘not that good.’ They point at your mistakes, and you listen to them eagerly.

Aren’t you sane enough to understand your imperfections and correct them? You are. Stop asking others to judge you and dare to reflect within. No one knows you better than your self.

Be wise and choose the right things. Don’t leave yourself in the hands of critics.

It breeds negativity – The moment criticism touches you, it gives birth to doubts, fears, and guilt. It makes you unsure of your decisions and spreads negativity within you like poison.

After that you’ll have to sit in isolation for hours to recover from depression. (Or even days if you’re of the sensitive type.)

So, trust me and be a metal. Be resistant to criticism. Be critic-proof. But don’t be resistant to change. 


Criticism rarely serves to any good purpose. It can be extremely harmful to you and your work. If you want to survive in the long run, you’ll need to develop a thick skin. You’ll need to be resistant to criticism.

Being critic-proof is the way you can survive against the mass of critics out there. 

How do you deal with criticism? Do you believe in being resistant to it or do you have your own ways? Leave a comment and let me know.

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