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One thing which I’ve realized about productivity, personal development or any other aspect of life is that resources matter.

Your resources affect you directly. The right ones help you thrive. Some save your time. Others keep you motivated.

Resources are crucial.

I’ve dedicated this page solely to the resources which can ease your life and improve you as a person. They’ve worked for me, and I hope they change your life as well.

Note: Some of the links mentioned below are affiliate links. Which means that I’ll earn a small commission for anything you buy without any extra cost to you. Please consider buying from here. You’re awesome, thanks!


  • Finding Your Strength in Difficult Times
    If I had to recommend only one book to the whole world, I would choose this. Sometimes, when I feel lost, I open a relevant chapter from it and everything seems alright again. It has changed my life, and is the most precious thing on my bookshelf.
  • Srimad Bhagwad Gita
    This book turns you into a free soul. Every sentence you read relieves you and makes you realize your place in the vastness of the universe. One value which it has induced in me is the art of working selflessly. After you read it, you find yourself capable of mastering karma and acting fearlessly.
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
    This book has the potential of crushing your ego and making you humble. You’ll be more open-minded person after reading it. It teaches you to think of others, as much as you think for yourself.
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    This book gives you a tendency to think from newer perspectives. It makes you observe life from the perspectives  which often remain untouched and sets you free from your conventional way of thinking.
  • Vedanta: Voice of Freedom
    This book taught me to be spiritually independent. It redefined religion and the meaning of word ‘God’ to me. If you’re among the restless souls who keep thinking about their purpose of existence and wish to know about God at the same time, this book is meant for you. It can bring peace to you.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Design an Ideal Schedule

The Ultimate Guide on How to Design an Ideal Schedule

This tiny e-book is enough to assist you with your daily time-management hassle.

You may download this e-book and the related resources for free to design an ideal schedule for yourself.

Also, the resources provided along with it will help you create a plan which fits into your lifestyle regardless of how busy you are.

Know More About This Guide and Resources

Pocket Productivity

Pocket Productivity - Vishal Ostwal

We’re all working – each day, relentlessly and without fail.

But are we really creating some value with our work or are we just…working?

This book focuses not only on how to work more, but also on how to work in manner that brings outcomes.

This lightweight book can rescue you whenever you feel unmotivated and need to evolve your skills. Flip through it’s pages and you’ll find something which might help you instantly.





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Some Other Books

There books have helped me and changed me. Some have taught me to write, others have molded my thoughts about business and life. Have a look at them if you’re into entrepreneurship, writing or blogging.


  • The Elements of Style
    When you keep practicing hard and yet don’t see any outcomes, this book comes to your rescue. It explains all the essential aspects of language concisely. Yes, it makes you a better writer. Quickly.
  • On Writing
    This classic memoir of Stephen King is admirable. I love the way he gives the readers a quick peek into his life. It shows you what it means to be a writer, somewhat.
  • The War of Art
    Steven Pressfield tells you the right ways to overcome your inner resistance. After reading this book, you’ll find yourself wanting to work even harder.


  • The $100 Startup
    Chris Guillebeau shares his way of starting a business from scratch when you’re low on budget but your dreams are big enough. Personally, I found it realistic and inspiring. Read it if you think you’re too small to start and the roads seem blurred.
  • Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life
    Richard Branson narrates his success the way it happened. No theoretical advice, only truth. I developed a deep regard for him after reading this book. He talks about principles, life and truth – the way it happened to him. Love it!
  • Zero to One
    This book by Peter Thiel gives you a perspective. The one which shakes off the ordinary thoughts and urges you to be different at business. This one does something – it inspires you to innovate.
  • The E-Myth Revisited
    This book tells you some clear reasons why business fail, and practical ways to avoid them. You go through a thought-shift. No matter what the size of your business, it can help.


Productivity Resources and Tools

Right tools can help you stay productive and organized.

However, Try to stick to only a few, as their superfluous use will only create chaos in your life.

If you have some tools which you’re already using and which fulfill most of your requirements, then keep using them. That’s preferable.

  • Pocket: A tool for bookmarking your favorite content and syncing it on all your devices.
  • feedly: A simple app to keep you updated with the content from your favorite sites without distracting you.
  • Todoist: A tool with awesome user interface and much organized options.
  • Colornote: If you need something simple yet effective, this is a fine option.
  • Sticky Notes: This simple thing is enough sometimes.

That’s all!

If there’s something else you need to know, you can get in touch using the form below.