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So You Want To Be Immortal?

Immortal /ɪˈmɔːt(ə)l/-
living forever; never dying or decaying.
This is how dictionary defines this word. But is it the same way we all think about immortality. The clear answer is ‘No.’

Everyone have their own views and thoughts about immortality:
Some people really wish to exist forever,
Some people want their creations to spread worldwide and want them to last forever for the future generations,
Some people just want to enjoy all the pleasures of life,
Some people want to become ‘legends’ who will be remembered in the long course of time and whose faces will appear in the history books.
But the bitter truth is that none of these motives can be achieved to last forever…

“One lives in the hope of becoming
a memory.”
Antonio Porchia

I know that such thought that one ‘cannot create history’ is rightfully objectionable for many, and so it was for me.
Actually, who doesn’t want to be immortal? and to be remembered even after death with which one continues to live on…
But all illusions have to end. That’s all. And the same case is with this one. Leave your ego aside and believe it.

Let these examples tell you the truth:

• Even the ancient Egyptian civilization ceased to exist and its knowledge is fading day by day.
Who made the pyramid of Giza?
(Even if you are smart enough to answer, not everyone knows about it)
• Once there used to be life on mars! Is what scientists predict. But now it doesn’t (If there really existed life)
• Everyone knows about Bill Gates, who is the richest person in the world.
But weren’t there wealthy people in past? like the kings of ancient time who used to own uncountable amount of wealth. But nobody bothers to know about them anymore.
• So, aren’t we expecting too much? As if this gift of life is not enough.

From An Another Perspective:

But there has to be a reason
why autobiographies are written,
Why enormous statues are built,
Why ‘history’ is included in our academics and many other things are concerned.
• Pictures of great people are printed on currency. Does this make their corpse lying below the tombstone smile? Probably not
• Many people work hard their whole life and die without achieving any honor. The funny part is that (Because this doesn’t make sense to me) they are granted with highest awards after their death. As if it will make his soul any happier
But what is the most common thing is that, we are mostly inspired by dead people.
Whether it be,
Michael Jackson, Issac Newton, Steve Jobs, Alexander the great or someone else.
Their death inspires no one. Whats inspiring about them is, how they lived their lives.
So, in a simple manner. Why all the above mentioned stuff is done is because,
_These people had done some of greatest things and had set certain ‘Standards’ which can guide the future generations. Even if not forever at least as long as awareness is created.
And similarly, when we aspire to become immortal, the hidden intention is to do something which can be truthful and great enough that people desire to follow us and not because we want to be remembered. Being remembered is not the only case at all.
Because if it was so then recall that,
God and devil are both remembered,
Osama bin laden is also popular and so is Mahatma Gandhi,
So some things make a difference.

You stay immortal until you are forgotten and your creations perish.
Remember that we live in a world having a population 7250000000 where everyone wants to be remembered after death.

“Immortality is a curse”

 – The Wolverine

“The Gods envy us. They envy us because

we’re mortal. Because any moment might
be our last. Everything’s more beautiful
because we’re doomed. You will never be
lovelier than you are now. We will never be
here again.”
– Achilles

May God bless all!  🙂

Immortal quote - Vishal Ostwal

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