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Someday Never Comes – Start Today

Someday never comes - Best time to start is now Quote

Someday – a word which makes you skip few minutes, hours, days, weeks and years of your life without letting you do anything significant. When you look back at the missed opportunities and lost time, you’re left to regret.

We all are a sort of like that. Some more, some less. This habit of using the word someday for pushing aside the work which we are supposed to do today doesn’t go away. 

It’s a part of those tricks which we play on ourselves and use for procrastinating. We keep waiting for the right time, proper environment and enough resources so that we may start.

But the someday that you utter has a deeper meaning than you might think. If you pay a little heed to the reason why you keep delaying your work on someday then you’ll find out that you’re running away from your insecurities instead of facing them, and unknowingly giving yourself a reason to regret in future.

Know what’s the reason why you keep skipping things without realizing their importance? Below are a few actual reasons.

Lack of courage

How easy it is to quit the work even before starting it.

Sometimes you might feel like starting something and also have the necessary willpower and desire. But then you fail to gather the courage to start. 

It seems difficult to trust yourself when you’ve got no reasons to trust yourself except your determination and wish of learning . So you prefer doubting your ability and wishes instead of doubting our doubts, and slowly you give yourself enough reasons to quit until you finally do it. 

Having enough courage isn’t much about risking or taking the biggest leap of faith, but about starting it once and preparing yourself for everything that’s going to come on your way. Give your courage a chance and dare to trust yourself. It’ll totally worth it.

Thinking that you’re not ready yet

It is right for you to not start because you lack something. It shows that you are concerned about what you want do. But does that help you in growing either? The fear of being imperfect is a huge excuse and illusion.

We learn things by doing them. It can’t be the other way. 

How long are you planning to keep waiting? Maybe until you become perfect. But when is that going to happen? I hope you already know that. It’ll only happen when you’ll really start doing things.

Forget about perfection if you’ve just begun. You don’t need to know everything at once. You are always ready to start if you just dare to make an imperfect start.

The imagination-reality gap

There’s a huge difference between the random pictures that we draw on the canvas of our thoughts and the reality. 

We sometimes daydream and imagine about ‘how it will be’ or ‘how it can be,’ but when we encounter the truths of reality, things turn out to be totally different. The work that we think about starting isn’t always as pleasurable as we think. 

Instead it is messy, indifferent and tiring at times. But that doesn’t mean at all that it’s not the work which we were searching for, because everything has its own price. So get ready to adjust with the unexpected changes.


What are you waiting for? do you need some inspiration, or do you just want to delay the things that you planned for yourself. 

If you really want to do something, you’ll do it, no matter what. Also, if you don’t do it, you’ll have to face the consequences. You can avoid the things that you don’t want to do. But what about the things that you want to do? They’ll never happen until you give them the attention they deserve.

You already know what might happen if you avoid working on your goals – they won’t succeed.


I’m often surprised by the kind of excuses people can find out instantly. But some people are more skilled at making excuses than they’re at their actual work. Such a person keeps fooling around people by making excuses without knowing that the person whom he’s fooling is himself. 

Don’t be among those people. Excuses or work – pick one!


Sometimes its just the fear that stops you. You intentions are clear, you want to succeed, and you’ve got a plan too. 

But you’re still held back by your fears. Find out what feeds your fear and destroy it. 

What if you fail? You’ll fail if you don’t try.

Your dreams aren’t cheap. Overcome every obstacle and self-doubt to make yourself rise.

How soon do you expect your someday to come?

It won’t arrive by itself, will it? 

You’ll have to stop waiting for your imaginary tomorrow and start today.

Maybe you need to begin the thing you’ve been thinking about since a long time so that you can learn the basics, know how it feels like following your passions, learn every aspect of it and understand how to keep doing it well.

My reason behind writing this post

It’s an attempt from my side for helping some dreamers, and even you if you’re a dreamer, to rescue them from their doubts so that they can feel what does it really following their passions.

I’ve been through a lot of things that most of us face. Doubts, starting late and the other things I’ve mentioned above. But I don’t want those same things to happen to most people. What we’ve been through something I’ve known well enough and want you to avoid.

I wish to tell you that you’re good enough to start. Wherever you are. Start early. Don’t wait.

Someday is a word that prevents people from starting

Some dreams happen early, some happen late, and some of them never get to see the daylight and are taken to grave.

What do you want to happen to your dreams?

What you do matters. Every step you take decides where you might head towards while pursuing your dreams. Your dreams aren’t useless. The world needs your contribution for getting better. But for that to happen, you’ll need to do the things you’ve been avoiding and need to work hard on them.

Hope you start soon.


Someday never comes. The word itself is nothing more than a hopeless deadline. It kills dreams, it arouses regrets, it creates failures and it can cease all your aspirations.

You need to start somewhere and take a stand for the things that you want to do. Maybe at times, it is not about thinking, planning and all but making an imperfect start.

You were meant to start a long time ago. You’re supposed to start today.

Have you started working on your dreams? Or is there something which is stopping you? Share your story in comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


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