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Why You Should Stop Google Searching Your Life Problems

Stop Google Searching Life Problems

I open a dozen of browser tabs, read random articles to feel better, and then click on that corner ‘x’ button. That doesn’t change circumstances for me. I still feel numb.

I’ve been doing this for years.

Whenever I feel low, I switch to the browser and type things like “I feel sad” and “what causes pains in life,” to find shortcuts to end my life problems.

Although I might not want to admit it, that’s nothing but my cowardice. I don’t want to face life. Typing and staring at the screen is easier than confronting my inner restlessness.

But then, there’s something wrong

All previous generations happily survived without having to rely on computers or the internet. Buddha even attained enlightenment – without Google.

As I child, I was happier. I didn’t need to read books. I needed no management or tools. I dealt with life easily. But now, I try to find refuge in searching my own problems on the internet.

And most people I know are similar.

They feel unhappy and lost.

Why is that?

Perhaps, because we’re allowing ourselves to be too dependent. Or maybe because we’re humans – and humans are emotional beings.

Here’s something I’ve decided

I won’t always Google search my life problems.

I’ll do it fewer times than I do.

I have a reason for that.

Here are a few genuine reasons why anyone should stop Google searching to solve life problems

1. It makes you weak

You don’t see the cause.

You don’t even make an attempt to find it.

Instead, you type a few words expecting help from others by reading a thread. You leave your difficulties to others. You expect them to solve your problems.

It’s like finding a ready-made solution.

You don’t want to face what’s happening within you, so you rely on a bunch of strangers more than your own instincts.

I’m sorry, but that changes nothing. Not much. To be able to solve your life problems, you need to be strong enough to peek in your heart and ask yourself “What’s wrong?”

You don’t need to be dependent – you’re darn powerful. You may have just not realized it yet.

2. You’ll be lost

People have opinions, and they can teach you.

So what?

Those are their opinions. Their solutions. That’s what has worked for them. The same wouldn’t necessarily cure you.

Too much opinion and advice would only confuse your further. You won’t find clarity. Rather, you’ll be lost. The chaos would only increase.

Stay away from that.

The solution or answer you’re seeking is already within you. All you need to do is listen.

3. You should think emotionally

Computer or machines work on instructions.

You feed an instruction into them – they work.

You aren’t a machine.

You’re a human.

Sure, the internet has solutions. They’re logical and smart. But sometimes your heart doesn’t want to be smart.

It just wants to feel better, which can only happen when you put aside your phone or internet and live like a human. Those words on the screen aren’t enough.

You need to get in touch with those who matter to you in your life. You need to laugh. Above all, you need to make efforts towards developing resilience even when life’s not perfect.

4. You’ll still need to talk to yourself

Because even if you’re aware of the cure, healing would require learning.

Peace can only be found within.

No one knows what’s going on within you. You hold your pains and storms, and only you know how to calm them.

The outside world is merely chaos. It’s pompous and blank. It cannot teach you what you can teach yourself.

5. You won’t find the cure on a single webpage

Do you think you’ve found a miraculous cure by reading a couple of soothing paragraphs on the internet?

That’s what you think, but not the truth. The truth is that you’ll often have to deal with certain insecurities and emotional turmoil until your problems fade out.

This blog, or a book, or other stuff on the internet may be good – but that’s not your answer. Your troubles only end when you genuinely admit them, and resolve to fix them in the long term.

That requires effort.

Still, do it if that works for you

Google searching your problems isn’t evil, either.

Google helps prevent suicide and is curing a generation that feels lonely. It makes depressed people understand that they’re depressed and helps them heal.

That sort of awareness isn’t possible without the help of internet.

Some people stumble across meaningful articles and say they feel fine after reading. If that heals you – then do it maybe. You don’t need to listen to me.

Above all, I’d be happy if you did what’s right for you.

You’d be happier.


Giovanni Tyre says:

Also it makes it so you dont think for yourself so you can grow..

Exactly, Giovanni.

That snatches our ability to think for ourselves and weakens our resilience.

Kaoutar says:

I would add to your arguments the fact that we search for the unswers we wanna hear. For instance, while you feel unmotivated to study or do any kind of activities you start searching on how to stop procrastination and suddenly you end up scrolling the page reading about someone who lived happily without studying.

I’m in that kind of position in my life right now and I’m definitely ain’t so happy in life right now but then again for some reason sometimes I’m able to go by what my heart wants instead of my annoying ass ego I feel like a slave to my ego nd idk if I’m gonna be able to admit my problem to people that aren’t on the Internet but I want to so bad I just really feel like I cant idk what to do But I hate the idea of missing out on what my life could really be like but what do yall think do yall I should waste no more time and just straight start blading the truth out or maybe my instincts are trying to tell me that I should hold off a little longer? …idk I do know that I was pretty much born like this and anyone that don’t know how it is to live a life like this should know that I wouldn’t wish this kind of life on my worst enemies. Also for some reason I believe that even if I do try to change my life I still won’t like it I feel like I’m just not strong enough to live in this world weather I’m my real self or my fake self idk what to do But I’m 21 about to be 22 this April 12,2018 coming up and all I want for my birthday is to finally live my life the way I really want too but for some reason feel way to scared to even try I feel like I can really died with no one knowing the real me at all nd I’m scare that I’m actually might be okay with that and I don’t want to be but my fault that’s a long ass “comments” but now you get the picture.



I don’t know what you’re going through, but it appears you’re already familiar with what you want out of your life. So have some patience, and be easy on yourself – because things get better, gradually. Until then, I hope you accept yourself first. Not that I’m trying to give some advice – but remember that you can send in an email, if you wish.

All the best.

Nick says:

Good point. I was ‘searching’ just now on ‘how to stop searching’ (!) It is what I realised finally after 20+ years of doing this – I simplified my life drastically – this helped me to realise that I purposely hadn’t got much to do – which made me realise what was important – I could then see that I was looking for things to do to stop being ‘bored’ or to entertain myself. I now realise that doing that is just running away and I am not truly living my life – in the moment, appreciating simple things, that is how life is meant to be lived. Before – I had endless lists of things to ‘do’, stuff to organise, things to get round to doing. (which I would procrastinate over, feel bad about not doing). I also used to have endless ‘goals’ to achieve, courses to take etc. I just got rid of the whole lot. When I was honest with myself, I asked ‘Do I really want to do this?’ Now I feel much more peaceful, more awake to life. I only have 3 books, minimal clothes. I have finally given up the ‘search for happiness’, stopped looking for ‘more’. My life is enough. I was missing out on my life. Happiness is ‘enough’. Unhappiness is ‘more’. Happiness is ‘now’. Unhappiness is ‘past and future’ (which don’t exist). Thank you for the opportunity to share.

Hey Nick.

You’ve mentioned some really important points.

I feel we can always rely on our intuition to choose and do what’s right for us. Happy to see that you’re living a minimalist lifestyle, as that comes with a lot of contentment.

The content on the internet has sort of deluded the whole meaning of life, so I feel we should do what we believe is right for us as individuals.

By the way, I’m happy to see here on my blog.

Chan says:

Really smart ans good thought.. I am so inspired

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