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This Is Why Sufferers Are Better at Inspiring Others

Sufferers are Better at Inspiring Others

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” – Khalil Gibran

There’s one thing common among all the heroes and victors – it’s that they all were once sufferers who led miserable lives and experienced bitter pains of life.

I’m not talking about all the successful people who have their bank accounts full of cash, showcases overflowing with trophies and medals, or the ones who have extraordinary life which is hardly imaginable to the ordinary people.

Instead, I’m talking about the people who inspire us to rise, who make us realize that we shouldn’t be ashamed to reveal our hardest struggles, and who teach us the manner of living life by actually doing it.

I’m talking about the heroes who had once slept with empty stomachs, tasted failures, witnessed their dreams breaking into pieces, and yet kept alive the unbreakable will of going on.

They had faith in their passions when there wasn’t a trace of success and when they were the most vulnerable.

Their struggles, instead of making them weak, gave them the strength to overcome them. This not only made them successful, but also turned them into someone whom others look upon as an inspiration.

They were darned to hell, but they survived

Sufferers have always inspired me more than the ordinary winners. To me, sufferers are much like superheroes.

They’re damned, they’re broken, they’re laughed at, and they’re abandoned by the world…only until they rise and show the world who they are and make it fall at their feet.

Isn’t it astonishing to see how these people had once started their journeys with nothing but later became the indomitable winners?

Your sufferings are your strength

Look at yourself. Recall the struggles that you had faced a few years ago. Is there anything bad what you could recall? For instance, the times when you thought that your life was the most miserable, or when everything happened totally against your expectations and almost tore you apart.

How does it feel about them now? Not that bad, right?

Life has it’s own ways of fixing itself and healing us.

What you once shunned, made you stronger and turned you into what you are today. The greatest sense of accomplishment gained from your struggles is knowing that you survived them. The reasons that were once enough to lower your head due to shame are now a sign of your strength.

When hard times become inevitable, there’s only one thing you should do – hold on.

Everyone goes through hard times. None of us is blessed with all that is necessary for a happy living. We’ve had our own times when we dealt with the struggles that no one knew about, shredded tears in isolation, and tried to heal our own heartbreaks.

Perhaps, I may not tell you my stories, you might conceal yours in your heart as well. However, we’re still aware of the pains which exist in our lives. Everyone has a story to hide.

We all know that bad times aren’t meant to last forever. Yet how tough it is to actually keep your hope alive when all the odds stand against you to shoot you down. What I can guess is that you might be having some reasons to sigh even now and some reasons to suffer too.

But there’s one thing I can assure you – your struggles will become a sign of your strength, and leave you stronger than who you were when you had encountered them.

Stay hopeful while you go through tough times, because hope is what will guide you towards the light at the end of the dark tunnel of hardships until you reach your awaited dreams. And hope is what will keep inspiring you to do your best even after that.

So if you’re stuck in a situation which appears inescapable then hold on. Don’t give up and keep believing in the strength of your desire to rise. Know that you deserve everything that’s worth achieving in this world.

Have faith that your good time is about to come and keep hustling to change your hell into heaven.

Why sufferers are inspiring

As humans, we need someone to guide us, lead us towards a better life, and show us that we capable of doing what we wish to do. Who would be better in doing it than the ones who are aware of our circumstances as much as we are, and have been through the same?

There are people in this world who might keep preaching all the philosophies they’re aware of with an intention to help you.

Some might blame you for your current situation saying that you are the one who is responsible for it and you shouldn’t act like a victim. Whatever be their way of rescuing you, it is less acceptable to trust that their help would work for you.

Even if these people are right, it’s hard to trust them because they’ve never been in your shoes, they’ve never known your struggles, and for some reason, you know that their ideas just won’t work for you.

That’s when the sufferers come into action. They show you their old footprints instead of walking away after handing over a map to you to follow in your dark times.

They’ve got their hands dirty by dealing with all the adversities, they’ve had the courage to taste the mud after falling and have rose again, they don’t just order you to act in a specific way but also tell you the stories from their lives and show that you too can rise for yourself just the way they did.

When you look upon the sufferers who have succeeded, you can see your reflection in them, because the difficulties of their past remind you of your present, and their present successes give you the necessary optimism for your future.

These people are the humblest because they’ve known that how much crucial a few helping hands can be when everything around you seems so hopeless.

They never want you to suffer the way they did, so they try to support you with all their might, and that’s what makes them so exceptional.

Take these success stories of two people for instance, and decide which one inspires you more. One of them had been a sufferer, and another one’s a rich dad’s boy.

Here’s the first one,

“Ever since my childhood, I had all the opportunities at my feet since my dad was one of the most renowned people in our town. Having access to everything that I needed made it even much easier for me to reach where I am today. I started my separate business while I was working on our old one, and managed to make them both successful. Even though I was unsure about success, it wasn’t a difficult task due to the capital that we already had and the great team which is highly dedicated towards what it does. Life has always been wonderful to me, and I’m grateful for everything that I’ve ever had.”

Great, isn’t it? Now here’s the second one.

“Life has been a bit hard, since I had to struggle hard for almost everything. But my struggles didn’t stop me from working on my dreams. I had to drop out of my college, as it wasn’t possible for me to pay the fees and feed my family at the same time. I might have been a doctor today, but I have no regrets and feel proud that I made the decision of starting a small business. My business slowly prospered with the blessings of god, and brought me where I am today. I’m glad that my son didn’t had to go through the same. Regardless of everything, I can proudly say that life is wonderful.”

Though both of the success-stories are fictional (like most of the nice things in this world are), and though it may seem like I’ve been partial towards the second one by making it slightly dramatic, there’s one thing you need to know – these success-stories are of a son and a father.

The first one shows the amazing life of the son of a billionaire, who hadn’t suffered much, and is successful. Whereas in the second one, are the words of wise man who had struggled his whole life to earn what he had, and to reach where he was.

Both people are successful, and life of both is inspiring too, but the second case makes us feel like the father deserved what he had, since he had paid a price for it.

That’s how sufferers inspire you. By revealing their scars, telling you the tragic stories from their past, and finally by showing you that how they escaped their misery, leaving behind everything that once tried to stop them.

Do this while you go through sufferings

Sometimes you claim to be the happiest person alive, wear a fake smile on your face, and pretend like everything’s alright when you are actually trying to mend some broken parts of your life.

I know how bad it feels when you’re ashamed to admit that you’re weak, and even worse it feels when you start being a helpless victim of life who has lot to cry about. People start looking upon your dependencies as excuses and they blame you for your situation instead of providing a solution. But you still need to carry on with life in the midst of this whole drama.

  • Have the willpower of losing yourself, and keep working.
  • Be resistant to criticism of the people who don’t realize your value just because you’ve not reached your destiny yet.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others and make attempts to be stay happy, no matter how much circumstances try to break you.
  • Live with a head held high, there’s no need to feel inferior to anyone. Your sufferings don’t have the right to steal from you the joy of living.
  • Take a stand for yourself and do things that improve your life. If you think that you’re suffering due to lack of resources, then here’s a solution.
  • Set some priorities in life, and live by them. Use them as guidelines to be followed by you to earn a life worth living.
  • Don’t ever forget that you’re born with a right to inspire. While you’re contributing towards creating a better tomorrow for yourself, don’t forget to help those who are suffering.

If you’re a sufferer then just know that one day your stories will be worth telling. When you’ll be standing at the peak of your life and inspiring others with your words and deeds, you’ll be thankful in your heart for everything that was responsible in the formation of your character. Keep your faith alive and make your hope immortal.

There will be people who’ll laugh at you, there will be times when your life will seem worthless. Often you’ll feel like giving up and pity yourself.

If you find it happening to you then know that it’s your turn to make it right. Don’t blame yourself for not being a perfect human. Forgive yourself, start somewhere, and try to make things alright. Here’s a reminder – you can make your life better and fix all that ever went wrong. If not, you can still appreciate life in spite of all its flaws.


Sufferers who escape their miseries with their unshakable determination, always inspire the masses.

If you’re dealing with some hardships in life, then have the courage to keep moving on. You’ll get everything that you’ve ever wanted in life, and you’ll even set an example for others. But before that, learn to be patient towards life and keep doing your bit until you make your successes happen.

There’s always something about starting from zero, struggling and surviving.

Do you agree that sufferers are better at inspiring than the ordinary people? What inspires you? Leave a comment.

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