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22 Painful Regrets People Have in Life

Things People Regret

“I’d rather admit that I have had regrets than roam around like a jerk and claim that I lived, or that I’m living a perfect life.”


How to Get Back the Life Your Cellphone Took Away From You

Get rid of your cellphone

I woke up staring at the shiny screen that popped out notifications, I buried my head within futile applications, and unknowingly cut myself from the real world – that didn’t feel like a life.

Honestly, I regret it.


The Only Sensible Way to Avoid Regrets in Life

It’s dreadful to imagine that you might look back at life someday, only to realize that you’ve wasted it.

In fact, what could be more painful than knowing that you could’ve lived better, and earned all the happiness and experiences you wish for?