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22 Painful Regrets People Have in Life

Things People Regret

“I’d rather admit that I have had regrets than roam around like a jerk and claim that I lived, or that I’m living a perfect life.”


How to Start Something in Life

How to Start Something New in Life

“I couldn’t do certain stuff, even when I desperately wanted to. I didn’t know how to start. So I did the smallest things I could do, which made the biggest difference.”


9 Useful Lists You Must Make for a Better Life

9 Useful Lists You Must Make

“When I was stuck in chaos, I scribbled and typed a few words. That made me feel alright and fixed a lot of problems.”


How to Do BIG Things in Life

How to Do Something Big in Life

“There always comes a time when life gets normal. That’s when I wish to stretch beyond my limits.”


How to Be a Mature Person (Gradually)

How to Be a Mature Person

“I wondered what they really talked about when they talked about growing up. Now, I think I know a little bit about it and life.”


How to Make Life Less Painful (and Heal Yourself)

Make Life Less Painful

“Each day void of pains would be a blessing. I’d call that a perfect life.”