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The Right Reason to Do Something in Life

Best Reason to Do Things in Life

“People think you always need a reason to do things. But that’s not the answer.”


15 Quick Changes to Make You Instantly Productive


Here’s a lesson I’ve learned from the changes I try to bring in my life – little changes work better than the bigger ones. Or at least, it seems to be so in my case.

Your lifestyle might be different than me. Maybe you are busier, have lesser time, or do a lot more tiring chores than me.

But here’s the deal – what’s mentioned below is quite simple. Something you can use regardless of what kind of life you lead.


How to Crush Your Excuses

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else

– Benjamin Franklin

While I wrote the quote above, it made me think for a while.

The post for about excuses was already on my writing list, but somewhere it made me reflect on myself. It aroused a guilt within me of being a lazy delayer.

The reason was obvious – I often make excuses. Maybe less than I used to, but I do. I’m a human.