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” Apart from values and ethics which I havetried to live by, the legacy I would like to leavebehind is a very simple one – that I havealways stood up for what I consider to be theright thing, and I have tried to be as fair andequitable as I could be.”
-Ratan Tata

Values are the sincere guidelines and rules given by our soul to us, to be followed by us.

      If we are true to our values, we’re on the right path, and if we’re not, it’ll probably make us restless. However, ‘Values’ can’t be defined in an universal manner, since everyone have their own morals and values. But yet the most common ones we know are honesty, compassion, and other sort of beautiful things.

Why should you live a life based on values?

– Certainly, for yourself! Yes yourself.
Without values, life seems to be a worthless thing.
Can you imagine playing a game without any rules? Values are similar to those rules in the game of life.
The joy we get when:
• We donate (a single pice or thousands),
• We rise against something unjust,
• We refuse to do, what we think is wrong,
• We act kind, even against the unkind,
• We choose our principles over any favour,
• We desire to do something for good,
While doing all these kind things, what kind of benefit do we think about? Probably nothing!
Because this is what our values teach us, to keep doing good unconditionally.

Great people, great values:

1. Dr. Jonas Salk never patented his
polio vaccine, even after knowing that it could have earned him millions,
2. M.K.Gandhi wore a simple dhoti made up of khaadi cloth,
3. Thomas Edison once returned his customers the amount that they had payed for his products from his own share of money, since the products were defective,
4. G.B.Shaw refused to accept the Nobel Prize,
5. Mother Teresa surrendered her whole life in the service of the weak,
6. Michael Jackson built ‘Neverland’ and made the entry for children free,
7. Bill Gates donates a big share from his earnings in charity,
What makes these people do such heavenly deeds?
They listen to their inner voice and just do it, for they feel good for doing it. These are their values!
              Knowingly or unknowingly, we too follow certain principles, and rely on certain values while doing things. Those are our values.

When values start fading away:

Imagine that you’re going on an early morning walk with full positivity and suddenly you meet a jerk on your way who tells you something negative, abuses you about something though its not your fault.
How are you meant to react then? Maybe you’ll soon lose your calm and react the same, start quarreling and who knows? If you even start a fight…
But while this happens, where have your values gone? You aren’t that kind of person. But neither you can silently hear those useless taunts. Whatever it be, but one thing is for sure that you’ve acted against your morals.
Mind some simple things that:
There may come a time (it does), when people around will act unjust or maybe even the whole society won’t even bother about goodness.
You’ll be the,
only honest fellow among the crowd of dishonest people,
only person who avoids all the bad, even when all others are drowned in their bad world,
Only person who does good and is called a fool for doing so.

So, what I mean to say is that:

• Anyone can be good towards good, but it takes guts to be good against evil…and kill it.
• Anyone can be honest in simple situations, but when you’re given greed and lust…your honesty shouldn’t die,
• It takes nothing to shout back and abuse those who treat you unfairly, but it requires courage to forgive and walk away silently, even when you’re called a coward,
• Anyone can act good in fine situation and places, but when all the odds are against you and yet you decide to behave good, is adorable,

           Values are tested on the verge of vulnerability.

Make your own principles and abide by them.
Don’t let your values die, even when the whole world tries to kill them. After all, it is the values that we hold, which form a big part of our lives.

May God bless all! 🙂

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