Why You Should Decide Priorities in Life

Priorities in life

Priority – it’s a significant word.

It means that a certain work which is ought to be done prior to the rest because it’s important. Because it’s capable of bringing a change in your life.

Why do we need to have priorities?

We are humans, the mortal beings. We get one life in which we dream and try to do every possible thing we can do. We try to make the most out of this beautiful thing called life. However, another truth is that we cannot randomly do everything we want.

If we start engaging ourselves in every activity that comes on our way, we’re likely to get confused, and perhaps even disappointed.

Our state will become much like a monkey left free in a forest which has all kinds of fruits in this world. Now it isn’t much difficult to imagine the state of that monkey.

It will try to eat every possible fruit that attracts it, and will jump from one tree to another in haste, without realizing that its stomach too has some limitations of its own.

We too have our own limitations. We’re bound by the limits of time, resources, and our capabilities.

Life is too short to watch all the movies, read all the novels, visit all wonderful places, and to do all that we dream.

We cannot accomplish everything we desire at once. Even if we manage to do, the outcome is likely to be a failure. Because then we’ll have messed up up with our focus and dedication.

Multitasking is another trending buzzword nowadays. Its not that multitasking is bad, it can be helpful, however it should follow a specific order of doing things too.

Anyone can get distracted by the thousands of things that attract him, but the point is not in trying to do all those things but rather focusing on one thing at a time instead.

Real life application

You may be aware of the proverb ‘Jack of all and master of none.’

I had a big disagreement with this. Whenever I read this, my immediate reaction was like,”Why should I stay stuck to a single thing when I can do everything.”

Later, as I closely observed how I performed when I used different methods, I realized that I was wrong. Things don’t turn out the way we think. When we try to do multiple things at once, they get worse and complicated. We get webbed inside our own decisions. It is wise to keep ourselves engaged in a single activity at a given time.

Here are some examples:

Let’s say that you want to become some kind of artist. So now what? You’ll have to make a choice.

You might plan to become a painter? Or a musician, since you’re a big music lover. Or maybe a dancer. Oh wait…how about being a writer?

You are naturally attracted towards every possible option. But that doesn’t mean that you can do all these things at once.

I hope you understand.

When we try to decide our priorities, we behave much like a child, who when asked upon that what he wants to become after growing up gets baffled.

Every now and then the child comes up with a new answer. “I’ll be an Engineer,” he says one day. “Mom, I wish to be a doctor,” he says some days later. In the course of time he also comes up with some new ideas of being a soldier, pilot, or a mechanic. He’s always confused until he finally grows up and decides the single thing he’s good at.

We all are similar in that case. It’s always hard for us to act on something until we come up with a reliable decision.

How you can live a life based on priorities

Here’s a good news. You’re already living a life based on priorities.

  • When 2-3 of your favorite movies are on TV, you simple switch to the one which you like the most.
  • When you’re online, and so are many of your contacts.You simply decide to chat with the ones whom you care about.
  • Even if you’ve got many books on your bookshelf, you prefer reading the one that you feel must be good or is either suggested to you by someone.
  • When your to-do list is full of tasks, you decide to do the important ones first.

These are just simple examples which show that how we decide our priorities in life.

When doing a task, you’re always being selective, even when you do it subconsciously. What you need to do is just pay attention to your needs, separate the essential from optional, and then act accordingly.

Deciding priorities is a simple thing which might not seem of much value, yet brings a lasting change in life if you practice it.

ConclusionDistraction Priority quote by Vishal Ostwal

Know your priorities and act accordingly. Care for what matters the most, everything else can wait.

Set priorities in every aspect of your life rather than heading in unspecific directions and trying to do everything.

Why make life complicated when you can focus only on what really matters?