Hi, I’m Vishal.

On this blog, I write and talk about what excites me as well as what keeps me awake.

Vishal Ostwal

About me

I created this blog from my college library and later paid for it with my pocket money. I had a strong urge of sharing my point of view (call it my self-obsession) and I felt like I’d burst if I don’t write.

So I started writing.

And I’ve been writing since then, documenting my thoughts while refining my craft, and hopefully sharing my point of view on ordinary observations in unordinary ways.

What that means

That I’m philosophical? Sure.

But apart from that, I write as I believe each one of us has something to share like perspectives, gifts, and ideas. We all see experience life differently and have our own stories.

And so we feel more alive when we express ourselves, through art or work or any other medium. So on this blog, I write to feel more alive.

What I’m not

I’m not a life coach, self-help guru, or influencer. I’m also not some wannabe pretending to be a biggie who’s got it all “figured out.”

Then who am I?

An inquisitive chap for sure. But if prefer putting a label on me, then that would make me a blogger and a writer, while I work in advertising.

For now, I continue to observe the world from a tilted angle and try to share as many interesting thoughts that I can.

So, what should you expect next?

Now that you’re here, chances are that you’ve stumbled here from some other blog posts or came here to figure out “let’s see what this guy is up to!” Well, either way, it’s nice.

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