As Long As You Do It

It’s always the doing that defines us.

As long as you do it, you’re consistent.

As long as you do it, it’s a habit.

As long as you do it, you’re disciplined.

Doesn’t matter what you’ve committed to – if you show up regularly and stick to the plan despite hardships, you can exist peacefully, knowing that you’re on the right track.

But what about when life gets in the way?

First you lose track.

Then you lose consistency, feel out of control, and wish to make things go your way. But that may or may not happen depending on the circumstances.

But hopefully, you can always resume

You can begin where you had left.

You can return to the same old work, finish what you couldn’t finish, and restore the faith you had in yourself by simply doing the work with the same rigour.

Not that complicated.