When We Become Boring

When we do the same things the same way for too long we become boring.

And by that, I do not mean the stuff that you’re passionate about but the routine, the sameness that you get used to, that makes your heart sink a little. 

Think of activities that you choose to do “automatically” because you can’t imagine what else you could be doing.

It comes down to binge-watching shows and scrolling through social media. At work, that means completing the same tasks the same way. 

Soon, we don’t mind if the spark in us dims

We become indifferent to what we do until we don’t even question ourselves. We don’t care much about how things go. 

But then, isn’t there always space for newness worth discovering? 

You may look like a boring potato who does uninteresting stuff day in day out. But there’s always enough hope to be creative and stumble upon exciting activities as long as you carry restlessness, nonconformity, and curiosity within you.

So, how do you ensure that you’ll keep anything you do interesting? I believe it comes down to one decision, that you won’t surrender to sameness.