Believing Is Hard And It Counts

At this stage in life, I’m replacing skepticism with belief.

This year ‘confidence’ is my sole, one-word resolution to encourage myself to pursue activities that I’ve been wanting to do and to bring a fundamental shift in my personality.

And although it might appear vague, I believe it reminds me to not hold back and act fast – which I’ve usually avoided for a bunch of reasons.

It took a while

I didn’t decide that resolution in a day.  

It certainly took years though, because I’ve dwelled a lot in self-loathing and inferior feelings in the past.

Gah, that does feel bad as I eventually realized that those feelings haven’t been worth the energy, although they did seem valid once.

I could’ve easily escaped that lowness soon by focusing on stuff that I could’ve worked on – but that might have been impractical then.

At this point, I think it was fine for me to have gone through my own dismay and to have witnessed the negativity because now I know that it’s not constructive.

Yep, a lesson learned.

The benefit? That brings some clarity

So, after treating myself with a weird mix of internal thoughts, I’ve reached the conclusion that my frame of mind has been more decisive in molding my attitude towards life and work.

That means I can do everything I want to do or aspire for when I approach it with greater belief in myself. And it works perfectly.

The next steps

Believing more.


  • By replacing the “uhms and uhs” with conviction
  • By replacing the maybe someday with quicker decisions
  • By shuffling the “Can I?” with an “I can” spirit
  • By saying yes more often and learning to do stuff anyway
  • By putting doing before theorizing

And even if it sounds cheesy, I’ve waited to make up my mind for this. I’ve been dying to be kind to myself and to have faith in my capabilities all this while.

That’s what makes this attempt count for me.

P.S. I completed writing and publishing 50 blog posts in a row yesterday. That was a personal milestone. I’m using this post to bookmark that.