Can’t Go Wrong

The world can manipulate you, overpower you. It’s too shiny and its distracting charm has an inescapable pull.

The result? You lose track.

It can make you want things that you don’t really need. It can make you pursue goals that you don’t really care about. It can drag you in many of its rat-races.

Then, it gets tough to keep alive your individualism and maintain an autonomous thinking.

Soon you find yourself doing things based on your impulses rather than focusing on what really matters to you, thereby feeling like a fake copy manufactured by your surroundings and influences.

The way to personal fulfillment, despite these challenges, is to engage with the external stuff without losing sight of what really matters to you.

Sure, it’s impossible to stay untouched by all the opinions and the environment that you live in – but it’s equally important to peek into your conscience and think for yourself.

You can’t go wrong that way.