Can’t Kid Yourself

“In a sense, you’re self-employed; you work for yourself, work to meet your standards. Others’ praise doesn’t count if you don’t meet your own standards. You may kid the world, but you can’t kid yourself.” – David Abbott

I love this quote because it concisely conveys the value of integrity and work ethic.

It’s easy to put a half-hearted effort into something, but the final outcome reveals how much passion and love it was drenched with.  

And that says something

We can exaggerate our skills on our CVs, boast about made-up accomplishments, or mask our incapability with slick trickery – but when we’re left alone with our thoughts – it’s not hard to guess whether we’re fairly playing our part.

Therefore, it’s still worth it to set your own standards – because no amount of validation-hunting or praise can compensate for that.