Can’t Outsource It

We spend years waiting to discover the right people. Or we live with the hope of getting discovered.

Subconsciously, we wait to be rescued by someone who can make our lives better. Although not as obvious, this expectation floats quietly in our heads.

  • We wait for a partner to walk in like a pleasant breeze and show us the meaning of love and joy
  • We pray to get a noble mentor who can pave a way for success and takes the responsibility for our growth
  • We hope to get a friend who can add some spark to our lives finally drag us to brighter sides and interesting places

Nothing wrong with having expectations.

But what if that never happens?

It’s a probability that all that waiting might go in vain. None of those people may show up and reveal their existence.

… for better

Letting go of this delusion and dependence does feel crude, but it’s essential to inch ahead. It’s one of those hard-to-swallow truths that I’d happily adapt to.

It makes me want to take accountability for myself. Knowing that I’ve got this one life and I cannot outsource some bits of it, I’d only try to be better at it.