When You Doubt Your Worthiness

We’re all insecure, we all feel like impostors. We wonder often, are we worth the titles, the pay, or the recognition?

I’ve had similar doubts. I’ve asked my friends – they’re no different. We often question our worth and feel like fakers without merit.

  • Am I really a writer?
  • Am I worthy of being called a strategist?
  • Am I some incompetent chap holding a big title?

The internal monologue goes on.

But beneath these doubts is an honest wish to be worth one’s salt. To feel worthy and gain excellence in whatever one does.

And we’re all desperately seeking a cure for it – because it’s tough to be confident without quieting this disheartening noise.

This leads us to the obvious question: what’s the cure?

… there’s a fix for that

It’s the work – the work is enough.

Give your occupation time, give it sweat, and it works out hopefully. When it doesn’t, then you can do things differently and patiently.

I’m closer to being like a writer when I write. More likely to feel like a strategist when I contribute. I feel least unworthy when I’ve spent my day slogging with a pure conscience.

Effort is a good doubt-cleaner.

The way to squash any doubt is to suppress it with an equivalent amount of effort. You can ask yourself: did you put in enough effort? When you have, you’ll feel more capable.

The work is the antidote.