The Elephant in The Room

All families have issues. Everyone is going through a financial crisis. All people are insecure and they doubt themselves.

So, you need not think of yourself as a misfit and suffer in isolation. And you deserve to be as ambitious and as happy as anybody else, regardless of your background or inadequacies.

The obvious

The world has somehow glorified ‘happiness’ among all feelings but it has failed miserably at even normalizing other emotions.

Hence, we got tricked into believing that we need to live a certain way to feel content, to be accepted – or else we don’t matter much.

Want proof? Open any social media platform and observe, where you’d find people projecting themselves as ‘more than’ who they are.

That makes everything tricky

When we see others lead perfectly normal lives while we’re stuck in a spiral of hardships or ordinariness, it’s likely that we’d pity ourselves.

But since we do not know where our emotions belong in this merry world, we keep them to ourselves … until they start shaping our outlook toward life.

Soon, our morale shrinks, and we distance ourselves from the things that we love and think we’re undeserving of basic things like respect and empathy.

But nobody makes it clear

We’re all pretty much the same from within regardless of our lifestyles, but somehow can’t make peace with the fact, because it’s tough to overcome the falsehoods that we’ve been taught.

That’s the case, isn’t it?

  • The richest folks? They mourn losses and feel empty
  • Perfect-looking people? They live with insecurities
  • The well-to-do friends? They have their family issues
  • The confident colleagues? They feel incompetent often

But we find that hard to believe.

I’m not suggesting that we look at broken people to feel to console ourselves but rather questioning the notion that we need to be perfect (or need to have perfect lives) in order to appreciate life wholly.

It’s a world where families break and unite often, relationships struggle silently, people get depressed while internalizing their thoughts – it’s important to set free the truth.

I’ve realized that it’s more important to accept life the way it is instead of putting on a show. There’s no point in pretending.