Everything I’ve Ever Loved

This page is dedicated to all the articles and posts that inspired me or gave me goosebumps and eventually stayed with me. 

I’ve collected these from the past few years by going through the links I have saved and bookmarked. But what you see here…is what has remained after that dust has settled and what I still appreciate after all these years.

Note: I’m calling it my “favorites” page. And I’ll keep updating it with the stuff I admire. For now, here’s a raw collection of whatever I have.

On life.

  1. The days are long but the decades are short
  2. Chief Seattle’s Speech
  3. The True Joy in Life (Quote)
  4. It’s just a ride
  5. Lean into the pain
  6. Jack Kerouac on Kindness, the Self Illusion, and the “Golden Eternity”
  7. Nobody is Nobody
  8. Happiness: The Science of Subjective Well-Being
  9. Mastering Depression and Living the Life You Were Meant to Live
  10. The Weird Brilliance of Joaquin Phoenix
  11. The age of envy: how to be happy when everyone else’s life looks perfect
  12. Why You Should Shut Up When Poor People Buy New Nikes
  13. The pressure to succeed is bad. But now we have to fail right, too

On creating and writing.

  1. Share What You Know…
  2. Fear of Shipping
  3. Writing, Briefly
  4. The Day You Became a Better Writer
  5. The Daily Word Counts of 39 Famous Authors
  6. 29 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills and Escape Content Mediocrity
  7. Haiku Primer
  8. 60 Thoughts

Some documentaries.

  1. Life in a Day
  2. Earthlings
  3. Senna
  4. Free Solo

God, it’s still a fresh page and I’ll have to recollect my thoughts to create a comprehensive list. It’s going to take a while, and it will turn out to be a beautiful collection I’m hoping.