One Life-Changing Podcast Episode

Recently I came across this podcast episode that I felt really happy about listening to. It left me brimming with optimism and made me ponder how ‘life’s not that complicated after all.’

Hugh Jackman got interviewed on The Tim Ferriss Show. The episode popped up in my Spotify recommendations.

I admire Jackman for his humility and amazing dedication to his work. Everything about him is contagious – the charm, the modesty, the passion – it sort of rubs off on you.

So, I clicked play – and it was gripping.

Jackman shares genuine wisdom from the experiences that he’s gone through over the years – lessons from his father, his wife’s role, what he’s learned from theatre and music, by working out and meditating, and even the gigantic puzzles that he likes solving.

He even goes on to share some book recommendations and the rituals he follows. There’s almost nothing he says that doesn’t feel relatable.

You’ll love it.

Worth it? Every second of it

I’ve been meditating for three months now – all because of how vital Hugh made it look.

Listen to this one – it’s going to be worth it. For some, even life-changing, as it was for me. You can probably prepare for the next year on a better note.