Make It Worthwhile

They closely assess whatever it is that you do. And although they might not want to, they unknowingly attach your worth to your work.

They can’t help it.

People evaluate you based on the adeptness with which you perform a task, wondering whether your eyes light up while you work.  

If you do your stuff well with genuine enthusiasm, you might raise the bar and make those around you uncomfortable in a good way.

That’s your job – not just to do your work but also questioning the norms that have solidified and aren’t questioned anymore.

Changing things a little doesn’t hurt, and the magic that you bring can be contagious.

Your dedication and ethics might make others rethink their ways and make them ask themselves “where are we headed?”

They’re already watching you

It’s notable how individuals end up creating workplace cultures and bring in new practices that become definitive standards.

In a way, the work that you isn’t just for yourself. It’s an influence, an example for those who spectate it and use it. You already have an audience, the show is on, too.

Make it worthwhile.