Never Wasted

There are times when we think that all our sincere efforts and silent-sweating have been worthless. But when you think it over, you realize that everything you’ve done has been worth it.

  • You might write trash poems, feel embarrassed about them, and hide them in a dusty cardboard box
  • You might pull all-nighters in a line, hesitantly pitch to a client, and fall flat on your face
  • You might wake up at dawn to do an ordinary day job ten hours a day, although it makes you think your life sucks

… but none of it is wasted.

While you label some experiences as meaningless or wasted and think that they weren’t worth it – retrospectively they all make sense.


Because who you are is a collective result of your thoughts, your life, and your work. Everything that you go through adds up to your character, disciplines you, or expands your worldview.

Is that a waste? Not really.