… With a New Perspective

The first time I listened to Porter Robinson’s Shelter, I thought “eh, weird.” I judged it. But the second time I listened to it, I became teary-eyed. It got me.

We often fail to treat stuff around us fairly. We’re in a hurry so we perceive everything – ideas, opinions, and thoughts – with a shallow approach.

But when we reconsider them or give them their well-deserved second glances, it becomes easier to understand and extract their spirit.

Without those second glances, good things go unnoticed and die. That’s why we see a lot of “underrated stuff” around us.

Or in other cases, we fail to recognize what holds potential. We fail to understand brilliance by being ignorant.

The solution?

Keeping an open heart helps.

Now paying more attention, being more observant and sensitive, may consume more of your time than usual – but where’s the harm? Strangely, seeing things differently is as fascinating as seeing different things.