Not Overlooking It

While we strive to get from one stage or circumstance in life to another – we overlook and ignore a ton of things that we could’ve been grateful for.

We subconsciously wait for life to become perfect until we can finally allow ourselves to be content. It’s not that we lack anything essential – but we’re too busy to notice, acknowledge, and appreciate what we already have.

It’s a curse of sorts. We’re blind to our blessings and often fail to recognize them until it’s too late.

In our heads we keep waiting for:

  • The right time
  • Perfect relationships
  • An ideal lifestyle
  • A high-paying job
  • Better friendships

So, how long does this wait last?

If you think you can’t be content today for some reason then you can’t be sure about getting enough joy later, either.

We trick ourselves with this fantasy in our heads because it’s always easier to believe that happiness is reserved for us somewhere in the future.

But I’ve realized that the “one day I’ll do xyz thing and I’ll be finally happy,” kind of stories are just a way to get through life instead of finding joy.

The perfect life may happen when it’s meant to be – until then, make the most out of what you have. It’s tough, but I’ll try not to overlook whatever I have while I’m in the pursuit of what I want.